Rice Flour Waffles

 photo WP_20170410_001_e_zps9wqgbt4e.jpgThe freshest eggs from happy hens make it really yellow.

Quick recipe time again. I just reached into my seemingly endless supply of recipes and fiddled with a Rice Flour Crepe recipe to make these. I just wanted a quick waffle to use for sandwiches. Waffle-wiches? I could try to fuss it into crisping up more, but by the time I’ve topped it with whatever I want it’ll probably get slightly soggy. I had a turkey rasher sandwich, I gave up conventional a long time ago, dear reader, and due to the hot rashers ended up with a cascading waterfall of warm butter. They soak well so it wasn’t so bad. So, these slightly crisp, very fluffy waffles are just fine by me. One annoyance is that I’d like all brown rice flour but all there ever is is the mixed blend from Dove’s Farm. Not a bad flour, just annoying when you want exact consistently predictable results. I’d say all brown should be fine here, even all white might be okay, but I’d side with the brown more.

 photo WP_20170410_004_e_zps7qkkrk9c.jpgTop and bottom. They look like two different waffles.

I’m still not sure what I’m supposed to be pulling out of my waffle iron, but they’re stable, cooked and fluffy so that’s enough for me. Waffle perfectionists will have to look elsewhere. I do flip them part way to get the other side a little more crispy, not that it does much. As for changes, I guess you could ditch the sugar and go fully savoury. I will eventually look into a egg free recipe, or rather make my own. I’ll get there in time. All things in time, dear reader. That’s it for today. Class dismissed. Heh.


100g Rice Flour (White and Brown Blend)
2 Medium Eggs (60g-65g in Shell)
75ml Low Fat Milk Or Water
50ml Olive Oil
25g Sugar or Honey (If using Honey they will brown more)
1/2 Tsp Baking Powder

Makes 4 Waffles. Can be frozen.


1. Turn on Waffle Iron. Beat Eggs until frothy using a whisk, then mix in Milk, Olive Oil and Sugar beat until combined.

2. Add in Flour and Baking Powder whisk until a smooth, runny batter has been formed.

3. Add enough Batter to warmed Waffle Iron to fill the plates, close and cook for 7-10 minutes until waffles are golden brown and the bottom is crisp. Remove wih a rubber spatula and let cool for a few minutes, Waffles will crisp up slightly more as they cool. Repeat until batter is used up.


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