Stone the Crows, Not so Foolish Hope

 photo WP_20170402_024_e_zps7ughti17.jpgEvery year I worry. That’s apparently my job now. Squash-fretter. My spell-check is tormented.

Hmmm? Taken leave of my senses? No, no more than normally. Oh, the title, I’m being punny, well, sorta. I hate explaining the joke, wait, no I like doing it, pompous ass, that’s me. Not really…are you writing that down!? Spell my name right, in the blue crayon if you please. I’m subtly letting you know we’re embarking on a maunder. So, stoning the crows, it’s either an exclamation of shock or what I’d like to do to those birds tearing up my planters. What am I shocked at? Why the harlequin, known sometimes as the fool, squash are starting. I was worried, but there are already four starting and way too many planted. So, in holding out hope I haven’t erred. So, you can imagine that Jack is a happy soul. The weather is supposed to pick up and I should be kept pleasantly busy.

 photo WP_20170402_028_e_zpshdqhiv6e.jpgOne set thinned to three a pot, now, well, I’ll wait a while more. My tender-heart aches for the little seedlings!

I’d swear that I’m seeing more seeds than I planted. Better to have more down than I need. An empty pot is an annoyance. Every set seems to have started at he same time, much better than last year’s hodgepodge of random seeds being planted at odd intervals. I’m learning. It’s pretty simple fare, cabbages, broccoli, purple broccoli, cauliflower. I also have some spinach seeds to be sown, not for me, not for anyone really, they were on offer and I hadn’t very much choice. Still it’s fun watching them grow.

 photo WP_20170402_029_e_zpsrao82ehi.jpgBasil at the bottom, random flowers in the coloured pots.

 photo WP_20170402_027_e_zps54xxs56g.jpgHerbs, the sage is lagging, but my old plant is coming back so it’s fine.

I think the more even heat of the greenhouse is really helping. I’ve moved my thermometer as I think I was getting a false reading. It’s reading at about twenty Celsius and that’s what squash seeds start to germinate at. I don’t think we have the right weather for squash germination, growing seems fine once they’re established. Harlequin is still new and unknown so maybe it’s just better suited and I hope the Table King will do well too. It’s amazing how much you can learn and still have no real idea what’s happening. It’s fun though, life is filled with these little joys we should protect and cherish.

 photo WP_20170402_013_e_zpsk9s7z2ww.jpgLook! Tiny sunflowers! The last dwarf variety I grew had seedlings the same size as he squash.

 photo WP_20170402_005_e_zpsdbwxn5ix.jpgAnemone closing for the night.

I was lucky enough to be able to buy a pair of bareroot currant bushes, black and red. From the packets description they seem to be less finicky than the other berry bushes. I’m not overly interested in eating either, not to say I won’t, it’s more a case of wanting to see them grow and perhaps regretting not planting them when I had the chance. There’s supposed to be blackberry bushes coming into stock soon so I’m keeping an eye out. I’m glad I cleaned out the garden last year or I’d never have had the space for all these pots and plants.

 photo WP_20170402_019_e_zpssd31jemr.jpgThe Shirley tulips are just starting to get their colouration. The pink is there, but they’ll have white too.

 photo WP_20170402_009_e_zps5z1dcz6m.jpgI know they don’t last long, but they’re beautiful. Ephemeral? Don’t be so pretentious…heh.

I don’t think poor Jack will ever be the great-explainer, you know, the one with a quick, informative answer to any botanical question posed. I’m more of the struggling, vacant stare type. The knowledge is there, it’s just stuffed somewhere deep in my brain. My recall is iffy. It’s not that I don’t care or pay attention, I just struggle to separate things. Ask a question about squash and my mind races with all that I know, then I try to think what it is you need to know and by the end I’m just wishing I could get back to my squash. Funnily some-things I can’t forget. I recently played a video-game I haven’t played in a decade or more and everything came to me before it unfolded in game. It’s the same with books or movies. I’m like an idiot-savant without the savant part. Ah, well, I have you dear reader and I have squash. If anyone is really interested they’ll take the time to listen. Why are you sticking your fingers in your ears like that?

 photo WP_20170402_010_e_zpskelivubb.jpgThe blueberry bush looks like an explosion of new growth.

 photo WP_20170402_012_e_zps3b4fireh.jpgWay too much lettuce has started. I’ll thin it…later.

My gardening routine is starting to develop. I think I’ll always want to try new things, new plants, edible and ornamental, new configurations of pots and staging, but for the most part things will stay the same. I hope my motivation will stay too. I imagine it will, the peace and tranquillity that the garden brings would be hard to give up. No doubt at the year’s end I’ll be researching new ideas for the coming year, wondering when I’ll be able to fit it all in. Not a bad way to spend a lifetime. Now even I’m getting bored of me, so I’ll dump the last of the photos and run. Okay, see you again, dear reader.

 photo WP_20170402_021_e_zps3woi6ev2.jpgYellow strawberries are getting large.

 photo WP_20170402_022_e_zpsprr9jp9r.jpgAre those yellow or red? I’ll wait until they flower. No other choice really…

 photo WP_20170402_026_e_zpsb9axydzh.jpgTomatoes, one set of seeds was free from Heinz. The ketchup people. Free!

 photo WP_20170402_036_e_zpsmjivrft0.jpgWha…Hey! Look who popped up. I thought you’d rotted.

 photo WP_20170402_034_e_zpsiwulea1n.jpgI grew those tulips on a wall, they were rather tall, I hope they don’t fall.


6 thoughts on “Stone the Crows, Not so Foolish Hope

  1. Crows… if you have any stones to spare I’ll take them! Last year we didn’t get to eat one single cherry: one day the fruit were all there on the tree, finally ripe and ready to be picked, and the next all that was left was some pits on the ground! This year, being free from work, I will be mounting guard from dawn to dusk. (Got myself a slingshot on e-bay 😄)
    We had warm weather then rain two days in a row and from where I am sitting I can see our peas starting to sprout. It will be another good month before I pick them though.
    You might get tired of your garden by the end of the year, but then winter will be here and after a couple of colder months Jack will get utterly bored, start looking at catalogs and itch to get out there again!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love cherries, though they don’t always love me, but I can at east marvel at whatever amazing concoctions your creative mind creates with them. I think you might be right there, Joëlle, for now the squash will keep my motivation up. Take care.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. My husband has to go easy on the cherries too (is the sugar content a problem?). I am going to disappoint you, because I don’t really do anything special with cherries. We usually have them fresh. I hope the weather on your side of the fence is as sunny as here. Have a good day!

        Liked by 1 person

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