Amaranth Flour Flat Breads

 photo WP_20170318_002_zpshhfuvpfp.jpgI froze two so I’ll list it if they freeze okay. I don’t see why they shouldn’t.

Buckwheat did this in one, whereas amaranth has taken three separate recipes. Buckwheat is incredible, but amaranth is at least interesting. I have a baked cracker with flax seed, I have a egg free flatbread made with yoghurt and now I have a dairy free flat bread. Three recipes, none of which can be used to make the other. Amaranth is not a versatile ingredient. Not in the slightest. Still, I wanted to try making a dairy free flatbread, with amaranth this time, as you never know when you’ll need another. This is basic as it gets, but it’s still a single use flour recipe. I like those, you can see it in the dozens of similar recipes I have, all of which had no added starches or gums. To be honest, dear reader, today is one of those days when, well others at least, would like to thrown in the towel, I get these fed up days, yet I never think of stopping. There is no stop option in my life, that’s just who I am. Maybe it arrogant to say it, to type it rather, but I see so many people who quit, who cheat, worse is those who revel in their failures, and that will never be me. I don’t know if I’m that strong a person, but I must be strong enough to stick at this like I have. Okay, back to this recipe, there’s also a second cooling downstairs, unless it’s vile I’ll post the recipe in a few.

 photo WP_20170318_004_zpsawe15pjb.jpgThis isn’t the full meal shockingly.

I’m going to try and list whether the flour is raw or toasted from here on out. It matters a lot with some flours so it might be helpful to you, dear reader. I’m always here for you, now just remember to spell my name correctly when writing the cheque. Just address it to Cash. Heh. Now, the flatbreads. The adding of a little more flour is crucial, annoying, but the sticky mess that is your dough beforehand proves its need. I almost threw it out. The flatbreads had two interesting characteristics. The first was that they were better cooled. They weren’t as hard, that seems to be a benefit of amaranth flour. The second was that the taste of the amaranth was really mild. Perhaps the time it took to brown them cooked the amaranth enough, I’m not sure. They made a decent addition to a meal. My flour is ground in a coffee mill so it is a little rough. I  often fail to answer the question: What would you do if you won the lottery?”, I’m just rather unimaginative it seems, I guess now I can say I’d invest in one of those expensive blenders that grind seeds to a fine powder. A simple, basic recipe but one that covers so many diets. With options available in other recipes to suit even more. Not too shabby.


100g and 15g Raw Amaranth Flour
1 Medium Egg (60g to 65g in Shell)
1 Tbsp Olive Oil
Pinch Salt

Makes Four Medium Flatbreads.


1. In a bowl mix together the wet ingredients and stir into all the dry ingredients, except the 15g of Amaranth Flour, with a fork until everything has combined into a sticky dough. Then add in the last of the Amaranth Flour and coat the dough. Knead the mixture until a barely sticky firm dough has been formed. Form Dough into a ball.

3. Split the dough into four parts and roll out, between two sheets of greaseproof paper, into rough fairly thin circles. Handle carefully when transferring to the pan.

4. Heat some Oil in a pan and on a high heat cook the Flatbread for until browned and blistered then flip and do the same for the other side. Repeat for all Flatbreads. Tastes best when let cool.


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