Peanut Butter Banana Curry

 photo WP_20170610_002_e_zpspxqosq28.jpgUpdate, 10 June 2017: I changed up the recipe so the sauce reduces more.

 photo WP_20170315_001_e_zpswumcr1ns.jpgSadly most curries are the same hue and make for pretty dull photos.

You thought it was a smoothie when you read it first, didn’t you, dear reader? Nope. Nyeh. Nah. It’s another peanut butter curry! Why? Because peanut butter is vastly cheaper than other nut butters. So, can I speak freely for a moment? Slough the shacks of time and go back, back to the bitter early start of, well, me? One problem I often face in these recipes is the portions. They’re suitable for me, but what of theoretical you? What if it’s too much? What if, what if, what if? Which makes me think of those angry early days, when there wasn’t a recipe that didn’t need a tweak and there was no one to hold my hand and guide me. So, I could stay bitter and angry, I could also think too much of the potential eater of these recipes, but now? Well, now I balance it out. I post the recipe, helping as much as I can, but I leave the adapting to you, if you need help I’m here of course, but the fretting and panicking isn’t there now, because I remember the struggles I had. I’m here as the person I needed then, offering recipes that cover so many allergies, especially the nightmarish nightshade intolerance, that’s enough of a burden for anyone. So, you get these, maybe not great, but certainly decent, recipes, a good bit of understanding from yours truly and I just get a break here and there. I put enough effort in to help, but never enough to hurt. It might sound silly, but that’s who I am, was perhaps, a helper until it hurt, but never getting the same back. Balance s important, your mental health is important and let’s face it, dearest reader, I do have a huge range of curries and if someone can’t tweak them it’s their loss. Now, in all that being said, I’m not attacking anyone passively aggressively, just venting to clear my own head. You’ve all been really amazing, all of my dear readers mean the world to me. It’s why I do all I do, it’s not much, but I hope it helps. Now, onto the curry and get that look of disgust off your face! Fruit and Nut curry is a great idea!

This recipe is slightly different in that I’ve grouped together the ingredients to make it easier to prepare, if it looks daunting then have no fear it’s really simple, just a bit more organised. I had the idea of a fruit and nut curry as I have plenty of either, but none of both combined. Banana and peanut butter are a pretty common combination, I coupled them with the usual add-ins. The lime, salt, sugar etc have all been used time and time again. The whole comes together really easily, the end result is a smooth, rich curry, with a refreshing taste with a little pop of sweetness and banana flavour. It can be reduced if you’d rather use less coconut milk, I just don’t want to waste the tin so I use it all. If you wanted a vegan version you could just omit the Chicken and replace it with vegetables, I’ve found all work well, but squash takes longer. You could even make this as a pour over sauce, I don’t know what it is about banana curries, but they remind me of “chip shop” curry. I imagine having a little to dunk your sweet potato fries in would be delicious. Not much to say, I wish there were other nightshade free recipes I could work from and create even more, but my limits are there and I can only work with what I have. Still, I do okay. Better than when I started with nothing at all, having to learn how to make a base curry that could make a wealth of others, but I learned and you can too. See you later.



1 Chicken Breasts, Chopped
1 Tbsp Natural Peanut Butter
1/3 Chicken Stock Cube
100ml Hot Water
Juice and Zest of 1/2 a Lime


1/2 Large Yellow Onion, Roughly Chopped
2 Cloves Garlic, Cut in Half
1 Tbsp Sized Piece of Ginger, Peel and Chopped
1 Tbsp Olive Oil


160ml Coconut Milk or Coconut Cream
1 Large Banana, Chopped
1/2 Tbsp Brown Sugar
1 1/2 Tsp Nightshade Free Hot Curry Powder
1/4 Tsp Salt
1/4 Tsp Parsley

Optional: Fresh Parsley to Serve.


1. Mix together everything from the first list, but the Chicken, until a paste has formed. Set aside.

1. Heat Olive Oil in a pan and when hot add Onion, Garlic and Ginger then stir and let cook for 5-10 minutes, on a medium heat, or until soft.

2. Add Coconut Milk, Banana, Curry Powder, Brown Sugar, Salt and Parsley then stir together and heat for  5 minutes, then pour into a blender and blend until smooth, return to the pan and bring to the boil. Add in Paste and stir until everything has combined then add in Chicken, reduce heat and let it simmer on a medium heat for 20 minutes.


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