The Little Rose That Actually Couldn’t

 photo WP_20170616_001_e_zpswhx3rdg6.jpgThese come in yellow? I mean, these come in yellow.

 photo WP_20170617_005_e_zpslr12dzgb.jpgI’d love a giant ranunculus.

Imagine how empty the site would be without garden posts, dear reader, imagine how empty your lives would be without me! No, come back, I’m kidding. I’ve been forewarned about an incoming heat wave and have fore-watered the plants. I’ll be out daily, dilly-dallying and carting watering-cans to and fro. The plants will be well hydrated, whereas I will be a dried-out husk. The midday sun is a killer. I do have a story to share today. Let’s be a little whimsical and post it as a carefree, childish tale entitled:

 photo WP_20170617_010_e_zpsjgoiukf3.jpgWaltztime necro-rose, the shocking truth revealed.

 photo WP_20170617_011_e_zpsnbjcswcg.jpgHmmm? Oh, that’s tabloid style. Okay: The Little Rose and the Big Mistake.

Once there was a garden, within the garden was a bucket, a very special bucket as this bucket had no bottom, within the bucket was a rose, a sickly rose that couldn’t seem to bloom although all the others around it had already started. A kindly gardener took pity on the rose and replanted it in a special place. Eventually he forgot it, but one day he noticed that a rose had begin to grow in the very spot he buried the little rose. But it was dead, he exclaimed, surely it was a miracle. The little rose had come back to life. But as this is reality it turns out it hadn’t. Life is cruel, children. The end.

Wait! Hold it! Now your pal Jack is no liar, there was indeed a rose there, but not the dead one, it was a large branch of an old rose that started to root, after a quick prune it’s been replanted and will hopefully flourish in its new pot. So, it may not be a dead rose reborn, but it’s still pretty cool that it managed to start.

 photo WP_20170617_001_e_zpsxueurw9y.jpgI’m dubbing this the wrinkly rose.

 photo WP_20170617_007_e_zpsrklka3mb.jpgI jammed a load of plants into a pot and they do better than the carefully care for ones.

 photo WP_20170617_008_e_zpstp8lo0ar.jpgThe first strawberry starting to ripen.

There’s always work to be done in the garden. Careful care at every stage is paying dividends though. I’ve been dead heading and the difference is shocking, I even have a second flowering of my anemone. The roses look much better with frequent dead heading. I’m also tossing the over-ripe yellow strawberries into a pot, smushing really, as they’ll only propagate by seed. I could divide the crown, but I’d like a few that I could share with select others, I’m generous, but not stupid. I’d like to think I have enough flowers, but more just keep popping up. I bought some very cheap bedding plants to fill planters given to me by a neighbour. Salvia Merleau Blue and Coreopsis Illico. Yeah, means nothing to me either, they’re blue, yellow and perennial. There’s a front garden competition I’ve entered, no hope of wining, too many much larger, professionally maintained gardens out there, but why not enter it? If I could enter the back it’d be interesting. That’s all from me,  dear reader, there’s a lot happening in the garden and it’s fun sharing it with others. I hope to make jam or jelly son, I’ll post it when I do. If it succeeds that is. Until later.

 photo WP_20170617_003_e_zpsmrk8jts4.jpgMy special St. Brigid Anemone look the same as these, they cost more. More fool me.

 photo WP_20170617_004_e_zpsy0s1iqap.jpgThe side one hasn’t bloomed yet. I haven’t much red, but I’d rather it were blue. I can dream, right?

 photo WP_20170617_012_e_zps3ww5rrxg.jpgThis rose was all camped up, it might be a rambling rose. It can ramble over the fence.


6 thoughts on “The Little Rose That Actually Couldn’t

  1. Aren’t you glad you are still home for a bit? I am glad you entered a competition, the fun is in participating!
    I will be dead heading shortly, hopefully the heat wave will be over at the end of the week. Lots of roses now, which makes me happy to sit outside at the end of the day looking at them. The weeds are creeping back in but I am staying put for another week.
    Keep gardening and sharing!

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    1. The delay happened at the right time I suppose. Though I will have to direct people went my squash are growing. They can handle the rank comfrey tea for me!

      We’re in for a heat wave until the weekend. Lots of watering going on for the next few days. Everything is healthy and green, so I must be doing okay. Not to jinx it, but I have a tomato starting. I get this far and fail, but hopefully this year I succeed. Have a great day!

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  2. When I first looked at your strawberry picture, I thought it was perched atop a sky scraper and that you had finagled an amazing photo shoot. But I think it may have been a milk crate

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