Microwave Buckwheat Mug Cake

 photo WP_20170407_005_e_zps5qnzz4hb.jpgCake makes me happy. As do you, dear reader. Just not as much as cake.

Hello, dear reader. I love when a simple recipe, crafted on the spur of the moment, actually succeeds. This was inspired, perhaps spitefully, by a boxed mug cake mix. I looked at the ingredients, the necessary additions and thought: I could do that. Though the original was chocolate and I can’t do, or eat rather, that. Mug cakes are a dime a dozen, this probably isn’t all that different from the norm. It’s egg-less which marks it as different from my usual microwave cakes. It’s also smaller, lighter, fluffier and doesn’t come out of the mug. Funnily though the boxed version is wheat based it still uses xanthan gum, as does everything these days or so it feels. No gum for me, I don’t need it and can’t tolerate it. Give me buckwheat and I’ll find a way to replicate most recipes in time.

 photo WP_20170407_009_e_zpscklokdyh.jpgYou also react violently when stabbed with a fork.

So, the egg-ectomy changes this…What? That was an An egg-cellent yolk! I crack me up, dear reader. Okay, I’ll stop. It’s much less filling than the others, it also has a lighter texture and because of that it’s more crumbly. It’s a fair trade off for a lighter cake since you won’t be removing it from the mug. You could whip up some caramel sauce, in the microwave too, to top the cake with, I just used a little maple syrup. It killed a craving for something sweet. It’s often funny what recipes cause people to comment, it’s always pleasant to see a comment, a report of success is especially gratifying, on a little loved recipe. So, that’s it, just a quick recipe. Now, to pass it over to me and bend our ear about plants.

 photo WP_20170407_001_e_zpsogcpc6ul.jpgWatching the Shirley Tulips slowly colour is really interesting.

I think the greenhouse is giving the plants a better chance, even with drops in temperature after warm spells they seem to be doing just fine. I’m happy to report that the first Table King Squash seed has germinated. I have five or so harlequin, but I was unsure of the viability of the table king seeds in colder weather. The only problem I have is that winter squash seems to be little known and not often grown around here. So I have only myself and the world wide web to consult. I know more each year and therein lies the problem. What problem? The unbearable smugness of Jack The Squash King! All hail me! Preventer of root binding! Deterer of powder mildew! Seriously, I would love to see more people growing and enjoying Winter Squash. If you ever visit Jack’s garden I will give you a winter squash plant! For only Nineteen ninety nine! Free? Don’t be silly, dear reader. Jack needs the money to buy more plants.

 photo WP_20170407_003_e_zpsldcwk92e.jpgI can quit whenever I…COMPOST!

I think that every gardener faces the disappointment of cuttings failing to take root. It’s a great way to get different plants, but success seems to be mostly up to luck. I seem to have hit a lucky spell, dear reader. I have a large rose plant, that was merely a nub from a red rose and a Hydrangea, more still growing too. I couldn’t believe the root the rose had, it was really large. I of course added sugar water to them, so that that droop will be gone in a day, if not already and gave them plenty of rose and shrub feed pellets. I leave them to look after themselves when cut, but once they prove they’ll grow I take as much care and attention as possible. I even bought colourant for the hydrangea, well, for the large established plant in the front garden. Blue flowers, wouldn’t that be fun? See you again.


45g Buckwheat Flour (6 Tbsp)
30g Butter
50ml Milk
15g Sugar
1/2 Tsp GF Baking Powder
Dash Vanilla Extract


1. Melt the Butter, in a mug, on a low heat and when cooled slightly mix in the Sugar, with a fork, until dissolved.

2. Add in the Milk and Vanilla Extract and stir until everything has combined. Finaly add in the Buckwheat Flour and Baking Powder and mix until smooth.

3. Microwave on full heat for 2 1/2 to 3 minutes. Cake should be dry and springy to the touch. Let cool for a few minutes before serving.


8 thoughts on “Microwave Buckwheat Mug Cake

  1. Hey, you stole my egg joke, I mean, you cracked me up with your egg yolk, Jack!
    An egg-less mug cake is interesting, I hate the idea of using one whole egg for just one mug. And I can’t believe they add xanthan gum to wheat based cake! No wonder so many people are getting sick: too many unnecessary ingredients travelling down their guts every day…
    It’s a good idea to have a greenhouse. We don’t and our plants have to withstand extreme temperatures: from -1 C last night to +20C this afternoon! Yesterday, as instructed by the Gardener-in-Chief, I spread some grass clippings on the dirt surrounding our recently moved strawberry plants hoping to give them some protection both from the cold and the hot drying sun.
    Thank you for sharing, it would have been very egg-oistic to keep this recipe to yourself at Easter time 😄. Have a nice weekend, dear neighbor!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s in everything here, or so it seems. Guar gum, Xanthan gum and carrageen make up so much of the processed food in the supermarket and I’m supposed to be the odd one! At least I’m eating food! Heh.

      I hope we’ll both have success with strawberries this year. I can’t wait to see what you’ll create with them. I’d better start working on my berry puns. It’s berry important to be red-dy. You too!

      Liked by 1 person

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