bûche de Noël au café (sans gluten)

This is one of the kindest things that has been done for me. A Dear Reader has gone to the trouble of making a Bûche de Noël that matches my dietary restrictions. It looks incredible and the work that went into it is evident. If you’re not fluent in French, alas I’m a mono-linguist myself, then pop to Google Translate and marvel at the expertise in this recipe. To Joëlle all I can offer is my thanks, my heart is full and spilling over with your kindness. I’ve often felt very alone with my nightshade intolerance, but from here on whenever that feeling arises I’ll remember this cake and the burden will be eased. So, to my Dearest Reader, don’t squabble now dear readers!, I say thank you and Merry Christmas.

ma cuisine sans sulfites

J’aime les « challenges ». Par défi, j’avais décidé de faire une bûche de Noël sans gluten (évidemment) mais aussi sans chocolat, et sans fécule. Forte de ma mini-maîtrise des techniques pâtissières sans gluten, je m’imaginais qu’ éliminer la fécule ne serait qu’un jeu d’enfant… Eh bien non ! C’est elle qui apporte la légèreté au biscuit, et elle encore qui assure une bonne tenue à la crème pâtissière du fourrage, tout en évitant la sensation sèche très particulière que laisse l’incontournable farine de riz.

Pourquoi se lancer ce défi ? Tout simplement parce que j’ai appris assez récemment qu’il existe une intolérance alimentaire très particulière, nommée « nightshade intolerance » en anglais, qui empêche la consommation d’aliments tels que poivrons, chocolat, et pommes de terre :–(, et parfois aussi fécules.

Pendant 10 jours, j’ai fait plusieurs essais de mini-bûches ; Miracle de Noël, nous n’avons pas pris de kilos ;-)!  . Si je n’ai pas eu de…

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3 thoughts on “bûche de Noël au café (sans gluten)

  1. Thank you again for the kind words. I am also very grateful for all your posts: you have taught me to get bolder in my own culinary experiments, and to question the need for starch in gluten-free recipes. Just a couple of hours ago, I decided to try using only rice and teff flour to make a salty “pâte à choux”. The end result was excellent, my finicky husband loved them! I am planning to fill them with mozzarella cheese and serve them as an appetizer. I will have to post them eventually: another nightshade free recipe that you will be able to enjoy 🙂

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    1. I’ve often thought there aren’t enough people willing to think outside of the box when it comes to free-from baking. There are endless possibilities if we’re just willing to try. That sounds amazing, I’m really looking forward to seeing what you’ll create.

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