Three Days In The Garden

 photo WP_20170503_010_e_zps1oggsfyb.jpgSnowball tree is blooming.

Recipes aren’t forthcoming it seems, dear reader, but then again the weather has been too fine to be cooped up cooking. For the first time, well ever actually, I had to leave the greenhouse door and window open. Both of which required so much work to get operational. There’s so much putty and silicone making sure the window can actually seal and so much oil needed to keep the door sliding. I tell you though the work has been worth it, it’s been hitting near thirty degrees inside even with the door cracked and the window opened. The garden is making my bank account cry, but I don’t drink or smoke, I never eat out or get takeaways and I rarely spend much money on junk food. I can think of no better place to invest in. Besides, you know me dear reader, I’ll find a way to get free stuff whenever I can.

 photo WP_20170503_006_e_zpsvcgtjyip.jpgIf a house is abandoned then anything in the garden is free for the taking.

 photo WP_20170503_008_e_zpsmsbhnvd3.jpgThe root was almost two feet long. I thought I’d never reach the end.

It’s been three days of beautiful weather and I’ve been out every day. I’m still filling squash pots, I’m almost finished putting down seedlings too. I’ll have four pots with one Brussel’s Sprout in each, two Purple Broccoli and at least ten squash. I’m still deliberating on how many of each squash I’ll grow, I have something like four or five Table King, but it’s Harlequin I real wanted. I may go for more than ten planted. If sweet potato seedlings aren’t in stock soon, then I’ll put squashes in the raised bed. It’s funny how if I were affluent I think I’d still be the same old Jack, I’d just end up buying more compost and filling more pots. I’d also buy the fifty litre hadopots, that’s a dream of mine. Don’t laugh at my dreams, dear reader, I have spread my dreams under your feet and will gladly pull the rug out from under you at any time. (Sorry Yeats)

 photo WP_20170503_002_e_zpso6dwxwmb.jpgFirst rose is almost open.

 photo WP_20170503_004_e_zpshxnwaxeo.jpgNo more beautiful a sight than basil starting to grow.

Not much to eat in the garden yet. I have parsley and lettuce. The strawberries are flowering so I’ll have to keep an eye out for berries. I do have sage, but not a lot to do with it. I’ll probably add it to the bag when I sous vide beef. I seem to struggle with thyme so I’m testing one in the greenhouse and one out. Both are growing so it’ll be interesting to see which fares better. I love having fresh herbs, not the store-bought “fresh”, but herbs plucked from the garden and added right to a dish.

 photo WP_20170503_015_e_zpst4ywe0yj.jpgClematis is going strong. There are two different types, neither of which I know the colour of.

 photo WP_20170503_014_e_zpslhxqb6rt.jpgIt seems to be hitting its stride.

 photo WP_20170503_009_e_zpsjqwtevvs.jpgI moved the Big Smile Sunflowers pot and they’re doing better in full sun.

What I’m doing this year in a effort to really learn is reading only about each stage that the plant I’m growing is at. I don’t want to be overwhelmed by information and I also want to verify that what I’m reading is true, or at least believable. I’ still taking notes and trying to commit things to memory. My memory still seems to be useless, I’ll keep at it. Things are going well, so I must be doing okay. I have to keep watering every single day, but if I get all the pots filled it’ll mean less time in the punishing heat.

 photo WP_20170503_001_e_zpsb75mhu2f.jpgI finally found a use for the plant clips I bought.

 photo WP_20170503_013_e_zpsn4qfpjwg.jpgThunbergia.

 photo WP_20170503_012_e_zpseubx4lel.jpgOr Black-eyed Susan Vine.

 photo WP_20170503_003_e_zpsncs6p6hh.jpgPetuina Grandiflora Ice Mix and Mimulus Magic Mix. Pots donated by a neighbour. the middle is Californian Poppies, the seeds were a gift. Heavy hinting here, eh?

The matting is creeping forward. I had to expand it a bit to make mowing the lawn easier. I’ve become a practised hand at cutting weed-matting, bending and cutting wire and finding boards to use as borders. That’s actually the board that was there, or frame rather, bashed out and laid flat. You can strim or mow without getting caught in the matting. It’s staked to the ground to stop it moving. The work has really paid off. I can weed easily now, I spent hours and hours everyday last year getting rid of the weeds, by the wheelbarrow load, but without the covering it’d have been a waste. Just a lazy post today, dear reader, I might have something new soon. See you soon.


2 thoughts on “Three Days In The Garden

  1. Ok, weed matting. I need this. I am STILL fighting the long deep roots of the weeds. When I close my eyes I see roots, roots, nothing but roots. Our big flower bed had not been tended to since last…???, not my husband’s fault , the poor man has been busy working like crazy to ensure his children’s education over the past three years. And our daughter tells us she has another five to go??? Aargh.
    Back to the weeds and me. It is also taking a long time because I have to be careful not to maim the growing mint. As soon as I am done, I will google weed matting.
    By the way, have you considered publishing? You could tell your story: from bad food to real gardening. You could include your best recipes! And make money as well, so you wouldn’t be begging your dear readers for gifts!
    Take care, dear neighbor!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so glad I covered everything with weed matting. The difference is like night and day. Only problem is you have to clear all the top soil off first. I dug up so much grass and soil in an attempt to get rid of as many weeds as possible. Worth it, but I don’t want to have to repeat the effort. I’ve thought about it, but I’m happy as I am, publishing posts whenever suits on whatever I like. In truth my memory is hazy on a lot of the bad times and I’d had to troll through it in an attempt to flesh out the story. Thank you for your support, it really means a lot.

      Liked by 1 person

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