Gravy Gravy Gravy

Ah, overfed readers, I hope you’ve all had a good day. For me this year has been one of the most enjoyable in recent memory. Perhaps it was being in possession of a more variegated selection of recipes, perhaps the many thoughtful gifts that I received or just the general geniality of proceedings. I won’t question it, just be thankful for it. A slight fun event is upcoming: I shall be going to a book-store to purchase a book! Between the public domain, oh my treasure, next to you, dear reader, naturally, and online stores I’ve had no reason to avail of book-stores. But I’m in possession of a voucher and I will be going in blind, it’s not a large store, but a books a book. Speaking of which: The title is a book reference. But you didn’t come here to talk books, I’d talk turkey but it’s all been gobbled up. So let’s talk gravy. And let’s muse on muses.

Do you, or does someone you know, like gravy? Do they like my Cashew Butter Gravy? No? probably not. I don’t think it’s as popular as it’s rich, decadent deliciousness deserves. I had a variation, due to the lack of cashew butter in the house,  today with almond butter, but a pinch of Poultry Seasoning, some juices and it was heavenly. I  have played with the idea of using it in other ways, it was born from an accident, as are many, no shame there, as I used  cashew butter in a nut curry and it was flavourless or almost so. What it lacked in taste it made up for in richness and thickness. So, I’ve been think about using it in a sweet capacity. I hate to talk theoretical recipes as it can make you feel as if I’m promising something I might never provide. It’s also been done, and probably done better than I ever could. You’ve seen it in the wonderful and technical Bûche de Noël au Café (Sans Gluten). I always mention my inspirations. I can’t do much, but I can always credit a source.

So, what can someone like me do with a gravy to make it a sweeter sauce? Well, an egg and sugar would be necessary, right? I’ve never made custard, unless a packet counts, but I have made curds galore. And a wheat-based Pastry Cream, with a roux because why not make it complicated? So I’d follow that though and go for a double boiler to avoid scrambling the egg. Now the question is whether this is even worthwhile. I don’t like waste or making too much of anything. I have no one to fob my disastrous or humongous culinary creations off on. I’d probably use peanut butter as a cheaper alternative. A huge tub runs the same cost as a small jar of cashew butter. If it made a decently rich “custard” then I’d probably make a flourless nut cake, perhaps with a buttercream surround and fill the centre in with the sauce. The thing about all these desert ideas is that reality assert its hard-headed self. The ingredients can be costly and might be better used in more practical applications. The sugar wouldn’t be too bad, but the more complex it becomes the more sugary it’ll end up being and my self control can be mighty, but I will eat it all if it’s there, so my poor system would end up sugar shocked. I’m just sharing this to give an idea of how recipes come about here. And to share a few neglected recipes.

I did hit a bad spell of chocolate-conditioing. What’s that? A made up term. This time of year was always about tubs of chocolate, chocolate in all forms imaginable. You have to imagine that over two decade of that leaves an imprint. So I sat there today craving like, like an addict, wanting it, knowing it would be destructive, but wheedling and whining. I needed it. I deserved it. And you know what? No. No, I don’t want that. There’s too much bad attached to that substance. So I pushed it aside and carried on reading, twitching intermittently, and I’m okay now. It’s the way I’ll always be. I actually didn’t have a dessert today. I knew I’d overeat at dinner, moistly on vegetables, but still, so I left it out. I’m glad I did. I used to, probably still do occasionally, eat for the sake of eating. It comes from food making me ill, undiagnosed everything, you know how it goes, and wanting to just get rid of it all. Why eat it later, just be sick now and get rid of it. That was a terrible way to be and I’m better now, but the vestiges still remain. That’s life. This turned out longer than I’d intended. I lost a snowdrop to gale-force winds today. That’s an absurd statement, but it was my first. There are others, but you never forget the first. So, here, recycled Twitter haiku. Or human haiku as I’m told the simpler form is called.

They did not quietly sneak
They howled, capered wildly
They scattered the snow

Winds recede, I stand
The snowdrop lays unopened
My heart breaks for the flower

Jack’s anger is quiet
Enduring like the winds that blow
But wilder than they be

The bulbs and wind return
Time passes and they remain
Will Jack last like them?

I’m be doing something fun in the coming week. Whether it be a nut butter custard, a cake or cookies I have no idea. If nothing else it’ll be fun. Thanks for your support everyone. I hope you’ll stick by your forever friend in the New Year. I will be looking at new seeds soon so there will be “Jack” posts scattered here and there, like the seeds they’re unpredictable. Until we meet again.


3 thoughts on “Gravy Gravy Gravy

  1. Thank you for mentioning my bûche again. 😊

    Yes, a custard, please make it so it bakes in a low oven, I have been thinking of a Portuguese inspired dessert and I would love to have a cashew butter base custard free-from recipe.

    Following your advice, I have used cashew butter to thicken the juices obtained from pan-fried chicken. It’s a good substitute for cream. I’m writing this so your readers just don’t take your word for it!

    I’m sorry about your snowdrop. You were so happy to see them come out already. Hope the wind won’t damage any more. At least you’ve got a greenhouse to protect some of your work. The battle with nature is never completely won, is it?

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    1. I’ll post the recipe tonight, or whenever I get it typed up. But it does look like a success. Nothing fancy, it’s a pour over custard when warm, like a crème anglaise, and it seems to set a bit when chilled, but it’s still cooling so I’ll have to wait and see how much it’ll set. It’s like the American Pudding when cold. I made it in a double boiler like a curd. With coconut cream as milk and nut butters together make me queasy. As I say I’ll post it all tonight and thanks again for the inspiration!

      It was a really mild year this year, compared to the monstrous hailstones that tore through my first year squashes I have little to complain of. As always life goes on. Thanks for commenting.

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