New Growth and Old Jack

 photo WP_20170326_014_e_zpsslbp8lsu.jpgA mix of tulips is real striking, but I still like ordered colours too.

 photo WP_20170326_001_e_zpsbxt77az7.jpgThese seem to be two different styles. They’re all red, even the mixed ones!

 photo WP_20170326_002_e_zpsdjjhp0xq.jpgStriking for such a small flower.

 photo WP_20170326_003_e_zpsbbcr7lr5.jpgI even saw a bumblebee today. I wasn’t sure what it was at first. Welcome back, bumbler!

Canonically Popeye is forty two, Charlie Brown eight and a half and Jack, thirty. And you know what, dear reader? I really don’t care. I won’t become an insufferable proclaimer of: “Wait until you get to my age”, and considering my health is better than it was when I was twenty one I’m not crocked yet. Age is a part of the human condition, but I think experience ranks with greater import. I’ve seen and experienced things in my life that many will never have to. To that a number pales in comparison. Now, with that aside, the cake split, shared and fondly remembered, the cards shelved and saved for future times of reminiscing, we go to what’s important: The Garden! I think I will always and ever feel that last years squash grew faster, germinated sooner and just all-round did better. It’ll get better, but I will always marvel at the sight of a starting seed. The weather has been perfect the last few days, but funnily I seem to have done all my work already. In cleaning, scraping, digging, hauling and just overhauling the garden in its entirety last year I seem to have less stressful work and can just saunter around admiring the newly opening flowers, I can canter back and forth filling watering cans from rain barrels and of course, find new ways to fill this place with the joy of nature.

 photo WP_20170326_008_e_zpst2spfvxo.jpgThis was taken from the outside. It’s just that hot in there. The Hydrangea is doing marvellous.

 photo WP_20170326_009_e_zpsffgjyxh0.jpgI’m trying some squash in covered pots, some in a covered tray and some uncovered. All the other seeds have started.

 photo WP_20170326_010_e_zps4dgsu6rr.jpgI really hope the purple garlic succeeds.

It’s funny how I always feel that at this time last year the garden was blooming in abundance with lush greenery as far as the eye could behold, the photos prove otherwise. I guess the grass is always greater in the past. Grass-tinted glasses, perhaps? Oh! I neglected to mention that the cake was a rip-roaring success, I’m the only coeliac that frequents this house so everyone who tried it was unfamiliar with alternative flours, but adults and children agree a cake by me is a cake worth eating. Truth be told I’ve had my fill of cake for the while, so much sugar and butter and I just can’t and don’t want to eat like that these days. Still it was lovely to see the kids enjoying the “best cake they’ve ever eaten” and being able to share in the experience with them. I’ve recently bought a waffle iron, so you might see a few waffle recipes popping up. I’ve never eaten a fresh waffle before and already I’m pondering a harlequin squash waffle a la Bird’s Eye Potato Waffles.

 photo WP_20170326_006_e_zpsdyt8cvm6.jpgCome Summer the garden should be beautiful. Even more beautiful rather.

 photo WP_20170326_007_e_zpscjo6riqf.jpgThe slug traps are really working. But I think it’s also to hot for them for now.

 photo WP_20170326_013_e_zpso0g5t2zm.jpgThese smell wonderful. If you can’t smell them it’s because you’re not trying hard enough.

I’ve found that the experience I’ve accrued over these few years in the garden has paid dividends, though it is countered slightly with the jaded view that I’ve seen it all before. So, I suppose there must be found a balance between new plants and old friends. I’m striking a decent balance and as well as that I’m achieving a balance in work and pleasure. Taking the time to start seeds that need care and attention in the greenhouse, while direct sowing those that I can spare a few spares of, outside. I’m still finding my footing with a lot of this, its still relatively new to me, or me to it, but I’m dogged, studious and willing to learn. Thrilling, isn’t this, dear reader? Heh. Let’s be kind and say it’s interesting.

 photo WP_20170326_012_e_zpsgwmmfci1.jpgHello, potato. This year I know exactly here you are.

 photo WP_20170326_011_e_zpszezjsldn.jpgI also feed you this year.

 photo WP_20170326_015_e_zpsrxjcpzuf.jpgI have high hopes for this year’s onions thanks to the aerated and enriched soil.

Now that I’m no longer young, all the readers younger than I are nodding in agreement, whilst the ones older are preparing their “waiting until you’re my age” pontifications, I should start dispensing life advice. I’m joking on all accounts. The last thing you need is another know-it-all telling you the same thing all the others who think themselves the sole providers of all human knowledge, instead I’ll just carry on as I always have. Bantering with my dear readers, occasionally riposting them, always truly glad of them. I think of time less as ordered segments and more of the chaos it really is. Right now it’s relatively peaceful, that’s enough for the moment. Go now, dear reader, blog and be merry for tomorrow, we just carry on as today, as with yesterday. For now the only drastic changes are that the garden will continue to grow and no doubt that the sounds of Jack’s jubilant cheers at starting squash will never diminish. See you again soon.

 photo WP_20170326_016_e_zpss7fhhvjo.jpgFor plants that were rudely moved and unearthed they’ve done well. I guess the spacious accommodations are agreeing with them.

 photo WP_20170326_017_e_zpsdv5lgvcg.jpgRoses and more roses, accented by even more roses!

 photo WP_20170325_005_e_zps0gjkx4pl.jpgThis is few days ago, you should see them now. Both the pea onward and sugarsnaps have started. Much faster than last year with none of he fussing. Perhaps peas are independent.