It Came from the Garden

 photo WP_20170425_007_e_zpshu02hxvu.jpgWild Summer Flowers in a globe.

So, dear reader of mine, I often see comments in the vein of: There needs to be more garden posts, please give us more. All the time I read these…What? You’re looking at me in askance, do you suspect Jack of fibbing, of bare-faced subterfuge!? Okay, you caught me. Though I don’t see any complaints either so I think all things are in balance. The one beauty of these posts is that the recipes might lag, but the garden fills in the gap. The only challenge is making it interesting, or at least trying to. That and those titles, I have nightmares about uncreative titles, dear reader. I see you’re admiring my globe, a bit of whimsy. It was originally part of a grave decoration and no, I did not rob a grave, I haven’t sunk that low…yet. Though the desire for new flower planters runs deep, six feet deep. I joke, I guess you could say that gallows humour is a great undertaking. I think the globe covered a statue, but it was thrown in the trash area, gently I suppose, flip it upside down, rest it on part of a broken bird feeder, a little soil and seeds and viola! As they’re wild seeds I hope they might not need deep roots. Fill the globe too much and it spoils the effect, flip it upside-down and it might smother the plant.

 photo WP_20170424_004_e_zpsipbqttu6.jpgPink anemones have started to pop up.

 photo WP_20170425_002_e_zpssweqfarm.jpgNetting to protect from butterflies…and hailstones.

 photo WP_20170425_001_e_zpsveofnmmv.jpgThe next area is getting ready.

Today’s weather was reminiscent of rapid channel-changing, that, streaming-generation readers, was a thing we did before streaming (And ad-blockers). You see there were these things called adverts and they were the bane of couch-potatoes everywhere. First came hail, then high heat, then snow, more heat, hail, heat, cold and on, and on. Thankfully the netting protected the newly standing cabbages. It also meant that any work was piecemeal as I had to dash in when the stones became too heavy or the wind too wild. Though listening to the rat-tat in the safety of the greenhouse was fun. I’m still amazed by the difference in the soil amended by compost. It’s so dark and rich and easy to work with. The composting might be a pain at times, but it takes the sting away from preparing so much vegetables in the week. One domino knocks another, the broccoli stems I’m discarding today will feed next year’s broccoli. Which is what’s going down next, along with the Brussels Sprouts. I’ve  resurrected my hosepipe bamboo cloche rings, this time I use them right!

 photo WP_20170425_003_e_zpsfrg3ks0p.jpgJust after this photo was taken I noticed the last flower seeds had started and removed the  plastic.

The seeds in Naru’s garden are Carnations, Royal Mallow, Sweet William and Straw Flowers . While the centre are English Geraniums. I do think that in some ways Naru helped pushed me towards gardening, I think without her beside me all he time, as it often felt and was, I might have found it too lonely a hobby before I became hooked. Nothing funny in this paragraph, take it easy on Jack, dear reader, his heart is broken. But I am glad the promise I made was kept. She loved the garden loved to smell every newly blooming flower, always gently mind, and I see no better place to mark her life than a miniature garden of her own.

 photo WP_20170424_003_e_zpsosl57bg0.jpgNarcisus Poeticus, which might be the first ever daffodil.

For a small flower it has a mighty strong smell. I had no idea what they would look like when they bloomed, I wanted to keep it a surprise. I seem to have chosen my bulbs well as they keep appearing when others have died back. I also uncovered some beetroot, the bottom two are some seedlings that needed to be thinned, but still had roots. They’ll mostly likely die, but you never know. The top one is now uncovered and I keep an eye on its progress. The tumblers have worked well so far, it’s now time to see how this beetroot fares uncovered. The roots are a lovely shade of yellow already. Fun times. See you again soon, dear reader.

 photo WP_20170425_008_e_zpsnxyc8hv9.jpg


2 thoughts on “It Came from the Garden

    1. I try to keep the posts upbeat, but grief has its place too. Thank you for your kindness. I think the little garden will be blooming beautiful when the fine weather comes. I hope your garden is doing better after the bad weather. Take care.

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