Jerk Chicken Rub

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 photo WP_20170208_002_e_zpsblnwcs0r.jpgI also made some Buckwheat Flour Tortillas.

Update February 2017: I added a Tahini sauce, tweaked fromhere, it goes extremely well with the jerk chicken, it really helps balance out the sweetness.

 photo WP_20170117_001_e_zpsmat3wev8.jpgChanged, only slightly, from here.

Okay, who knocked off the head of my crocus? I’ll find you, you, you jerk. Ho-ho, what a segway. Seriously, I find who did it and they’ll end up in my compost bin, all three of them. Violence and new recipes, that, dear reader is why we’re here. The new recipe I mean, put down that bat. I’ve found out that it was indeed the marinaded meats that was causing discomfort, lemon as a standalone seems to be fine. That’s part of the reason that there a tahini sauce over this recipe whereas you might prefer it as a filling for a wrap or sandwich instead. I just wanted…

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4 thoughts on “Jerk Chicken Rub

  1. I have used tahini sauce in a meat dish since you first posted this recipe and liked it. I have ordered some meat at my local butcher’s, veal “medallions” he calls it, fancy term, but of course he is a fancy French butcher, lol, in order to make it again and take pictures. That will be another recipe on my never-ending “to be posted” list.
    Ah, and this evening I am going to try something with the pre-egg disaster choux dough. I remembered a recipe I got from a cousin, way back, that used something very similar. Will let you know how it comes out even if I don’t post it.

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    • I’ve always envisioned everything in France to be fancy. I have more of a to be tried list. I’ll get to it all in time. Maybe. I always look forward to seeing what you’ll create next so I’ll look forward to it.

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