Nut Butter Milk

 photo WP_20170316_001_e_zpsbad2tklx.jpg“Your hands are clean? Right?!” Define clean. (Original here)

I predicted blue skies for this evening, then it started to rain and I still trudged outside, unmindful of the sudden shower and due to some concatenation of the celestial bodies and the firmament of the heavens combined with pure fluke, the sun, as Annie should’ve said, has come out today. So, not to shock you, dearest reader, I have been in the garden, but I still pulled myself away, or rather ran out of compost, and have made a delicious glass of watered blended nuts. Hmm? Oh, I’m supposed to pour forth rapturous eloquence on the wonders of…liquefied nut butter. Nah, you’re too smart for that and I’m much too jaded to put up a farce. How do I keep getting views? Seriously. Okay, blended nut milk, yeah. It tastes, well, like wet almond butter, a bit richer than  the usual nut milk thanks to the added bulk of the nut and the extra fat. I’m not exactly dairy free, by which I mean I’m not at all, but I do limit my dairy and happily support those who are whenever I can. So, I can only speak for myself here, I imagine this would be useful if you were stuck without an alternative to dairy milk. You will be getting more with a glass of this as opposed to strained pulp water so you might have to watch your intake. I have no idea, you’re intelligent enough to figure out if drinking large quantities of nut butters in water, any nut butter will do really, is for you, so go to it if you’d like. Now, I do say that I hope this doesn’t sound disparaging towards those who are dairy free, it’s just I can’t stand the grandiose grandstanding that every recipe like this seeks. It’s helpful, but simple to a fault. I’m just sharing because it might be helpful. So, like I say: Dairy free is okay by me. It’s tough you know? I mean have you ever tried to milk an almond? There goes my readership. Heh.

The weather has been wonderful and thanks to the more even heating of the greenhouse I already have seedlings starting. They’ll need to be thinned later, but for now I can happily poke my head into the greenhouse and marvel at the little seeds that seek to become plants. This is just the start, there’ll be these rushes of activity followed by periods of patient waiting, then a flurry of action, again and again. Good times. That’s it for today, I’ll see you again. Take care.

 photo WP_20170316_002_e_zpsjb5fbj5c.jpgCabbage and both broccoli.

 photo Mams 69th Birthday_e_zps4kxdq3vy.jpgI’m so glad to see you gladioli.


120ml Water
1 Tbsp Natural Nut Butter of Choice


1. Blend everything together until smooth. Sweeten if desired.



4 thoughts on “Nut Butter Milk

  1. Interesting idea. Even coconut milk is watery. I’ve given up drinking it straight. I miss cookies and milk. I can’t drink nut milks due to allergies but I bet this tastes pretty good.

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