On The Tip of My Tongue

 photo WP_20170110_004_e_zpsdjuqskvk.jpgI made carrot muffins. Here’s a photo for no real reason, but it makes the post look better.

Ah, dear reader. Yet again here we are. Ever and always, right? Forever friends? Absolute associates? Alliterated allies? I’m here to maunder again. I love that verb. It perfectly sums up these posts. I do have a topic of discussion, but not one of a resolute ending. An open discussion of one and one imagined. You’re the imagined one, an impermanent place-holder until a real person appears. You’re very useful, if ephemeral. I use that word a lot, but it’s too perfect to discard. I learned it from an anime: Now and Then, Here and There.

“Because ten billion years’ time is so fragile, so ephemeral…it arouses such a bittersweet, almost heartbreaking fondness.”

You know I think out of all the aspects of blogging it’s the writing I enjoy most. I’m not the world’s greatest writer, nor do I have an literary aspirations, I know my limits, but there’s a catharsis in writing, a challenge in finding the mot juste (See? I pay my respects to France) and just seeing where your thoughts can take you. A certain Je ne sais quoi (Heh) Of course I hold an appropriate irreverence when using words. My inspirations and, little thefts, run the gamut from everything I’ve read. From Popeye to Tolstoy. From Dickens to Elfen Lied. From…you get the idea. Classics and gag material are intermixed to create, well, the me you see in these words. They’re what form the person, or perhaps they’re there to illustrate the person I am. Who knows? Well, I do, but I’m not telling. Language is pretty amazing. This does flow into my next point, so have no fear I may maunder, but we won’t drown in a meander. As I’m typing I’m thinking, it does, on occasions happen, I’ll have you know, of what the title will be. Blame Dickens or Thackery for the multi comma sentences. You haven’t lived until you’ve seen a sentence the length of a paragraph or two. I love the titles, be they puns, playing on things I enjoy or just descriptive word-play. Wait, I’ve got it! Hah! Oh, this is steam of consciousness, like Virginia Woolfe, and if you’ve read any of her works and know I’m lying then it’s actually like Infinite Jest. Hah! Go read that…or don’t, probably better not to. I did and I’m still complaining. Each to their own, but in my heart the only absurdly long novel to read is Clarissa.

 photo WP_20170112_001_e_zpscjolfamn.jpgDid we have a point? “Perhaps, maybe and hopefully”

It all started with an epiphany and amaranth, aka: Pigweed. Delicious, tasty weed seeds. So the point I’ve been getting to is this: How do you describe the indescribable? How do you explain the unknown? Aren’t rhetorical questions great? Of course you can’t. What I’m talking about here is the unfamiliar, to you rather than me. How do I describe amaranth when I make it with nut butter paste? Like a risotto! So simple, eh? But what if you’ve never eaten risotto. Comparisons are useful to a point when trying to help people gauge their interest in a new food or an old one reworked. But though you can compare to a Summer’s day, it won’t help if they’ve only ever lived in Spring. You can wax eloquent on the similarities of two dishes, but if neither are known to the reader then you’re left with a befuddled, possibly hungry, readership. So, what then do we do with with the unknown? We describe! We build on sensations rather than standard savouries. On texture rather than typical tuck. I might have strained something with all that alteration, blame Stan Lee for that. In describing with due care and attention we can help people understand what they’re seeing. I don’t do photography, I’m not that way talented nor inclined, so I choose to type and talk. To express the exquisiteness of eatables and in doing so to entice the every-man into eating something new, something, perhaps, better. So if amaranth as risotto doesn’t work, then we elaborate on the creaminess, the hint of nuttiness balanced by the saltiness and the rawness of the garlic. We add and add until you just need to experience this taste description that has been implanted in your mind. At least that’s the hope. There are many ways to talk food. This is mine, whether it’s worth the effort at times I truly don’t know, but the typing and thinking, the figuring and fretting, the struggling and succeeding are all worthwhile. The gestalt of these posts is far greater than its component parts.

 photo WP_20170110_002_e_zpsfyftoshx.jpgHey look, cake! Blurry cake

As I said this wasn’t supposed to be much of anything and I kept true to my word. What a wonder I am. I had a lot of topics, many of which would have done me more harm than good to type out, this time of year, with its fads, and outright lies, is a difficult time for me. I should ignore it, but I just wish that people could get the real help they need. That’s what this blog is for, for those who are willing to work and they may find the start of a plan herein to help them formulate a lifetime’s successful strategy. As for you and I, dear reader, we’re here for all the yuks, the laughs, the sheer absurdity of everything. We’ll follow in Oscar Wilde’s footsteps and pretend irreverence and all the while hoping that we are indeed making a difference for the betterment of the world and the people on it. Who knows? See you again soon, dear readers.

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