Giant Peanut Butter Thumbprint Cookie Tutorial

Of course, I’ll just have to assume that you’ve already followed my Tutorial on how to acquire a giant thumb. This will be more verbal than pictorial, no, not pectoral, stop flexing! Partly because it’s just simple and partly because I wasn’t sure it’d be worthwhile taking a photo of boiling fruit. So, first things first: Every celiac has a flourless peanut butter cookie recipe, be they of limited ingredients, the best ever or, you know, yadda yadda. What makes mine different? Not much, they’re not as sugary as other recipes. I remember when I first tried a recipe like this, I ended up with a very upset stomach due to all the sugar. A lot of these recipes are almost 1:1 between peanut and sugar. Mine is mostly peanut butter, which results in a lovely crumb. They’re light, sturdy and I have never tired of them. I’ll post the recipe below, the filling will be rougher since it’ll be up t you to decide what you’ll be using. This is so simple, really basic, but if you didn’t know how they bake, that they can be made as a single cookie and how they rise, you might not realise you could do this, but have no fear, dear reader, I’m sanguine and foolhardy enough to try and lucky enough to have succeeded.

For the Cookie Dough:


175g Natural Peanut Butter
1 Large Egg (About 70-75g in Shell)
60g Sugar
Dash Vanilla Extract
1/4 Tsp Baking Soda


1. Preheat oven to 175c (Fan).

2. Put everything into a bowl and mix, with an electric mixer or fork, until a thick clingy dough has been formed.

3. Form into 1 Tbsp sized balls and (Just check below for the how to) flatten onto Greaseproof Paper and bake for 15-20 minutes until golden brown and firm to the touch. Then remove from oven and rest on tray for a further 10 minutes. Then let transfer and let cool completely on a wire-rack.

So, that’s pretty simple right? I think so, no real way to make a mistake. You don’t have to make this plain at all, that’s just how I made it today. I find the egg version is best for a single large cookie, but feel free to check out all the egg variations in the original recipe. Firstly I’ll talk about the dough. It is indeed a dough, you can work it by hand after a certain point if you’d like. First it’s a wet mess and seems like it’ll never come together, but gradually it starts to thicken up and become firm. It can be sticky at times, oily at others, it just depends on your egg size and the nut butter used. Use natural, all skins and nut and nothing else, or you’ll end up with an oily mess. Now we’ll talk about what you’ll need to get the right indented shape after baking. You could be making the filling while preparing this I’ll leave that for you to decide, I’ll just split it up for the ease of typing it out.

 photo WP_20170131_001_e_zpsh8cfymhb.jpgStep…I’m joking, you don’t even need numbered steps for this.

You’ve made the dough. Split it into two parts, flatten out the first into a circle, rough as you like, onto a greaseproof paper lined tray. About a quarter inch thick, it’ll rise, but don’t worry to much. If all else flip this over and call it a giant cookie. The reason for all this fiddliness is that it ensures the cookie bakes evenly and you have a slight indentation for the filing. Just flatten the lot and you’ll get a large dome, perfect for spilling your filling everywhere. So you’ve got a flattened circle. Next take about a quarter of the dough, roll it into a snake, surely you’ve played with modelling clay, and then curve it around the outer edge of the circle. What you’re looking for is almost a pie crust shape. Don’t be afraid to press the two parts together until it’s all smooth. Repeat until you have a raised edge. Then take a fork and just poke the middle repeatedly, then push the sides up to ensure it’s as high as possible. Next: Bake per instructions. It’ll rise in he middle, but you’ll end up with a slight dent and a better baked centre than if you just flattened the whole thing. It bakes about the same, takes a while longer, but not a lot Just press it gently to see if it’s firm. It’s almost a shell over a softer textured centre. There’s a lovely crumb inside the smooth exterior. I’s light enough, not wet or mushy, I really enjoy the texture. It tastes as you’d imagine something made almost entirely of peanut butter to taste.

 photo WP_20170131_002_e_zps4hqlk00f.jpgAdd the filling. “What filling?!” Whoops.

So, you have a giant cookie just waiting to be filled. What shall we use. That’s up to you, you could be healthier and use a chia seed jam, or perhaps be a cheat and use store bought jam. I used about 200g of mixed blueberries and strawberries, added a splash of maple syrup, this is a treat and I refuse to compromise on the sugar element, which I boiled down, under cover until the fruit was soft then boiled uncovered so the sauce could thicken. It’s either a compote, a dessert sauce or just sweet fruity mush, whatever you like to call it. Etymology need not concern us at this stage. Just pour it on top of the cookie, here the slight dent helps keep it from rolling off. It’s not a very deep recess, but it’s a large cookie so it takes a fair bit of sauce to overfill.

 photo WP_20170131_003_e_zps2tsrvgvx.jpgThe fun part.

Now here’s where the recipe shines. You can pick it up and it’s perfectly stiff, grab it, toss it, okay don’t, but you can move it around like you would a small cookie. No racking, breaking or tears before bedtime. It’s ultimately a bit of fun. I like to think it’d make for a great birthday cake alternative for kids with numerous allergies and intolerances. Or just an adult in need of a sweet pick me up. Whether you decide to make it plain or experiment with different flavours is up to you, I just wanted to show you how easy it is to make this eye-catching cookie. I never scoff at quick and simple recipes, they’re the ones you can return to time and time again with ease. Nothing to say you couldn’t go wild and really make this pop. If you do decide to try it out do let me know. Any questions just pop them below.

 photo WP_20170131_007_e_zps8k3fanxy.jpgEither cut it or just grab it and take a bite!

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  1. Great recipe to make with a kid around! Funnily enough, I bought peanut butter just yesterday with the idea of trying your peanut butter cookie recipe (original version). I will let you know how it comes out.

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