A Windfall of Dahlias

 photo WP_20170408_011_e_zpsgqajzlm9.jpgCongratulations! It’s twins.

Dry those tears, Jack is here. You weren’t crying? How callous. Today was an exciting day, things just came together perfectly. The sun was shining in all its splendour, with a pleasant breeze, the appearance of a two headed tulip probably heralds the coming of the chosen one, no, not me, I’m just gardener class. A kind soul had supplied me with a blackberry bush, which I was re-potting, when I heard of dahlias being uprooted. What arrived wasn’t quite what I had expected. Let’s tell this in pictures, shall we?

 photo WP_20170408_008_e_zps43m8so3r.jpgNo, those aren’t turnips. They really old dahlias.

 photo WP_20170408_009_e_zpsdfq8ffaj.jpgI needed the wheelbarrow as it was absurdly heavy. These are two different photos, there are really that many.

Now, being the quick thinker I am, I immediately started to think of where to put them. These would do in pots, they needed soil. But where? The garden is full. A new section would cause troubles. You know what this narrative needs? A murder!

 photo WP_20170408_004_e_zpswumbb9a8.jpgAh-ha! You! Annoying out-of-place bush…thingy!

 photo WP_20170408_010_e_zpsybmzsls8.jpgThe grave was dug after the bush was excavated.

Thus ends…what? Oh, the bush? It was planted in someone else’s garden. Not that they were told about it. You think I’m joking, right? Nope. I never really liked the bush, it just didn’t mesh with the surrounding plants. So instead I removed the matting and dug a trench for the dahlias. The day-lias or the dah-lias is your choice. The bush hadn’t very many roots funnily, that’s not often the case, but pleasantly surprising. So the soil was loose and rich and almost completely weed-free. Now it’s filled with flowers and looks like this:

 photo WP_20170408_018_e_zpsrhf82mnw.jpgIt’ll be beautiful later.

The day was just right for gardening and I was itching to get started with something. I enjoy these posts as they encourage me to take more photos and give me a little piece of gardening later in the day. I do have a recipe post for tomorrow and yes, dull I know, it’s the triple seed…boil? Can I use boil like we use bake in naming recipes? No? Oh. Well, you’re getting an amaranth, Buckwheat and Quinoa combo. Probably with a nut butter option. My buckwheat is almost out of date so this might be the last groat recipe. So, gardening. Right…

 photo WP_20170408_031_e_zps8xohkrzt.jpgShamrock can flower if it gets enough nutrients. I only learn it and then it flowered.

I wish I had some really sage, heh, advice to share with you all. I’m drawing a blank. Oh! If you do decide to dig your garden the best way to save your back and avoid wasting your time is to just dig down the length of the spade and turn the soil over. I just skim the top if it’s very rough, slowly working down. The ground can be compressed and trying to shove all that soil out of the way can be tiring and a waste of effort. Slow and steady saves you and your time. I haven’t had any back troubles since I started taking my time instead of trying to rush it. A good solid shovel helps too, you can get a light or heavy one depending on your preference. I like a heavy shovel, but that’s just me.

 photo WP_20170408_025_e_zpsccqhntup.jpgThese were moved so much I assumed they’d die. They had other ideas.

The gloves are on because I have troubles with my lower finger joints. Top are fine, but any cold and the lower becoming agonisingly stiff. They’re filthy because they’re in constant use. There’s always something in frame, isn’t there. A bit of plastic, a watering can, whatever. The garden is constantly changing, plants are popping up and popping off. I’m on al sides tending, musing and worrying. That’s my job.

 photo WP_20170408_028_e_zpsatcuaxre.jpgThe Allium Pastel Mixed (Like I knew that and didn’t just look it up) Are finally emerging.

 photo WP_20170408_026_e_zpsgwlzowc8.jpgPotatoes have got their final top up. The staked one is my blackberry bush.

 photo WP_20170408_030_e_zpsqxb0z2yg.jpgHello peas! Pea Onward is progressing quickly. Sugarsnaps are slower, but determined.

Ah. Yes. You can end up spending way too much money on fancy, expensive bulbs, seeds etc. Some are worthwhile, you can get some unusual flowers that would be worth paying more for, but on the other hand you can also pay for the privilege of paying more. Remember that success isn’t guaranteed. Depending where you are you might be able to get cheaper bulbs and seeds. There are stores near me that sell great bulbs cheap, lots of gardening stuff that’s all good. It’s worth looking into, some supermarkets do specials where you can get different plants and flowers weekly. Vegetables too. Saving seeds is a good option too, but be careful with things like potato skins, though they’ll grow they can  transfer diseases to the soil. Seeds collected from organic vegetables should be fine and viable. Worth a try if nothing else. Buy your seeds online if you want to buy rather than save. You can get free postage after the first pack from most eBay sellers.

 photo WP_20170408_029_e_zpsxkpjoetn.jpgThe Shirley Tulips are flourishing in the sudden heat.

 photo WP_20170408_021_e_zpsueddfalb.jpgWhite really stands out.

Water. No, I’m not thirsty. Don’t forget to water your plants. Especially in the heat, you won’t burn them, but you’ll kill them if they dry out and then try to absorb water. The best time is when the heat is high as the water will protect the plants and hold the heat for the colder night-time. If it’s very hot you might have to water your potted plants and vegetables twice or three times a day. Don’t forget your sunscreen either or you’ll need to be taken care of too. I’m responsible, dull, but responsible.

 photo WP_20170408_027_e_zps8nd5ykgf.jpgThe weird flowers are starting. They went down as root sections.

 photo WP_20170408_035_e_zpsvh4epdkj.jpgThe front is getting there too.

Slowly life returns to the garden, dear reader. Sudden burst of activity slowly lapse into waiting and then a flurry of planting. There will be losses, unexpected successes and hopefully more windfalls of free flowers. I hope you’ll stay with me through this year’s journey, maybe share your own experiences too. I shall see you tomorrow with a new recipe. Assuming it doesn’t turn out as mush. Optimistic, aren’t I? Heh. Later.


4 thoughts on “A Windfall of Dahlias

  1. Oh, I remember what this last corner looked like only a few months ago… Your garden is taking shape, it must be the envy of many of your neighbors!
    I thought watering was better at the end of the day? Unfortunately we don’t have a water

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I remember what this corner looked like a few months ago… Your garden must now be the envy of many neighbors!
    Watering in the heat? We don’t have a place to store rain water, so we have to use tap water, and I’m afraid it might be too cool of a shower in 20C weather. The forecast here is for dry weather until next weekend, and we are pretty sure our strawberries and peas are going to be quite thirsty by then. We talked about watering them at the end of the day instead. What do you think?

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