Cauliflower Sauce

 photo WP_20170119_002_e_zpsl7pxn9zg.jpg It makes quite a bit of sauce. I reduced it down, but after a while it’ll just burn.

O, Dear reader, you are the Sunday in every week. What has a poem used to sell fire-lighters in bygone days got to do with sauce? Nothing, it’s just been in my head. It’s called The Planter’s Daughter. Before we start on this, or rather I start and you sit there and marvel at my eloquence, no giggling, can I be frank? Open? Forthright? Rich? Worth a try. This is really basic and bland. I seem to find every recipe using just cauliflower comes with a wealth of panegyrics (I had to look that up, but hey new words!) informing me of the wonderment to be found in blended cauliflower. It’s blended vegetable, it doesn’t magically alchemise into a creamy rich sauce. It remains a purée of a tasteless, to me at least, vegetable. So, now that I’ve run my own recipe into the ground, possibly insulted other bloggers in he process let me say this: It’s not too bad. Let’s talk about it.

 photo WP_20170119_004_e_zps6lgnwlli.jpgMore sweet potato! More!

So, if it’s no great shakes then why make it? Because you don’t tell me what to do, uppity reader! Oh, you were just enquiring. Well, because I wanted to see what the fuss was. I admit mine is a quick version, there’s very little fussing here, but ultimately the texture was going to be the same. It will only taste of whatever you’ve added to the cauliflower. I wanted it basic to begin with so I could tell what the underlying flavours were. Adding curry powder or turmeric etc would just mean disguising the flavour and confusing me. I like my recipes basic to begin with so I can add complexity in later if it’s worthwhile. I will say this: If you’re not a fan of cauliflower’s texture then this isn’t a bad alternative. It still tastes the same so you’ll still need to be able to tolerate the taste. On the whole this is just another way to get some vegetables in your diet. Nothing more and nothing less.

 photo WP_20170119_006_e_zpsxceaounr.jpgBa-ba-Bonus!

A treat for Jack, who has been busy in the garden. This mild weather is spoiling the plants and, if we’re honest, me too. Still, I never forget my hellish first year’s weather, I’m ever ready to battle the elements. I think this year the garden will be the exclusive interest of Jack, sadly there just aren’t many garden enthusiasts around. As long as I have my forever friend, Naru, I’ll be content. We, sons of soil, well, she can be a son if she wants, will joyfully toil. As in: I’ll work and she’ll wander. She’s either eighty one or thirteen, so she’s entitled to take it easy. My recent Microwave Cake gets a tweak, copied from another of my microwave recipes, this blog is like the War and Peace of recipe blogs, maybe closer to the Tale of Genji, it’s worth it when you get into it, but there’s a lot going on and people get confused a lot. So, it’s all here, just scroll down. This is a Sticky Coffee Gingerbread. I just wanted to add coffee for the sake of it, but it actually added a richness that really pops with the warm spices and the dark bitter-sweet treacle. The light and absorbent texture of this particular cake works really well. You could easily double up on the sauce, but I thought there was enough sugar in this already. Okay, that’s it for a while, I’m off to look at seeds and dream of warmer days. You, dear reader, are, as always, lucky to have me. Heh. Later.


100g Fresh or Frozen Cauliflower
200ml Stock (Chicken, Beef, Vegetable etc)
2 Cloves Garlic, Peeled
Salt and Pepper to Taste


1. Add everything to a pot and bring to the boil, stir it up, reduce to a simmer and cook until Cauliflower is tender.

2. Pour into a blender and blitz until smooth or use a stick blender. Return it to the pot or a pan and cook on a medium heat until sauce has reduced to desired consistency.


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