Water My Plants, I’ll be Back Soon

Pep's Free From Kitchen

May 17th Update: They cancelled my surgery. Now I have to wait, again. I have no idea when it’ll happen now. I don’t know when the blog will resume, bear with me, dear reader.

(It’s been bumped to next Thursday. You have Jack a while longer, dear reader.)

I’m going to cheat a little, dear reader and copy from my personal Facebook.

I had a consultation with the plastic surgeon and his team today. All going well I should be in on this coming Monday, unless they don’t have a bed, for my abdominoplasty and I can finally say good-bye to a lot of this excess skin. It’s been a long wait and a hard fought battle with weight, but I’m finally reaching the end, or perhaps a new beginning. I’ll have to stay at-least five days in the hospital. Think about me on Monday and maybe water my plants.

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