Grab A Watering Can

I received word that the surgery might go ahead in about two months. That’s still not a guaranteed date, but it is close. I’ll be honest with you dear reader, I’m extremely stressed out. I’ll have to use all the meals I prepped up and redo them nearer to the date, I haven’t been sleeping well, the stress is getting to me. Mental illness is complex and personal. I’m not getting into it here, I’m not having the same tired discussions I keep having to endure. I’m going to get this surgery, I’m going to fight this pain. I’ve been repeatedly knocked down, but I rise, every time I rise. For now, for as long as needs be I’ll be in the garden. Will you come with me dear reader? Together we’ll find every speck of joy contained within. Talking when words are useful, just gazing into the lush growth when they fail. Never letting the numbness spread like weeds, smothering happiness in its wake. Let’s go.

 photo WP_20170530_017_e_zpswnyuejwe.jpgI’ve been touring around the garden a lot. So many people want to see it.

 photo WP_20170530_007_e_zps3yezhp1l.jpgThe fear was that these would die. Thankfully they’ve flourished.

 photo WP_20170530_002_e_zpsogigcsdh.jpgThis was a neighbours that was almost thrown out. I wish I knew the varieties.

 photo WP_20170530_006_e_zpsv3xhukbb.jpgThese are those miniature roses. They’re getting buckets in the fall.

 photo WP_20170530_012_e_zpsee8fliqz.jpgThe bareroot tea-rose are even close to blooming. Which was a wonderful surprise.

 photo WP_20170530_008_e_zpswqsnr55j.jpgFunnily the two pinks really look well together.the two-tone and the simple pink.

 photo WP_20170530_020_e_zpsunfo3ixm.jpgThis is in a corner, near the greenhouse, climbing up that old frame I made.

 photo WP_20170530_018_e_zpsqhriqh4j.jpgThe pea onward are flowering too.

 photo WP_20170530_016_e_zpseofxrzxo.jpgI’ll pick the sugarsnaps as they mature.

 photo WP_20170530_019_e_zpsmatshpex.jpgThankfully the dahlias have started. They hadn’t begun to sprout when they were dug up so they were fine.

 photo WP_20170530_023_e_zps4effodgt.jpgThe even heat is doing the tomatoes well. They’re roma and gardener’s delight. All the chillies are from saved seeds. I know neither type. Heh.

 photo WP_20170530_024_e_zpsfdhzg1co.jpgI removed the bothersome hedge and matted this area. The bareroot berry bushes are thriving.

 photo WP_20170530_025_e_zpsh1b6hwkl.jpgA wild rambling rose.

 photo WP_20170530_027_e_zpsjaidourm.jpgI really felt as if the squash would never start and now they’re blooming.

 photo WP_20170530_031_e_zpswpqlmhvb.jpgI’ll sweep up….later.

 photo WP_20170530_029_e_zps1mytq96v.jpgThe little colourful planter is all left over wood. Just a bit of whimsy. I’m no carpenter, it’s wonky up close, but he nasturtiums don’t seem bothered.

 photo WP_20170530_032_e_zps3dgee7be.jpgI’ve drained all the barrels again. I’m also setting up a small bin for comfrey tea, or compost tea, or maybe nettle, or all of the above.

 photo WP_20170530_030_e_zpshuuztbps.jpgThis takes a lot of watering on hot days.

 photo WP_20170530_033_e_zpsaoz5n0gv.jpgI only have one runner bean so far. Ah, well, you have to try.

 photo WP_20170530_037_e_zpsyve4rg6w.jpgThe saved painted sage is really doing well.

 photo WP_20170530_034_e_zpsdzkt8hpv.jpgThe bulbs, fresia and Dutch iris, are almost in boom.

 photo WP_20170530_028_e_zpsrmn6cd8w.jpgNaru’s garden is really looking well. All the seeds have really hit their stride.

 photo WP_20170530_036_e_zpsiohyfzrg.jpgI hope these will thicken out and save me weeding.

 photo WP_20170530_038_e_zpst7yincsx.jpgLilies are popping up all over. I have no idea who planted those.

 photo WP_20170530_004_e_zps2tbnkxyl.jpgThe yellow rose has a friend. Take care, dear reader.


9 thoughts on “Grab A Watering Can

  1. Beautiful Nard garden. It has come a long way, thanks to you.
    Too bad about the surgery, I understand you want to get it over with, but maybe in the end it’s for the best: less garden work in August? I mean, there will be some harvesting, but no digging, right?
    My husband would like to know what you mean about “basil cutting”: do you just cut it and put it in the ground (with a little prayer) or place it in a glass of water first until roots form?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re probably right, I hope it’ll mostly be just picking by then. Lots of picking that is.

      I just pop them into some loose potting compost, leaving leaves at he top only and a lot of them start to root. Some people do it the water way, but I’ve had great success when I shoved them into the pot directly.

      Liked by 1 person

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