Microwave Sorghum Flour Mug Cake

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Nope, that was bread. This is cake and eggless.

I wish I had something exciting to report on sorghum flour, dear reader, but it’s not doing anything spectacular, I’m afraid. I’m at the stage that I think I could reasonably use any free-from flour and find enough recipes to make it worthwhile having it in your pantry, if you’re fancy, or press, if you’re normal. It’s amazing to think how much can be accomplished if you doggedly stick to something. I’ve never given up on making single-use recipes work without gums or added starches. It’s become my style I suppose. I would say whenever I see a recipe claiming the need for this or that additional ingredients that it makes me angry, but I’m just too weary for that. I instead carry on as I am knowing what can be done with just a few ingredients ad will always be looking for kindred bloggers. I don’t think it makes me better, just different and different in this kind of way means that more people are being catered for. Being nightshade intolerant in a gluten free space meant I was continuously forced to adapt recipes and fight all the harder just to find them in the first place. Add starch free, well just forget it. Then a time came when I just started looking after myself. I now have recipes that can be used as templates and can be changed and adapted thanks to the knowledge I have obtained. All this preamble for a basic mug recipe? You know me, dear reader, you wouldn’t change me for the world.

Don’t eat it hot! *Burns tongue again eating it hot*

So, while I’m waiting on my basil to grow a bit more before harvesting I may as well say a bit about this mug ca…hmm? You mean to tell me that the world isn’t divided into the moments awaiting basil and harvesting basil? That’s absurd! All our waking days are purposeful because we all strive for basil! The moments without are the price we pay for the wondrous moments wherein we have basil. Seriously, I’m very close to harvest and thanks to the greenhouse it’s looking as if all the varieties will survive without much worry. I won’t count on the Dark Opal until it’s large enough, but it looks to be forging ahead. As for the cake. Let’s think. I think perhaps it needs a bit more sugar, though you can always add something sweet to top it off after cooking. I really like the taste of the sorghum and it adds a wonderfully light crumb. The cake really does crumble as you fork your way through, each morsel is a delicate, spongy delight. In truth, arrogant as all out, but who reads this far? I can say anything!, it’s better than the commercial version I used as a rough idea. Not that I ate it, but I can tell, dense and dry, not for me. Mine is richer, lighter and much more free-from. You know what has been bugging me is the idea that gluten free baking is naturally inferior and that only a choice few can really rise above the mediocrity. In truth I think too many people consume commercial products without ever tasting home-made and they also only try gluten free products with way too many additions and the best part is that a lot of wheat based commercial products now use gums and starches like their gluten free counterparts. Good food is good food regardless of the dietary labels, right, Dear Reader? I think if given a different path in life I may have tried my hand at being a professional baker. Perhaps even a pastry chef. For this life I will be Jack. That’ll do, right, dear reader?


45g Sorghum Flour
30g Butter
50ml Milk
15g Sugar
1/2 Tsp GF Baking Powder
Dash Vanilla Extract


1. Melt the Butter, in a mug, on a low heat and when cooled slightly mix in the Sugar, with a fork, until dissolved.

2. Add in the Milk and Vanilla Extract and stir until everything has combined. Finally add in the Sorghum Flour and Baking Powder and mix until smooth.

3. Microwave on full heat for 2 minutes. Cake should be dry and springy to the touch. Let cool for a few minutes before serving.


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  1. Can I use margarine instead of butter and how much is 30g in tbsp.Instead of vanilla can I use cinnamon


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