Microwave Quinoa Flour Mug Cake

 photo WP_20170423_002_e_zpsferbp6iz.jpgThis is silly amounts of work for a microwave cake, but it’s good.

Okay, first things first, dear reader. Though brain and I reached a worthwhile consensus on the procurement of cake, brain decided that we should shove the mixture into a single mug and yeah, don’t do that. Either make it two or make it a jug cake. You can share it your significant other, random strangers or you could eat it all. I won’t judge if you won’t.

 photo WP_20170423_003_e_zpslse8ikif.jpg“Not the garlic spatula, right?”…Er, sure.

So, you ever watchful reader, you say it’s just this, but no flaxseed, but what about this? Nope, it uses an egg. A separated egg no less, how very fancy. Not so much when it spills over, but still worthwhile, just make two and don’t follow in my erroneous footsteps. Now, what’s the difference here and in those others. Well, er, quinoa flour is much lighter than buckwheat, it imparts an airy lightness that’s hard to match. Though it lacks hold the egg makes up for that while also supplementing its light texture with the beaten whites. Without the flax you lose that slight rubbery feel, though you also lose the ability to remove it from the mug. I just wanted to use the qualities of the flour to the best of my ability.

 photo WP_20170423_004_e_zpsfy39hnmx.jpgDon’t do it, dear reader.

I also just wanted a lazy, decadent cake. A dissolute delicious dish…er, mug. It’s nice to have a small bit of something sweet and not have to make a big batch, I might have once scoffed at the idea of microwave cakes, but I’m now firmly planted in he pro-cake camp. There’s a real satisfaction in being able to quickly whip up a cake that can even be eaten plain with feeling that its lacking. A quick recipe and with it I’ll leave you. Where am I off to? Why to glare at butterflies! They’ve appeared early, just as my cabbage was planted. Which is now under netting. They won’t catch Jack sleeping and if he catches them, well, that’s another story. Until later, dear readers.

 photo WP_20170423_006_e_zpsvgdbs7b1.jpgNo, no, it’s not a mistake. It’s one of those Pinterest photos where it spills over artistically…yeah.


1 Large Egg (65-75g in Shell) Separated
50g Quinoa Flour
30g Butter, Melted and Cooled
50ml Milk
30g Sugar
1/2 Tsp GF Baking Powder
Dash Vanilla Extract

Makes two servings or one large.


1. Beat, with an electric mixer, the Egg White until stiff peaks form and set aside.

2. Add everything but the Flour and Baking Powder to a jug and beat until smooth. Add in the Flour and Baking Powder and beat until a thick smooth batter has been formed. Finally gently fold in the Egg White until just combined.

3. Microwave on full heat for 2 1/2 to 3 minutes. Cake should be dry and springy to the touch. Let cool for a few minutes before serving.


2 thoughts on “Microwave Quinoa Flour Mug Cake

  1. I stumbled upon your blog recently searching for recipes and I absolutely love it! I am someone with severe genetic histamine intolerance and severe food sensitivities and restrictions. I can presently tolerate no grains whatsoever; just the pseudo-grains quinoa and buckwheat. I cannot even eat nuts, nut butters, or coconut or coconut flour. All legumes and too many vegetables are off limits as well.

    Your site with recipes using quinoa and buckwheat and limited other ingredients has been a God Send for me. Thank you for all you are doing for those of us with multiple food sensitivities and limited food choices!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you. I’m sorry to hear you have so many restrictions, I face a lot of hurdles with my own diet too and it’s one of the reasons I push so hard to be inclusive with my recipes. I’m really glad you’ve found my blog, I really think there will be recipes here that will be suitable for you. If there’s anything you need or questions you have ask away and I’ll help if I can.


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