Garden? No, Sorry, I’m Three Tyred

 photo WP_20170315_015_e_zps97pceqp2.jpgYes, I know the joke is two, but you see, yes, but…

 photo WP_20170315_008_e_zps4jms4la4.jpg…shhhhhh.

The recycling continues, dear reader. I was attempting to salvage a tyre stuck between two buildings, to no avail sadly, but a neighbour happened to have three just thrown carelessly about and now they belong to Jack and await flowers. I’m not painting them as I love how well the black in the garden contrasts the multi-hued flowers and they’d just chip eventually and paint and primer is expensive. I do have one tip, you can’t say these posts aren’t a learning experience, whether it’s worth learning is a whole other thing, and that’s to add drainage holes to he underside of the tyre. I used a forstner bit you see, because it’s the only one I had that was large enough. The smell of burning rubber abounded, the scissors were prevailed upon to sever the rubber, but when I was done I had no worries of water-logged bulbs. It’s amazing just how much water the inner part holds and how hard it is to remove. You don’t need me to say it, safety concious reader, but be careful when drilling something this large and unwieldy. You have little fear of the tyre slipping, but he drill is another matter entirely.

 photo WP_20170315_009_e_zpsdbzpwrzy.jpgI almost chucked it, but patience prevailed.

Did I ever tell you about my planting some store-bought purple garlic? Even if I did you’re stuck unless you skip this paragraph. It was a gamble, but if it works I’d gain some garlic for separating and replanting for next year. They’ve sprouted so that’s really great, they should grow if I look after them. I just used two two litre pots as I wasn’t wasting space on two cloves of garlic. Garlic is slow and can be rather dull, but it’s enjoyable to see it starting even before Spring and enduring long after the other fruits and vegetables have since wilted. I never guarantee success in any of my ventures, but I like sharing with you all regardless.

 photo WP_20170315_016_e_zpsdx1edhep.jpgAnemone still look primarily like parsley to me.

 photo WP_20170315_017_e_zpse8gjv2kf.jpgThe flowers are pretty at least.

Oh! My Cabbage and Broccoli, Purple and Green, seeds have started. I pulled off the bags today and now I let them grow and eventually thin them out to one a pot. Separating and re-potting is just tiresome. I’ve found it better to just plant enough in each pot and thin as needed. I’ve also seen a single carrot and one parsnip. That’s enough right? Surely everyone just plants one of everything. The greenhouse was almost thirty degrees yesterday, a new record. Sadly today is much cooler, though I am grateful for the reprieve from pot filing.

 photo WP_20170315_011_e_zpsj2irmkqf.jpgThey go from pinecone to flower so quickly.

 photo WP_20170315_007_e_zpsjlcd1lmx.jpgI love seeing each stage for the first time.

 photo WP_20170315_005_e_zpspnoc0xam.jpgThe Shakespeare tulips have flowered a long time before all the others.

 photo WP_20170315_010_e_zpso94ufsdp.jpgSorry about the origination, Photobucket isn’t cooperating.

I was worried about my potatoes as they have already put out roots in the bag, but they seem to be doing fine. They’re rather deep down and I still have to top them up as they grow. I also plant to add fertilizer to the compost as I add it to help feed them. I’m hoping for  decent crop. I was gifted some artichoke bulbs which I promptly shoved into a huge pot. I’m looking forward to watching them grow. I even have shallots, which I can’t seem to stop pronouncing: “shallats”, so, yeah, I’m growing things I’ve never eaten before.

 photo WP_20170315_012_e_zpsuy3cvjnm.jpgIt begins!

This year I fill the squash pots and they stay filled, no borrowing the soil to fill, well, everything else. I added compost to the bottom, I took the best of a bad batch and I’ll slowly fill the bags with potting compost. I think ten, five Harlequin, five Table King, is just the right number.I’ve also put down my tomato seeds, this year it’s one a pot. I’ve had bad luck with tomatoes, but with my Gardener’s Delight and Heinz, yes the ketchup people, seeds I hope to do well. I  planted some bell-peppers too, they’re a newer variety, Bell Boy, so I’ll just hope they do well and look after them as best I can. I’ve never grown them before either, but I can eat them, sadly.

 photo WP_20170315_006_e_zps9acykmbk.jpgBeautiful, but no fragrance sadly.

 photo WP_20170315_020_e_zpscn6lzymf.jpgA Naru Interlude!

Naru has now figured out that when the gloves go on the gardening commences. She’s out and about tottering here and waddling there, content as any dog. She wanders up to me on occasion to say hello. She’s a genuine joy. I do have to watch her around the slug pellets, but a tap on the backside and she runs, well, tries to run, away. She’s mostly content to amble about looking at all the flowers and secretly drinking whatever rain water has collected. Naru’s idea of secrecy is that if she can’t see you, she’s invisible.

 photo WP_20170315_004_e_zpsez8qpfkw.jpgThese tulips have striped leaves. I have no idea what they’re called, but they’re interesting.

 photo WP_20170315_003_e_zpsniz25y3i.jpgA few late starting crocuses. Or maybe mine started too early.

 photo WP_20170315_018_e_zpsxwalzsky.jpgThat’s a lily, right? Or maybe a peony rose…

I always thought they were pina roses, that’s the way everyone here says it. There’s at least two scattered about. Okay, that’s all from Jack, I hope if you are gardening hat it’s going well fr you. Not as well as for me you understand, that just wouldn’t do. Until next time.


7 thoughts on “Garden? No, Sorry, I’m Three Tyred

  1. Dear gardener, how beautiful your Shakespeare tulips look!
    My husband was wondering about your tires (my iPad doesn’t care about the y in the word…) eventually decomposing. But we are not there yet.
    Not sure where we are going to be in a few months, our garden this year is going to be limited to a staple few things: peas, potatoes, parsley, basil hopefully, green beans that can easily turn into dried beans if untended, and of course tomatoes. We, not even my father and expert sister-in-law, have never grown them from seed. We buy young plants.
    I love your description of Naru in the garden. My Sam used to come and poke my leg with his nose every time I went out to hang clothes. Dogs provide us with unconditional love. And I used to get so aggravated that he preferred drinking from a dirty puddle of water instead of his bowl, which I used to carefully refill with fresh tap water several times a day!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I imagine it’ll take a good few years before the rubber rots, but by that time I’ll probably have changed the garden a dozen times over. I’ve had no luck with tomatoes, they grow but never set fruit properly, if it fails this year then I’ll give it up. I hope we’ll both have successful garden this year!

      Liked by 1 person

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