Did I Mention I Garden?

Hmmm? I have spoken of my garden before? Well, isn’t that strange, I just assumed I’d never had occasion to mention it before. Next thing you’ll tell me that my posts are absurdly long and arbitrarily loquacious. Now, now, dearest reader, hasn’t Jack been kind? Hasn’t he given you recipes in abundance? Well, time to pay the piper, it’s yet another aimless gardening post. Just blowing off some steam. I’m currently in charge of two gardens and Earth’s gravity has increased. It hasn’t? Then how do you explain why all these bags of compost have become so heavy!? Why happened to my condition. Shush, now, a shambles is a condition. I might be ponderous, but I’m dogged and I get there eventually. It’s just there isn’t always an end point to the garden. Let’s snoop around a bit. A short post today.

 photo WP_20170305_014_e_zps9fibk6y9.jpg

Ah the cabbage is doin…okay, I know it’s not cabbage, I just have no idea what it is. It was moved, shoved into a pot, knocked over, put back in and has since been happily growing. It fills a gap. The second one has tulips growing in it, there are tulip and daffodil bulbs scattered far and wide apparently. If anyone knows the name I’d appreciate the help.

 photo WP_20170305_015_e_zpsednu6zqj.jpg
 photo WP_20170305_017_e_zpsk7eg253t.jpg

I’m filing pots and leaving them until I need them rather than trying to do it all at once. It’s still much too cool to start anything, thought I have put down a few seeds to test the germination conditions. I have huge amount of pots to fill for seedlings and flowers. The larger pots are one litre ones for squash seedlings as their root-ball is often three times the size of the plant. I like to use terminology such as root -ball so I sound experienced. If ever there was someone flying by the seat of their tracksuit it was Jack.

 photo WP_20170305_011_e_zps4yp5gmzj.jpg

The shamrock is getting ready to start hardening-off. I don’t know the growth habits yet so I can’t decide where to put it. I think the ground has sunk under the cold-frame so the plants shouldn’t hit the top so easily and the handle, whatever it is you call he part that holds a window open, I did know, once, isn’t popping the whole frame up any more either. Progress!

 photo WP_20170305_004_e_zpsdfizj4xk.jpg

Delicious grapes. Okay, hyacinth. You’re always spoiling my japes. It’s just a cases of a jape about grapes causing sour grapes. Lost half my readers with that gag.

 photo WP_20170305_010_e_zpsq1rejigz.jpg
 photo WP_20170305_009_e_zpsdtjabvq0.jpg
 photo WP_20170305_024_e_zpse73sr7y4.jpg
 photo WP_20170305_012_e_zps3lt9digr.jpg

It’s funny how many photos you end up with when you try to capture each stage. I know from experience that you’ll regret not taking them.

 photo WP_20170305_001_e_zpsuw98cw4q.jpg

You thought I was slacking off when instead I was sawing logs. An old, ridiculously thick, my poor arm, fencepost finds new life as a border. The whole lot needs a lick of pain, but it looks better than it was.

 photo WP_20170305_016_e_zpsqcdbglfn.jpg

So close, dear reader, we’re almost there. I’ll see you all later.


8 thoughts on “Did I Mention I Garden?

  1. Hi Jack, you make me laugh, which I am sure is your goal. thanks for the visit!
    I love a bit of gardening too, you might enjoy my post on it below – I do envy you your two gardens, I only have balconies and they fill up so fast, also lugging earth up and down the stairs (and through the apartment) when for example, it is infested with little nasty animals that munch the roots of your plants and you need to replace it, change it etc. makes for a load of muck shlepped through the house and also a lot of extra cleaning. Also potting plants on a balcony is a a pain as any earth that hits the floor will stain the concrete….ah well. I do what I can
    on https://polianthus.wordpress.com/2013/08/20/you-cant-shape-nature-but-she-will-shape-you-or-how-i-learned-to-love-begonias/

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  2. I wish I knew more about plants and their names… Even asked my sister-in-law if she recognized the spider looking plant you showed last time. Will try with Pinterest. If I find anything worth sharing, I will let you know.
    Seems that spring is well on its way in Ireland, and the shamrock just in time for St Patrick’s day! Here it has been miserable and very, very windy. Dangerously so even.

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  3. I was going to say thanks for another succulent post, and then I realized that might be the cabbage talking. Seriously, I don’t know much about plants, but I think I have that right. Google succulent plants and scroll through the images. Or maybe it’s sedum. I’d have to have a closer look.Thanks for liking my posts. It jogs my memory to look at your writing. It’s good stuff!

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