Sorghum Flour Pancakes

 photo 2017-05-24-1098_zpsss9qpaup.jpg Sorry about the quality, I only had my phone today.

I had planned to make, or at-least attempt, sorghum flour gnocchi today, but I forgot to put the sweet potato in the oven. Hopefully I remember it tomorrow. I ended up making the planter and planting even more free flowers. We’re at the stage where there are too many flowers. There are bags of abandoned bulbs, buried too deep to even grow and about to be thrown away, hanging in mesh bags in my shed. I foresee a large dug out area filled with bulbs near the compost bins. Better than weeds. So, in the rush of doing too much, whilst avoiding thinking about the pending surgery reschedule, I wanted something quick and haven’t had pancakes since I bought my waffle-iron. Naturally I had to try sorghum waffles because I haven’t yet.

I did make one mistake that might have been serendipitous, I neglected to add oil to he batter and instead added it to the pan and, if you can recall, sorghum tends to stick, even with copious oil the pancake still needed a shove before flipping. Thankfully with the oil in the pan it didn’t adhere to the pan at all. I honestly think it might be the best way to make these. Feel free to experiment. As for the texture I like these. They’re fluffy and light. Though I added sugar I didn’t find them overly sweet, nor did I get much taste from the sorghum. In saying that my taste-buds haven’t been great for the last few days so you might detect it more. They cook quickly, are light and tasty, the only downside is the oil, but if you add a tablespoon for each you’ll have little trouble. I should mention that I’m using wholegrain, accurate since it is indeed a grain this time, sorghum flour. I’m not sure if there’s a hulled version, but the colour might differ with a different type of flour.

What else can I say on pancakes? I like having a recipes using just a single flour. I think the more recipes of this ilk means less waste when someone buys too much of a flour and discovers that there are little to no recipes using it. I’ve been there too often, dear reader and I’m happy to alleviate the suffering of others…What? Too dramatic for pancakes? Heh. Not much left to say, one funny thing to end on: I’m reading A Confederacy of Dunces, looks to be an amazing read, and the person within referred to his readers as Dear Reader! I just hope I’m not comparable to the boated, pompous Ignatius! See you soon, dear reader.


2 Large Eggs
200g Sorghum Flour
150ml Low Fat Milk
25g Sugar
1 Tsp Baking Soda
1 Tsp Baking Powder

Makes 7 Medium Pancakes. Can be frozen.


1. Add Eggs, Milk and Sugar to a bowl and whisk until everything has combined.

2. Add the remaining dry ingredients to the bowl and then mix until a smooth thick Batter has been formed.

3. Over a medium-high heat 1 Tbsp of Olive Oil, for each pancake, and swirl it around a non-stick pan, then add some of the Batter, just enough to form a small circle, about 1/4 Cup. Cook for a two or three minutes until bubbles start to appear on the edges and centre and the underside is brown, then flip and cook the same on the other side. Repeat until batter is used up.


9 thoughts on “Sorghum Flour Pancakes

  1. I wish I had anticipated my fall, I’d have lots of things in the freezer…. Instead I had been decluttering. Oh well. Thank you for the recipe, I think I might be able to make those even with only one hand, unlike French crêpes. This is perfect: I have about 190g left of an aging bag (best buy date Jan 2017…) and my husband is still sleeping. It will be a treat, I need to thank him for being so helpful.

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      1. I am trying. A bit of adjusting to be done, but human beings are great at adapting so I should be no exception. But everything is in slow motion, and it took me a whole hour to cut vegetables for our lunch (chili)… Oh well.

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  2. A word of warning for those who, like me, use non-dairy milk (rice almond milk in my case): the pancakes I made were a little dry and crumbly. Maybe some ripe mashed banana to replace part of the liquid would have helped. Otherwise the sorghum taste is fine.

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      1. Hi again! I had put about about a tablespoon of oil in the batter, and even though it may have helped it was not enough. Anyway, I am done with sorghum for a while I think and I am glad I tried your recipe. No better way to learn how these GF flours work. You lead, I follow!

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      2. I like the taste, but I’m not really finding it in any way useful. If anything it seems to hurt other flours when using even a little. I’m not done with it by any means, but I’ll have to figure out where it’ll work best. Thanks for trying the recipe out.


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