Shrink-Wrapped Souls

 photo WP_20170308_026_e_zpslosfjxdj.jpgThirty photos later and I got it!

I sincerely hope that I never come across as braggadocios, or an insufferable prig in these posts. I just genuinely want to share a part of the joy I take in the garden, be it ever so humble. I’m not the most confident person and I have often faced the issue of not wanting to try because I’m so scared of failing. In sharing these posts I’m fighting my own personal demons and you can either enjoy the photos, feel superior in your much better landscaped garden or go soak your head, whatever. I will continue to share and I hope that those who have stuck with their forever friend, Jack, will see the fruits of my labour becoming new recipes for my dear readers. There’s never going to be such a thing as too much joy in the world, I hope my garden helps increase it. Okay now back to flippant, serious faces be banished, let the sun-kissed, slightly muddy face of your pal, Jack appear.

 photo WP_20170308_001_e_zpsbb5p6kiv.jpg32 0.5 litre pots.
 photo WP_20170308_007_e_zpskfwz3scc.jpgAn old foot stool filed with saved pansy seeds.
 photo WP_20170308_003_e_zpsgwonyd8b.jpgMy ever useful green carrying-crate.
 photo WP_20170308_027_e_zpsut0tpi03.jpgAll snug and ready to germinate.
 photo WP_20170308_014_e_zpsra0w63ei.jpgHow long the cling-film will hold is anyone’s guess.
 photo WP_20170308_010_e_zpsjkmvgeuy.jpgPainted sage and scarlet sage means purple, white, pink and red flowers.
 photo WP_20170308_013_e_zpsevmevroy.jpgI have a robin nesting, not here, in a wall cavity.
 photo WP_20170308_002_e_zpsuel7acub.jpgMagpies are also stealing my liners!
 photo WP_20170308_030_e_zpsy4bprrm8.jpgPotatoes are just starting to poke through. Rhubarb and asparagus are just recently planted so they’ll be longer.
 photo WP_20170308_005_e_zpsxjh5jflu.jpgThe purple pot is zinnia. I forget what they look like, nice I guess or I wouldn’t have bought them.

Hmmm? I couldn’t but use that as the title. Don’t you think that seeds are the souls of flowers yet to be born? Me neither, but it makes me seem profound. The sun was sweltering today and I was dashing, quiet!, I was dashing, I’m always dashing, but this time I mean movement, to and fro. To the greenhouse to gather my filed pots and fro to the house to start putting down some seeds. A few seeds in a pot and we’re off. I put a bag over each and that way I should be able to pull it off when the seed starts without disturbing the others or having to move it. The mistakes of yesterday are the teachers of today, dear reader. Stow it? Sure. Anyway, I can’t tell you of the elation of finally getting a few seeds down. In the interest of other gardeners, seed aficionados and to save me typing it out more coherently, I’ll list them here.

Harlequin Squash
Squash Acorn Table King
Broccoli Waltham
Cauliflower Autumn Giant
Cabbage Golden Acre
Scarlet Sage Coccinea
Painted Sage
Purple Broccoli
Aquilegia Mix
Eryngium Planum
Astilbe x Arendsii Glow (Glut)
Asparagus Wonder
Lobelia Crystal Palace, Sapphire, White Lady, Rosamund
Zinnia Dahlia Flowered Mixed
Giant Swiss Pansies (Saved Seeds and New)
Love in a Mist Persian Jewels
Cornflower Tall Mixed

I think that’s what I’ve planted since last we spoke, er, typed…you know what I mean! Since last we interfaced, to give the blog a futuristic feel, I have been industrious. Yesterday I baked four small loaves, two different types, made two curries, two servings of rice and four servings of pasta sauce. All with a fever. Yeah, I’m industrious, not bright, dearest reader. Thankfully whatever was bothering me was gone today and I was fit and ready to garden. You should’ve seen me spooning Lobelia into the planters. The seeds are minute! I’m not even sure what most of these will look like, it’s going to be fun to say the least. I hope the weather will start to pick up, but at least the seeds are ready when it does.

 photo WP_20170308_028_e_zpsayxn77zf.jpgA little crocus. It was free and mixed in with tulips and daffodils.

 photo WP_20170308_012_e_zps9xusrn1b.jpgShakespeare Tulips.

 photo WP_20170308_011_e_zpsqpebtldl.jpgSo freaking pretty.

 photo WP_20170308_008_e_zpsg4rhcpiy.jpgThe snapdragons are doing things, botanical things.

 photo WP_20170308_029_e_zpsvqszn5op.jpgBottomless buckets with added compost to break down the thick soil. Too many roots for vegetables sadly, maybe sweetpeas?

I’m thinking of using the bucket bottoms for runner-beans. You know, drill a few large holes around the edge, just snug enough for bamboo poles. Similar to the teepees, just more cylindrical. Not sure if it’ll work, but it’s better than wasting, right? Now for the Peas De Résistance…

 photo WP_20170308_031_e_zps45lyhkwm.jpg

 photo WP_20170308_032_e_zpsdkfynhm4.jpg

I assembled my pea climbing frame! It’s finally out of my head and into the garden. It took eleven six feet bamboo poles, left over landscaping mesh, some staples, elastic-bands and twine. It’s really sturdy. It might be overkill, but last year my peas became too entwined. This year I’ll have pea onward and bon sugar-snaps. No broad beans, no one wanted them, though they smelled heavenly and looked gorgeous. It really makes you feel like it’s all starting up again. I have so much work to do just getting things ready, a lot of compost to order, but it’ll all happen, I’m not allowing it to stress me out, I’ll tackling it one job at a time and not letting the others waiting to overwhelm me. So, that’s it for now. Take care, dear readers.


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