Spring Healed Jack

We start this rhyming post hence
In truth it's of little consequence
The rhyming starts off appealing
But my limits may soon face revealing
Whether it'll be worthy of derision
I leave that, Dear reader, as your decision

 photo 1_zpshxp84kc4.jpg
The wild garden reclaimed
The spirited roses are tamed
Horse manure for them, taken from under hoof
'twas sorely needed, the abundant leaves, the proof
Still two buckets wait for me to plant
Time will provide, in this garden there is no shan't

 photo 2_zps0wrcuiyo.jpg
 photo 3_zpsart5gpxh.jpg
Crocus rings, but no one answers
Tulips stretch themselves like dancers
Do not mistake the shoots for weeds
Doing so is a most heinous deed
Where do the flowers hide?
In stalk? Or stem? Which part does them provide?

 photo 5_zpsxzsnrt5x.jpg
 photo 4_zpszvjlvgl8.jpg
The gypsy girl's dress is yellow and pattern
Let no one call this one slattern
The sunlight did the fair one hide
A gloved hand does the shade provide
In time they will abound
The bees and butterflies will fly around

 photo 7_zpsvwhbk8mn.jpg
 photo 6_zpsnrkxpv0j.jpg
 photo 8_zpsngsdatwv.jpg
Up above and down below
Here and there the flowers grow
In the buckets on the ground
In the planters ever round
What they are we do not mind
In their colours, joy we find

 photo 10_zpsxvzlbnma.jpg
 photo 11_zpsnrzlgydx.jpg
 photo 9_zpscm4q1318.jpg
From old life new growth springs anew
Inside the greenhouse where winds can't strew
Look! These flowers how they strive
To grow and root and remain alive
Not all will live, some will perish
Those that remain are ours to cherish

 photo 12_zpsp275qzye.jpg
 photo 13_zps2v0udvxb.jpg
Last year's friends are not misplaced
For that would be a terrible disgrace
Instead we prune them down
How small they look without their crown
Old roots do faster growth provide
Always delicious either fresh or dried

Thus ends my little bit of fancy
Though the verses were often chancy
I hope you enjoyed this bit of mirth
Please don't give Jack a wide berth!
I hope that Spring will hurry here
There are plants to grow, readers dear

3 thoughts on “Spring Healed Jack

  1. What an enchanting stroll around your greenhouse! And, lucky me, I have two eyes to enjoy the words and pretty pictures! (And not only one as I had feared… The surgeon was kind enough to stop his knife before it reached the eyeball!)

    Liked by 2 people

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