Matchless YUM

I’ve been thinking about writing up an informal look at what I recipes I use in my fortnightly meal plan, but there was a niggling thought that I’d done something like it before. I have, right here, this time around I’ll be taking a much breezier, and easier, look at things. Please do check out the original post, I put a lot of work into it and it might be helpful. As you’re surely wondering, dearly inquisitive reader, why now, why this, wherefore art thou, Romeo, wait…Anyway, I’m just trying to collect a few recipes and shine a spotlight on them. These recipes haven’t all been with me from the beginning, but some have. Others have endured the test of taste-buds and time and, I feel at-least, the deserve a little attention. So what I’ll do here is list a recipe and tell you what I do with it, aside from eat it! I’ve been adding more vegetables to my diet these last few months and I’ve done really rather well. If nothing else this post will prove that no matter what issues you have with food, it’s possible to enjoy it, to thrive on it and keep it varied. I remember when I first sat down to create a meal plan, it was daunting, I had so few recipes and I had to keep so many things in mind. Was there a balance of low and high fibre meals. Was I getting enough of this food, not too much of that. So many problems that did get sorted over time. Eating as I have to and choose to is probably the reason I have so many recipes. They’ve kept me going. I’m proud to say a larger number of the recipes on the site are my own creations. The percentage grows ever higher as time marches on. I would pat myself on the back, but already sore from that title (Matchless GUM – Band Maid). Now I won’t maunder any more. Hah! Worked that word in, er, let’s get started, shall we?

Pull up a chair, and rest your weary bones, dear readers. We’ve got recipes to discus, now they ain’t fancy, but they’re good eating. You’ll have to figure out if they’ll suit you on your own, I’m just here to talk and not think. Not too much at least. Just a bit of fun and a bit informative too. First up is a Butternut Squash Cottage Pie. These days I make up six and freeze them. I like a mix of sweet potato and butternut squash. All going well I’ll have Harlequin Squash this year too. You’ve never lived until you eaten cheesy harlequin squash mash sitting atop cashew butter gravy covered mincemeat. Okay, it’s not that exciting, but it’s so delicious. The top when grilled is so addictive, I could just peel it off and keep grilling until I hit gravy. Now onto…you’re drooling on me dear reader!

Ah, pesto. With chicken and pasta. Buckwheat for me. Corn, with added chia sees for fibre, if I want a bite. I’m afraid I spoiled myself when I grew my own herbs. I can’t be bothered buying the herbs, they’re no good here, so I try to make as much pesto as I can and freeze it. I’m on my last serving now. The lovely thing about home-made pesto is you control everything. I use any basil, but oregano works well too and is really prolific with the right weather. Parsley is okay, but basil is best. I usually use nuts, but hemp hearts do fine too. I like to change it up. As with the pies it being frozen doesn’t do much to it, now fresh would be great, but that’s not just viable for me. You? This is about me! Don’t be so selfish.

A free day of sorts. I choose one of my curries that isn’t made with nuts, say a Banana Curry or an Eleven Spice curry. Having nightshade intolerance meant that finding curries I could eat and wanted to eat was a royal pain. Thankfully I’m stubborn and I have given myself, and I like to think others, a lot of different options.I usually like plain wholegrain basmati with my curries. A little hemp added at the end if I remember. Seriously, dear reader, I love you, really I do, but I’m drowning here!

Ah, while stocks and supply hold out, it’s Amaranth. The exclusive to, er, here, nut butter version. Look me in the eye, terrified reader, and tell me what else could be better than thick and decadent cashew butter amaranth, sweet potatoes and some seasoned chicken breasts? World peace? Well, yeah, but we only have amaranth right now. I stocked up once I found a supplier again. A two year drought wounds the soul. A life without amaranth is a life half lived. Stop trying to open that window, it’s bolted.

What day are we on? Unrelenting what? Oh, boredom, yes, well, stiff upper lip, staunch reader. It’s time for Honey And Tahini Chicken with pasta. I also add 100g of broccoli these days. I used to use peanut butter, but I use tahini to vary it up. I’m trying it with a pinch, a big pinch, of 7 Spice, it works okay. It’s good food so taste isn’t always vital. What? No, you can’t type. You’ll wrest control from my cold dead hands! Hey! Stop looking at me like that, I meant it figuratively.

Ah the weekend. Parties, right? Boogie woogie, ah hah…ha. I just read mostly. Don’t pity me, dearest reader. You’re just a rhetorical device. So, the long enduring Almond Curry appears. I like this with cauliflower and since sultanas have been bothering me I’m trying carrot instead. Hmmm? How do I know if rhetorical devices have souls? You worry me, dear device, I mean reader.

Ah, Sunday, the day of rest. I never rest! The cooking goes on every day, every day, sigh. Them’s the breaks, kid. I opt for a simple vegetable medley with chicken and quinoa. Cauliflower, sweet potato and broccoli. All but the sweet potato are blanched and frozen. I like it, it’s simple, but you feel you’re getting a lot of good. I prefer quinoa like that rather than as a separate side. Everything mixed up in chunks just tastes better. You’re rather subdued, you sure you want to go on? I’ll take your silent sobbing for consent. This is fun, isn’t it?

Butternut Squash Cottage Pie again. It’s a shopping day so I prefer a quick dinner. I’ll jump to Tuesday. I use the Almond and Tahini dressing over pasta and chicken. Simple, but it feels so rich. Nuts and seeds are packed with goodness and probably the best dietary choice I made. I don’t joke when I say I eat simply, get the good in and worry about the taste later. I love the raw garlic in the dressing, I have on occasion burned my mouth by eating too much of it. You’re looking rather chipper, almost insanely so one might say. Well, carry on.

Peanut Curry with broccoli. I remember that curry starting off as a botched satay sauce. It was much too thick and gluggy. I fiddled with it and it became the base of all my curries, they’re all pretty different even though their origins probably come from this recipe. Your origins? Heh, good one, homunculus, I mean dear reader! I wish you’d take this as seriously as I do. Tsk.

Amaranth again. It’s good so no complaints from me. As for Friday that’s Butternut Squash Pasta Sauce over chicken and pasta. I usually use a sweeter variety of squash and I am thinking of trying it with carrots or a mix of vegetables, then I’ll use that for Tuesdays without pesto. Once the basil starts up it’s back to pesto. We’ll see, right, dear…where are you?

Saturday is Sweet Mango Curry and Sunday is a repeat. Where have you gotten to? I feel silly talking to myself here. Where have you gon