Oh, This Is Why I’m Jack

 photo WP_20170524_001_e_zpsjdropcew.jpgWhat am I doing? No, seriously! Help me, Jack!…wait.

As I stood today, wondering why I’d yet again touched a hot screw with my thumb, I realised that the reason I refer to myself as Jack is because I seem to have a hand in everything. In some regards I’ve improved, I’m getting to be pretty decent at gardening, whereas in others I’m still not what you’d call proficient. You want me to saw a plank? No problem, just don’t ask me to saw straight. I get by, mostly by luck, but I get there in the end.

 photo WP_20170524_002_e_zpsjtn5wbxu.jpgAdd the feet. Warped, eh? Meh. It’s hidden.

You might thing me a braggart showing you something and downplaying it, but I swear to you, dear reader, on this stack of dear readers, stop writhing!, that I really made this by the seat of my pants. Every stage was guesswork, I couldn’t even offer you any advice on how to begin. I didn’t even measure anything. I started with old, weather-worn planks, some had peaks I had to saw off and planned a simple rectangle to surround the roses.

 photo WP_20170524_003_e_zpsms11qrsu.jpgIt’s steady? You sure? Oh…oh, good…right?

I had so much trouble making that rectangle. There’s probably an easy way to make it, but I have no work-bench and no idea. Eventually I screwed it together, without screwing up…much. Then I went back to the abandoned house and took…I mean I went to my local hardware store and purchased some more boards. I figured if I nailed them I could screw them after. So I nailed them, leaving gaps for drainage, and because they didn’t fit exactly, Then I sawed off the excess. The left overs have combined with old painted wood and are now sitting in amongst the weeds at he garden’s end awaiting soil. This planter is fairly neat, the other not so.

 photo WP_20170524_005_e_zpsopauswoy.jpgThis bucket of stain never runs out. A fairytale for the ages: Jack and the Everlasting Bucket of Wood Stain.

I have been thinking of buying a variable speed drill, but they’re expensive and you’ve seen what little DIY I do. Instead I fiddled with my own and managed to drive the screws without much trouble. I ended up using at least four dozen screws, it was really surprising how sturdy it became with the screws in place. I’m not made for this kind of precision, it makes my stomach hurt. I got there in the end.

 photo WP_20170524_006_e_zpsbherqj32.jpgOne rose was put in the rose garden.

I stapled black plastic, with holes, to line it and because I’m me my staple gun blew apart. No harm done. Funnily other than burning my thumb I didn’t do myself any mischief. Though I’ve been dropping everything else today, I must have used up all my luck on the bed. I had just enough compost to fill it too.

 photo WP_20170524_009_e_zpsuns4eyk7.jpgI’m actually really happy with it.

I did buy some flowers for it, but I also used the fence flowers that had become very root-bound. Now they have room to spread around. The whole thing was made from junk and leftovers. It’s amazing what can be used in the garden when you think outside the box, or inside in this case. We’re supposed to have a heatwave so I’ll be busy. I have my first four servings of pesto in the freezer so things are starting to pick up on the culinary side of the garden. Just a bit of fun to share with my dear readers today. I will have a recipe tomorrow. Just pancakes. I’ll see you then, dear reader.


2 thoughts on “Oh, This Is Why I’m Jack

  1. No tool bench? It is not the best way to work. I know because my dear husband never bought one and tells me every time it is very difficult to do any woodwork that way.
    Please be careful with your tools, you don’t want to end up in the E.R. like this stupid neighbor of yours did today… details tomorrow, but to make a long story short my left arm is in a sling for the next four weeks 😣

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