Putting The Best Food Forward

Hello again, dear reader, I’m trying to keep things running as normal. Grieving has its place, but life goes on regardless. If these posts aren’t up to the usual chipper, cheerful tones then I hope you’ll give me a pass. I so rarely write these weight loss, I’d rather not call them tips, that sounds much too like click-bait. These…eloquent elaborations on my personal success in maintaining long-term weight reduction. I’m joking, but in all seriousness I feel there is a need for people such as myself who have kept up their success, but don’t utilize it as a marketing tool. I’ve found that the most useless advice I’ve seen is the ones that deal in absolutes, even if there’s truth contained within them, perhaps worse in that case. Why? The pressure they create. Think of the difference between overcoming an issue and dealing with it. The same advice framed differently can create very polarised results. I hope I’ve hit a balance in these posts. The one problem I face is trying to find the formula to what I’ve accomplished. To lead you through the thorny bramble ridden path, stumbling and falling offers you no worth, but if I can examine where I’ve come from and find a short-cut that is helpful then I will try my hardest. It’s just a small part of the whole, but it’s better to have this alongside the hyperbole, right? I hope so.

So, what flash of clarity has been bestowed upon me? Hmmm, I’ll fill this in first. When you’ve lost the weight your stomach undergoes a reset, not without a fight, but let’s keep to the positive, and it can no longer hold as much as it used to. I think it’s hormones, but that doesn’t matter, it happens, looking up the why will probably occupy you instead of this, so focus. That can be undone, but that’s another post. So you have a set amount that you can consume, that’s great right? Yes, it is, but it’s only half of the story. To maintain good health, stable weight, all the good results, you have to put the food that’s best in your diet at the top of your priorities. Fill yourself up with all the healthy food you can and there’ll be little to no room for the junk food. It sounds simple, but it isn’t always easy. The opposite is by far the easiest. Eat too much cake? Then skip that healthy bowl of porridge, chugging soda and don’t want that broccoli,  toss it, etc, the mistakes add up.

How do you do this? It differs from person to person. I think a meal plan helps, if you have a list of foods you should be eating you have an extra barrier between you and poor eating habits. You have to disobey the rules you’ve established rather than just making mistakes due to poor planning. This isn’t a fast and loose rule either, you have to maintain this at all times. Parties, events, whatever, don’t matter, you should eat before you go if you won’t be able to stick to your diet. A few days is all it takes to mess it up and it’s harder and harder to get back to where you were before. Also, on the flip-side, the more you do it the more the habit becomes ingrained and hard to break. You’ll feel the difference in your general well-being when you slip slightly and won’t want to feel that way. It’s simple sounding, hard to do, but possible. I did it, dear reader, I’m still doing it and have never faltered, I won’t say you have no excuses or any of that arrogant spiel that pervades articles like this, but you should never have enough excuses not to try and try again and again. Okay, that’s it for today. I’ll be back again.


2 thoughts on “Putting The Best Food Forward

  1. “Parties, events… you should eat before you go”. Oh, yes. I remember my husband’s frustration (almost anger) after coming back from such events feeling hungry. All he could do was to watch people eat if he didn’t want to risk a bad reaction. So now he does exactly that: he eats before we go. Good advice, good post.

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