There’s Butter On My Shoe

 photo WP_20170102_011_e_zpsbrioowlh.jpgThat’s it, start with the photo of soil. That’ll build a readership.

And a happy New Year’s to you. That’s not a New Year’s song? Well, you caught me, but there is butter on my shoe. Don’t ask. I’m on a temporary keyboard as my own went kaput, F.U.B.A.R, broken in other words. I’m not liking this keyboard. Apologies for any typos I miss in my proofreading. So, here I am: Jack of all Spades! And there you are, no, not dear reader, dearest reader, much beloved…okay, I’m buttering you up, not unlike my shoes, because I have no new recipes, for now. I do have a garden post, that’s something right? I’m currently typing up all my notes from last year so I’ll be a very busy Johannes Factotum from here on out. Sadly the tactile screen and 3D imaging phenomenon hasn’t transpired as I thought so I’ll instead describe the soil above to you. It’s dark, crumbly and rich. Not in an epicurean way, but the plants will love it. That’s the soil now altered for the better by my own compost. It should be perfect for whatever vegetable makes its way into there. Carrots? Onion? Parsnips? Japanese Sponge Gourd?! (No) Who knows? Well, I do, kinda, but let’s leave it a mystery, those always do well. We’re still in what’s being called Winter, so the growth is happening on a large scale yet. Still there are sights to see and fun to be had with your constant companion, me. Constant whether you want me or not.

 photo WP_20170102_006_e_zpszi7mzyxq.jpgYes! Take that, winds! Hah!

My snowdrops opened. They’re so small. It’s only their first year, but never again will the sight of these be so profoundly beautiful and soul-satisfying. I know it’s a common flower, but these are mine! I grew them, I’ll keep them prospering and multiplying. As I’ve often remarked: Gardening makes you philosophical, perhaps a little soft in the head too. But, dear reader, beauty is good for the soul and beauty we helped to grow is something extra special.

 photo WP_20170102_001_e_zpsvg5gsgkz.jpgI think all the roses, even the new bare-root ones have started to grow again.

Getting a bit heavy there, wasn’t I? No worries, back to buttered shoes. Oh! I did accomplish something today. I’m not just a pretty face, shush, I drilled into tile today and it didn’t crack. It’s s small achievement, but still, I never even used a drill until last year. It’s been worth learning and I continue to learn. We needed a new bathroom shelf, the old one got spray-painted and is going up in the shed. Waste not want not. Things don’t change much for me, less of the ephemeral, more of the enduringly samey. Still, at least there is positive change in my life, this is my seventh year of my journey. I hope I can find more and more of my happiness. Getting serious again. Hey look! A buttered shoe! Cue laugh track.

 photo WP_20170102_005_e_zpsqoeahbid.jpgThe Jan Bos is coming up in the large pots. As are some tulips.

I’ve mentioned my note transcribing. The scribe transcribes and having scribbled moves on. There’s a surprisingly useful amount of information therein. I’m really glad I saved it all, now I can add to it as needed. It’ll be a long time before I get it all typed and organised. It’s just simple garden notes, but when you’re trying a new vegetable that you might not grow again in the next year having notes will mean you can resume where you left off.

 photo WP_20170102_004_e_zpsml7ngpcu.jpgThese are…Gypsy Girl Crocus.

 photo WP_20170102_002_e_zpswcld2wvk.jpg Garlic. Now with added compost.

My New Years? Why, how kind of you to ask, finally. I spent some of it filling pots and planting my Gladioli and St. Brigid Anemone. I still have bulbs left to plant in February. I just read for the rest of the day. My life is ever one thrill ride punctuated with moments of unrelenting drama. I’m being sarcastic of course, my life is mine. I’m working on it. It’s getting better in some ways. It’s actually punctuated by bursts of music these days. All these posts are typed with something blaring out of the speakers. Band Maid has a new album, a big release, as best as I can tell, my Japanese is non-existent, so expect more absurd titles! I’m punctilious in my absurdity.

 photo WP_20170102_003_e_zpsypyp9gdx.jpgSquint. Harder!! There! See the ring of crocuses?

I have to pick out a lot of flower seeds this year too. I have to stop thinking of this as next year, this is now. I pick them by their colour and how easily they grow. That’s it. I’m not fussy. I’m not a florist with florid displays. Or a florid florist with florid displays if you want to play silly-beggars. I’m not into ikebana, I…I’ve just run out of flowery professions. Whoops.

Pretty flower, Grow Easy
Buy the seeds in bulk to save dosh
That will do for Jack

 photo WP_20170102_009_e_zpsgklnqozm.jpgThe strawberries didn’t die back much.

This the the second year for most of these so they should do well. I’m not sure how the barrel will fare, but I’ll see. If nothing else it’ll do for flowers and the top ones always do well. There are still fragoo on there too if I’m not mistaken or they haven’t died. The top ones are the yellow strawberries. I’m tempted to try a few new colours as these were so successful and sweet. Some are really heavily doctored in their photos, a bit of Googling shows them to be rather ugly in reality. That’s one thing I’ll be taking into consideration this year when buying seeds. Double check everything. The internet is full of liars. Not me of course. Don’t look at me like that!

 photo WP_20170102_010_e_zpsez6sktvx.jpgHow big will they grow? Who knows. Miniature roses that might bloom again soon.

 photo WP_20170102_007_e_zpskoccwoid.jpgIt’s blurry, but the outside is White Daffodil, narcissus something. The inside is Tulips that are starting early.

 photo WP_20170102_008_e_zps6t0qnebm.jpgThere’s a layer of bulbs just below the surface. All the leftovers went in there.

I told you to expect the expected. The blog hasn’t changed much, but on the whole I’m happy with it. If I honestly had to say I suppose a goal would be to write a few more guest posts. I don’t chase after this actively, I don’t want to spam nor am I that interestingly worthy of a guest post, but if like last year I’m lucky enough to be approached and it’s something I do know about then I’m for it. Anything that helps spread the blog and the recipes therein is important to me. So is my enjoying it, hence the way I do things remains unchanged. I like helping, but I’ve learned that self-care is vital too. You put the oxygen mask on yourself first or how can you help anyone. The blog will hopefully keep chugging on, if I match last year then I’m good. Exceed it and I’m shocked, happily shocked naturally. So, dear reader, often something else, but always dear to me, stick with me if you can. Support me if you will and we’ll see where this all goes. I’ll see you again soon.


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