Biospherical Diversificationism

 photo WP_20170501_012_e0_zpshveoqmsd.jpgHelp me out, dear readers. What are these? Are they bluebells? They look like hyacinth before they bloom. Edit: They seem to be Spanish Bluebells.

Hmmm? No, they aren’t real words, dearest reader. I’m just poking a little bit at the grandiose heights we can raise an activity to in an effort to impress. I know my readers, they’re staunch supporters of common sense, practicality and easily flattered by run on sentences. So, yet another garden post, is that what you thought? Well, yeah, but with a slightly different side to show today. I hear a lot of talk about biodiversity around here, now there are a lot of people working in earnest to improve the environment for insects and other critters, but there’s also a great deal of talk, and further talk, compounded by a surplus of talk. People love these grand notions of saving the earth, but when it comes to tiny changes they baulk. They blench! They…blancmange…? You don’t get attention by just quietly carrying out little plans of action. Composting, planting diverse species of flowers, growing vegetables as organically as possible without pesticides. You get it by running your mouth, or so people think. I hope I never come across as a braggart, dear reader, I just like sharing and in sharing here I avoid the questions where no answer is desired. You know the tiresome questioner whom having asked glosses over and doesn’t listen. There are those who do engage earnestly, but there seems to be a lot of the former. I just garden dear reader, I do my part for the world, it’s still here so it must be working. Heh. Jack isn’t bitter, Jack is just more interested in growing, sharing and learning than trying to out do anyone. I hope that comes across. You’re still sticking with me so I guess I must be doing okay.

 photo WP_20170501_005_e0_zpsfniw7qtw.jpgThe horseradish continues to horseradish. That’s not a verb?!

 photo WP_20170501_006_e0_zps1ps8e0fd.jpgLook! The root is spreading, directly sown or on the grass and I’d be plagued by spicy roots.

So what’s our ten point plan to create a more richly divers…plant a lot. That’s it. That’s as far as I’m going. What inspired this post was today, when filling squash pots, I saw a beetle. I think it was a beetle. It was amber, though it almost looked like its carapace was clear. I have no idea what it was, I mistook it for a bee, but as it was hovering in-front of me I saw I was wrong. There are plenty of bees too, wasps annoyingly as well. Insects abound in the garden, all because I planted flowers that will bloom almost all year round. I just looked up Spring, Summer and Autumn bulbs and went to work. Simple, but effective. One thing: If you see a bee or wasp, don’t start flailing around, that’s dangerous. Bees will usually leave you alone if you leave them. Wasps will follow you, but walk slowly away. I’m dangerously allergic to wasp, but if I walk away slowly they just go away. I find when people panic they go crazy too. It’s very irresponsible to set one off and run away, you never know who might be stung. Get out into the garden, dear reader, eventually, after being covered in various insects you’ll get used  to them and won’t worry so much. Still, kill all the wasps you like.

 photo WP_20170501_011_e0_zpszubqh9ik.jpgThis year I hope for yellow strawberry jam.

 photo WP_20170501_010_e0_zpseiwuriry.jpgFresh strawberries are great. No sprays, nothing much added but a little feed.

 photo WP_20170501_009_e0_zpsz5yhbcuk.jpgThe beets are rooting and I’m rooting for the beets.

I had to make more brassica collars from cardboard. I’ve been tearing through the house in search of cardboard that’s just the right thickness. I don’t know how well they’ll work, but it’s better than doing nothing. We actually had a terrible weekend, very blustery and dull. Today the greenhouse was up to thirty degrees and I was out in the sweltering sun, filing pots and just poking around. There’s always something new to discover. This is basil weather, I have all but the Thai starting, now I hope the weather stays and I can get a few more pots started. Once you get a large enough plant you can take soft cutting and you’ll never run out. Well, you will when it dies, but there’ll be plenty of pesto in the freezer. I have parsley ready to use too, but I still haven’t much use for it outside of pesto. It makes okay  pesto, good way to get a little extra green-goodness into you.

 photo WP_20170501_008_e0_zpsrjdpoiw2.jpgRaspberry plants are starting to flower.

 photo WP_20170501_007_e0_zps6itj01c9.jpgI wasn’t sure they’d flower this year.

I’ve planted out two Purple Broccoli seedlings. They take a year to grow, but they’re perennial so I’ll have them whenever the other plants are finished and the garden is left fallow. If the weather holds I’ll plant a few Brussels Sprout seedlings in pots ad set up a net to protect them. I’m thinking of putting them between he two planters and hanging the netting from each. I’m still watching out for sweet potato seedlings from our local Lidl. If they don’t appear before the end of may I’ll put down more cabbages, broccoli or squash maybe. I’ll be patient for a while.

 photo WP_20170501_002_e0_zpslwnf10qd.jpgCalla lilies. I don’t actually like they, too much green, but they fill a gap.

My compost is still breaking down, the higher temperatures are helping and I’m avoiding making the same mistakes that ruined the last batch. I’m keeping it balanced and well shredded and aerated. It’d be great if it was ready for the squash when they start fruiting. I’d just have to be careful with the dose, I’ll probably stick to tomato feed. Costly, but you get good sized healthy fruit. I really know more than last year, it saves a lot of fretting. Okay, I’ll see you again soon, dear reader. Take care.

 photo WP_20170501_004_e0_zpsbmfyjc8m.jpgShamrock still flowering.


One thought on “Biospherical Diversificationism

  1. Hate wasps! Difficult to enjoy a meal outside with those around. I trick them away from us by placing a small jar with some kind of sweet alcoholic beverage at the bottom (bought cheap, mercifully they don’t know the difference) a few feet away from us. Their penchant for booze distracts them and they end up completely drunk, lying in the jar, and I am not kidding you!
    Have a good day 🙂

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