Jack The Slug Slayer

 photo WP_20170311_002_e_zpsqgnbvvdi.jpgAnemone just starting to open.

Can you feel it dear reader? This warming feeling? This radiant brilliance? The sun, well, yes it’s been Summery, but I was talking about the fact that I was right. Smugness has been set to dangerous levels, please beware. You remember the slug trap idea? I haven’t seen much damage, if any, these days and decide to investigate the trap. What did mine eyes behold? An engorged orgy of infuriating invertebrates all either slime or having well and truly shuffled of the mortal coil. The control: The pellets merely scattered, what of them you ask? The same trouble as always: They come, die and others follow in their wake, or slime-trails and eat my plants. So it’s traps for me throughout the growing season and speaking of growing: Jack has been busy in the sun. This year I’m trying to strike a balance between direct sowing and seedling-starting. I go by the rule of scarcity, cost and worth. So, squash seeds are small quantities for a high cost, but I love them so much, dear reader! Ahem. So they go in the greenhouse. Beetroot is fairly plentiful and not exactly a firm favourite so they get sowed directly. Of course some seeds are better sowed directly, I put my sugarsnap peas and my pea onward down directly so they’ll grow right onto the frame. I’m just a home-grower and I want to enjoy the experience so I’m taking it easier than last year, a little experience helps too, and just doing what I can. Let’s take a poke about and mock the graves of the slugs who would eat Jack’s plants.

 photo WP_20170311_004_e_zpsu1hwdspz.jpgThere were so many daffodil bulbs scattered everywhere they ended up mixed with the lilies.

 photo WP_20170311_005_e_zpsdk20gm1o.jpgOne rose died and was replaced. All six are fragrant tea roses and there are five different varieties.

 photo WP_20170311_008_e_zps02jkzwlf.jpgGladioli are just starting to poke through.

 photo WP_20170311_009_e_zpss7yx4urp.jpgThe crocuses are fading, it’s sad in some way. See you next year.

I love seeing everything flourishing. The heat has been in the low twenties the last few days and, yes, I’ve been out everyday. There are so many flowers just starting to open, others still waiting. The bulbs were the best investment. Perhaps the weed-fabric was the best. The great thing about the garden is that, no matter how small, it’s easy to get lost in. There’s always a little job to be done, a pot to fill, a plant to tend to, dog poop to trod in. So whether you want to escape the tedium of everyday life or other people’s incessant blithering, the garden has your back. Is this the thrill people get from escaping into their phones? I now have a conversation-starter planted. No, that’s not the name of a plant!, I planted, smartalec,  a Chocolate Cosmos (Cosmos Atrosanguineus) which is brown, which is unusual in itself, smells of chocolate, vanillin I think, and, ready?, is a clone! I get this is pretty common, but it’s amazing to think that the original is extinct and that this plant can no longer reproduce via seed. I get this isn’t that unusual, but I like cloning, so, yeah. “It’s a clone” will be my gleeful shout as I gambol away from my responsibilities.

 photo WP_20170311_003_e_zpsxydri8ll.jpgThe onions are really starting in Earnest. What? No, the soil is called Earnest.

 photo WP_20170311_007_e_zpsqfne8qoa.jpgI cleaned up behind the shed. The horse radish and chives are happy here, where the horse radish can’t root and go wild.

It’s only been a year since I bought my first drill and now I want a better one. It’s been the most beneficial purchase in recent memory. I’ve been studious in my efforts o learn how to use it properly and the reward has mostly been that things stayed up. I bought Big Smile Sunflower seeds as I just didn’t want the hassle of huge headed sunflowers on small stalks, these are about 37cm tall and have proportionately sized heads. They’re in the green container. You can see my raspberries are coming back too. I seem to be having better luck this year.

 photo WP_20170311_011_e_zpsdeo09ymx.jpgThis is why I’m not worried about the sunflowers roots. I kept getting these planters on offer.

 photo WP_20170311_010_e_zpsmvlp4abr.jpgMagpies are stealing my liners.

I have my herb seeds down, not basil just yet. I hate to see it grow and then die within a day when the cold hits. It’s always a gamble, but a little patience might just pay off. I have three varieties to try. What I also do is plant oregano that I’ll let grow all summer and then use in pesto. It’s not bad, handy to have in between basil harvests. I’d make a joke about needing two pots, you know? One for each pronunciation of oregano, but I can’t lose any more readers to bad jokes. I had no luck with mint last year, so I may skip it. I’m just growing what I’ll use and what I’d like to use.

 photo WP_20170310_001_e_zpsuq1xpmzu.jpgI can’t eat chillies, but they’re easy to grow and I know people who do.

Marvelling at the quatro-pot, huh? Yeah it…What? A silly looking thing, yeah, just like your face! Hah! I told you didn’t I, dearest reader? So, what am I up to? Heh, heh, heh, I took three pots, cut off the bottoms (Notice a theme in this garden?) placed them into a seventeen litre pot, filled them in too, then I planted three different chillies, Scotch Bonnet, Thai and Cayenne for the curious, and they can all grow in the one pot. All fed together and, well, I was going to do tomatoes in it, but one plant per pot seems o be the best way. Two tomato plants, two bell peppers, all in the back of the green house. I will do another pot in the tomato pots to get extra height for the roots. You have to try these absurd things, trust me on that. Okay, see you all later!


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