Playing With Pictures

A bonus post today, dear reader, I’ve finally bought a new camera. A bridge camera, to be used exclusively on bridges. No? Okay, I’m know, it’s what I’ve been looking for for a while. I was having such trouble taking a photo that wasn’t blurry that I thought it was time to take the plunge. Now, I will say that I’m not taking this beyond snapping a few photos here and here, I’m no photographer and have no aspirations to be any better than being able to take a decent photo. It’s a Sony DSCH300, so far it’s pretty great, but it eats batteries. It’s just what I needed so I’m happy. Now, I’m going to pester you with photos, I’ve been like a huge child, running around with my camera and snapping everything in sight. I did often wonder how people took photos that didn’t look awful, I guess get a better camera was the answer. I’m not going to be using filters, I’m not experienced enough to use them to highlight what is there and any auto-filter might present a skewed view of the end result of a recipe.

I have been having trouble with the site in Firefox, I’ve switched to Chrome so hopefully that’ll sort out some of the issues. If anything is off that might be why. Now, let’s see what we can see.

 photo DSC00029_e_zps7pvuywno.jpg

 photo DSC00080_e_zpsmrhg18f0.jpg

 photo DSC00078_e_zpsizytih6p.jpg

 photo DSC00056_e_zpshrnfmvzp.jpg

 photo DSC00055_e_zpsrfgkymwn.jpg

 photo DSC00053_e_zpshdv5i28k.jpg

 photo DSC00054_e_zpss5s0lpej.jpg

 photo DSC00052_e_zpsqpprlq3z.jpg

 photo DSC00049_e_zpso1boxmd2.jpg

 photo DSC00047_e_zpsg9xo9tyq.jpg

 photo DSC00045_e_zpsgslsdwqb.jpg

 photo DSC00043_e_zpsilf0p3dx.jpg

 photo DSC00040_e_zpsifozdgls.jpg

 photo DSC00041_e_zpsfrtypntl.jpg

 photo DSC00028_e_zps4tkkg9n7.jpg

 photo DSC00022_e_zpsk2r6rohv.jpg

 photo DSC00019_e_zpsy0o7cfdo.jpg

 photo DSC00024_e_zpszttutdft.jpg

 photo DSC00021_e_zpsaroike1u.jpg

 photo DSC00020_e_zpsp6whmz0u.jpg

 photo DSC00016_e_zpsx2iwt1pi.jpg

 photo DSC00001_e_zpsogwwed6p.jpg

 photo DSC00002_e_zpspnurrhe6.jpg

 photo DSC00003_e_zpsdnq6f0ns.jpg

 photo DSC00015_e_zps9h9zvz9v.jpg

 photo DSC00014_e_zpszlpysflr.jpg

 photo DSC00013_e_zpsxrovrcli.jpg


6 thoughts on “Playing With Pictures

  1. Wow ! I can tell you are having a great time. The pictures are truly beautiful, the colors so real!
    Why don’t you invest in rechargeable batteries and a charger? That’s what I use when taking photos with my camera.
    I too have had trouble with WordPress using Safari, not Firefox, on my iPad. So I am not sure what the problem is.

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