Bottomless Buckets Can’t Be Scuttled

 photo WP_20170526_006_e_zpswnwglgxw.jpgA future bottomless-bucket candidate.

All other jokes pail in comparison to that title, dear reader. It really paints a pitcher, a really great vessel to get my point across….Hey! Get back here, I’m just starting, but I’ll stop with the bucket jokes. Now being an astute blogger I can foresee your thoughts: You’re wondering what buckets are doing on a food blog, right? Well, you obviously haven’t been here before. Because nyah and nyah and further to that: nyah! You could say that this blog as a history with buckets, you could also say that I’m becoming slightly unhinged, but I do have a purpose today. A little update to share with any fellow bucket admirers. A little lesson for the new comers: I buried bottomless buckets to contain roses and to allow me to mat around them to prevent weeds. I had no idea at the time if it’d even work.

 photo WP_20161013_002_e_zpse35lkbpg.jpgIt looked a little absurd at first.

 photo WP_20170526_022_e_zpsbjpuy3uz.jpgNow? Now it just looks good.

So, as you can see, it worked! The roses grew wonderfully. There was another purpose in having the roses raised a little: Weeding, or the ease of weeding and, yes, the weeding is far easier. We have a terrible garter weed problem and thanks to the buckets you can find the bottom of a rose easier and remove it from the base rather than pulling and damaging the plant. Thanks to the matting around them as well there’s even less places for the weeds to appear and they’re much more manageable now. So, I can say that this is a great way to keep your plants happy and healthy. I have multiple sunken containers all over the garden and each is really handy. It’s a similar idea to a raised bed, but by having each separate you can feed individual plants and avoid feeding weeds or over feeding other plants. So to surmise: Goofy idea works. A lot of the buckets used were free, though I bought cheap black ones for the aesthetic in the rose garden. I just thought I’d share an update as it’s always a pain when you see a great idea but there’s no proof of it working. That isn’t Jack’s way. Okay, that’s that. Tomorrow I hope to be making a batch of Cinnamon and Dark Opal Basil Pesto. Strong cinnamon meets delicate clove flavour. See you soon.


4 thoughts on “Bottomless Buckets Can’t Be Scuttled

  1. These are all great precious tips. As of now we live in a house with a LOT of land around it, way too much for just the two of us now that our three children (one banker and two aspiring lab rats) are gone, and there isn’t much good top soil. So as you know we have several flower beds, most of them on a slope (hence Humpty Dumpty’s great fall!) and we have reserved the back yard, which is flat, for our vegegetable patch. We are thinking of eventually moving to something smaller, and then your detailed posts will come in very handy. That’s why this clumsy neighbor takes the time to read them carefully before she comments!
    Thank you!

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