Japanese Delinquent Gardening

 photo WP_20170421_020_e_zpsknf6xk7r.jpgLook there, I type whilst gesturing at the screen. Purple potatoes starting.

Apparently I’ve adopted what’s known as yanki zuwari in my gardening. You can safely Google that, let me just double ch…yeah you’re fine. I can’t kneel, JACK KNEES TO NO-ONE! JACK IS KING OF….ahem, yeah, I’ll actually just fall over if I do. Balance issues when you’re my height are pretty common. So, squatting saves my back, the plants I’d inadvertently crush and everyone’s a winner. Now, I know what you’re thinking: Didn’t we just have a gardening post? Isn’t Jack wonderful? One out of two isn’t bad. A lot can change in a day. I’ve been experimenting with sous-vide cooking, successfully thankfully, but as far as recipes go it’s just me slow cooking meat for twelve hours. Fork tender beef is great, as is the gravy you can make with the juices. I’m trying a new version of curry recipe tomorrow, making it a vegan pour over. If it works then that’d be nice, if not I’ll know how sous-vided chicken tastes. The recipe is vegan, I’m not, but I do my homework when catering to other diets, so it should be fine. If you do find mistakes then speak up, dear reader, nothing more bothersome than an incorrectly marked recipe.

 photo WP_20170421_018_e_zps4u9tfoby.jpgWow, the bamboo I planted is really grow…I’m joking. Get back here! Stop planting those sticks.

Can you grow bamboo here, no! I have enough…I mean it. As you can see I have been busy, I’ve planted out my cabbages and some cauliflower that I hadn’t realised I’d hardened-off. I misread it as cabbage, no problem. I did end up with a larger variety due to a mistake in the order, but it’s fine by me. Albino broccoli is albino broccoli, right? The cabbage had to be a certain type and size, a small head, tightly packed. Can I be an obnoxious bore, or teacher if you’d rather? Be careful when purchasing seeds online, check the varieties in Google. The photos and descriptions don’t always match up and you can end up with plants that aren’t suitable due to size, weather requirements. Get a few articles together and compare between them.

 photo WP_20170421_019_e_zpskzzt4wvb.jpgBerry bushes are really flying it. I got some cheap pellet fertilizer so they’ve finally been fed. Weeds are doing wonderfully too…

Now that I have one year under my belt…What belt? The one I’ll smack you with for interrupting me! I know a bit more about planting out. Luck is still a factor and supposedly we’ll be getting a cold spell, to match the imagined warm weather we were promised this week I suppose. I have prepared though. I have fleece netting to protect the seedlings if needs be, but since they’ve been hardened-off well they should be okay. I have slug pellets scattered all around, but not around the plants, I want to draw them away and them let them die away from my seedlings. It’s worked well so far. Though complacency will cost you. Jack is vigilant. I also added sugar water to the seedlings to help with transplant/root shock and each has a cabbage, or brassica, collar to protect against root fly. I need more and might have to make my own. Another point to Google.

 photo WP_20170421_022_e_zpsln7k23jn.jpgPotatoes are really huge, though I like when they don’t pop up in surprising places.

I will sort out some cloche rings (Birthday present), and some rough bamboo ones too, but they’ll come later, I want the plants established a bit before I cover them. It’d be too easy to have them eaten and not even notice when they’re covered with netting. It’s butterflies you have to watch for. They lay eggs and just forget it. I don’t use spray pesticides so I have to cover, cover and cover. I’ll take it day by day and make changes as needed. When I had them growing last year some of them bolted and I was just about lucky enough to have replacements. So this year I’ll keep a few of the seedlings, I have so many!, and pass around the rest. I have the other section to plant yet. I think broccoli, more cabbage, the purple broccoli might go into pots as it’s harvested as needed. I also want a few Brussels sprouts, just a few as they’re such slow growers.

 photo WP_20170421_021_e_zpswcrhz8qz.jpgAsparagus. Did I make the tee-pee tee-hee joke?! No? Oh…

The all tee-pee is for runner beans, whilst, yes, I could use while, but I like whilst, just get o’er it, the smaller one is a split between more pea onward and sugar snaps. Whereas the tee-hee is for school girls of all ages. Phew, I almost missed a chance to make a stupid pun. A lot of this is going to have to be adjusted as I go, today I might think one way and another I’ll have to think again. It’s going well, worrying about imagined failures isn’t going to help me any so I’ll try to keep those bugbears away. I had a nice surprise today in the greenhouse. Another table king squash has started. I might yet see the full quota of five. Yeah, I’m aware that that isn’t that exciting, I just love squash. More than you, dear reader? Why, how could you ask that? Of course more than you.

 photo WP_20170421_016_e_zpsdkrtenqb.jpgThese are hyacinth, right? Mystery bulbs until the last, eh?

I think I might see the rose garden in full bloom this year. The bareroot transplants are doing really well and they all seem healthy. It’ll be a few years before the whole lot really comes into its own, but compared to the wild and weedy mess it once was it’s really great. I can’t wait for the rose-like ranunculus to bloom. I’ll be patient, but the first bloom of a flower is really special. A reward for the work put in. I seem to have all my smaller Summer bulbs starting, you can see some oxalis deppei if I’m right, starting above. They’re in the tires, on the walls and in a few pots. They sold out quick, but I snagged all I needed for a flowery Summer.

 photo WP_20170421_005_e_zpsntfphuss.jpgRose buds, rose hips?, are starting to appear.

I think for the next few days there’ll be a flurry of activity followed by more waiting and watching. I’ll enjoy it for now. I’m setting up the vegetable area for future use. There are a few weed fabric paths being added to help with weeding and not dragging soil everywhere. I think it’s the best use of he space there, I often say that if I grew one hundred cabbages I’d wish for a hundred and one. I grow what grows and I’ll be content with that. Until next time, dear reader.

 photo WP_20170421_017_e_zpsotw5vlap.jpgA early starting Dahila. The first I’ve seen at least.


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