No Matter How I look At It It’s You Guys Fault I’m Not Gardening

 photo WP_20170114_001_e_zpscrua4ehj.jpgOld bulbs sprout anew
Blue yellow sleep within these shells
Come forth new flowers

We had a slight cold spell, which thankfully I had early warning of and prepared properly. I gathered up every piece of plastic I had around and covered my newly sprouting bulbs, how I wish bulbs budded, the alliterative possibilities,  now that it’s over they’ve been uncovered and have had a growth spurt. It’s still cold, but warmer than it was. Will you come with Jack, dear reader, to walk and talk of plants? To peer at and praise these simple children of nature? Will you read these all too human haiku that are the silly follies of Jack? Will you ignore the bottomless mayonnaise buckets with the raspberry growing in them? Aye, you will stay with me for a while. The grape hyacinth that started as forced bulbs, reminds me of birds in cages for some reason, something too sad therein to contemplate, silly I know, have started again, I thought them lost, but there they were with the daffodils just waiting. They’ve gained a better life now, with space to grow and thrive.

 photo WP_20170114_005_e_zpsbh328z5s.jpgPull back the covering
Who is now awakened?
It’s Darwin’s tulips

I can’t remember what that black container was, I also can’t remember a time the bottom wasn’t broken. It’s gained a new life too as a bottomless container where weeds and rhubarb once battled for supremacy and nutrients. I think there’s a lily in there too, I can’t pull it until I’m sure. It might be one of the immature parts of the bulb. These tulips weren’t there when I covered this and it’s only been a few days. Things happen fast at times in the garden and other times interminably slowly.

 photo WP_20170114_006_e_zpsfcjphi49.jpgLeaves come again
Purple as the fruit promised
Blueberries one day

I’ve tried blueberries before, but I seem to have little success with cold stratification, this was a berry plant I planted out while it was still active. The leaves fell off in December and I thought it might be lost, but when I uncovered it it was as you see it now. I should cover everything and then pull it back with a flourish like a magician, it seems to work well. If I could get one well established plant I could take cutting and, though it would take years, get a few blueberries bushes growing. The raspberries look well too.

 photo WP_20170114_002_e_zpsskdwjvp9.jpgLilies in orange
Pots of black and soil of brown
Variegated hues

 photo WP_20170114_003_e_zps3gwdnqyb.jpgIs that a weed there?
A mean stinging one, beware
Pull it with gloves

It looks as if the separated lilies aren’t any worse for wear. They were in the ground and pots a long time, but the bind-weed was spoiling the  ones in what was once the wild garden, now rose garden, and the potted ones had been stuffed in a small pot for years and were much too cramped. I like bulbs as they start when normally there’d be nothing to look at in the garden. I’m out there every day regardless, but it’s much nicer to have company. That sounds somewhat pathetic, dear reader, pretend you never read that. I just found out that some of my bulbs for February planting have already sprouted so I’ll have to get those down too. They’re peacock orchids. Not real orchids, but a pretty white flower nonetheless.

 photo WP_20170114_004_e_zpsw01jvqfj.jpgThere King of The Striped
Green ring within a black ring
At the centre tulips rest

I hope the full circle grows. The warm weather might help. This might be a waste of a bottomless pot, but with bulbs there’s nothing stopping you from moving them at the end of the season and when they’re in pots you don’t lose any.

 photo WP_20170114_008_e_zpsryihshaj.jpgArms held out in cheer
A new hat to celebrate
Joyous gypsy girl appears

I’m pretty sure that the gypsy girl. One seems to have stumbled, but a crooked flower is still a flower. I wonder how long it’ll take for the whole planter to fill up with these flowers? Worth waiting for.

 photo WP_20170114_007_e_zpswf7cfbm0.jpgThe hard work has paid off
Green shoots, their verdant splendour
Fill my soul with pleasure

It’s funny how little flowers interested me until I started growing, often just trying to, them myself. I think it’s the investment in your time, the gamble of nature and the elements unpredictability and the sheer joy of seeing something you’ve planted come good. I still have to choose seeds for the latter part of the year’s flowers, for the while I’ll just marvel at these tenacious little flowers.

 photo WP_20170114_010_e_zpsy8nfjt4m.jpgWhite bells ring out loudly
Little flowers stay with Jack
For a while at least

 photo WP_20170114_012_e_zpsstyzuw8h.jpgCheap little roses
Not meant to live for too long
Instead you will thrive

 photo WP_20170114_009_e_zpscnzfwbah.jpgBe not shy little flower
Jack’s hands can be clumsy and awkward
But they’re full of love

I’m getting sentimental in my dotage, dear reader. Still, there are worse ways to spend your time, sharing the garden is a little pleasure you’ll have to forgive me. When there’s something new it’s hard not to want to share the experience. The herbs, fruits and vegetables are still a ways off, but when they come there’ll be recipes and stories to share. I’m popping on and off eBay searching for interesting seeds. If anyone has any suggestions, please remember we’re not blessed with very hot weather here, I’d be really glad to hear about them. I don’t mind if they’re flowers, vegetables, fruits, whatever suits. Do you have a favourite flower? A preferred vegetable? Let me know  below. Thanks for dropping by.


2 thoughts on “No Matter How I look At It It’s You Guys Fault I’m Not Gardening

  1. Word of the day, graciously bestowed by Jack: “haiku”. Shame on me, a Japanese daughter-in-law and I didn’t know the word!
    Any room for a fruit tree in your garden? Apple trees, I hear, can be tricky (very prone to disease). But a plum-tree might be nice.

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