Turkey and Sweet Potato Burgers

 photo WP_20161205_021_e_zpsoxp7owql.jpgYeah, let’s start with the homogeneous pile of…pink muck?

Original here. Tweaked it a bit to suit. I’m scheduling this post just to save clogging up the blog, let’s hope I remember and don’t start posting other recipes in between and end up in  confusing muddle. I don’t usually make burgers, no reason really, I just never really felt like it. These seemed to be interesting and had a decent mix of ingredients that could yield a decent tasty burger, or patty if you’d rather, all flattened mounds of meat are burgers here, so I thought I might as well try. Turkey mince has been really plentiful this year, sweet potatoes are always in too so that was helpful. To cut a dull story short, they tasted pretty nice, they weren’t bland as a lot of home-made burgers can be, well mine at least, they might be better in a bun or with a sauce, ketchup or anything really, but they had a nice texture, held together well when fried, but don’t press them too much.

 photo WP_20161205_022_e_zpsyofhqxec.jpgThey’re surprisingly easy to form.

I’m a bit slow today, so forgive me dearest reader. Let’s see, I think I’d like the onions blended, but that’s a personal preference, maybe a little more seasoning might help too. I don’t have a bun recipe, but something like a Quinoa Microwave Cake made as a bread in a cylindrical container, a microwave safe one! Don’t go sticking a biscuit tin in there, blowing yourself up and blaming me! I’m onto you, you maniac! So, the sauce, What? No, you imagined the previous sentence, if you can eat nightshades then ketchup would be great, maybe something with tahini? I like tahini, raw garlic and something sweet as a spreadable sauce/condiment. I wonder if there’s a sweet potato ketchup? I might look into that. The lack of gardening is making me an edgy Jack, no, I don’t mean edgy in the sense of the internet’s usage, you’re being strange today, dear reader. My time will return again and I will venture forth to greener pastures, well, gardens, okay, garden singular. Until then you’re stuck with me and whatever odd recipes I try. Until we meet again.

 photo WP_20161205_025_e_zps7fy7xcak.jpgThis is a strangely lonely photo.


400g Turkey Mince, Lean
300g Mashed Sweet Potato
1/2 Large Yellow Onion, Chopped
1 Tbsp Maple Syrup
1 Tsp Poultry Seasoning
1/4 Tsp Salt


1. Add Everything, but the Onion, to a bowl and set aside. Sauté Onions in Olive Oil until translucent and soft. Add to bowl and mix together with a fork until fully combined.

2. Scoop out an ice-cream scoop’s worth of the mixture and form into a patty, repeat until all the mixture is used up. If not using all the Burgers, place on a greaseproof lined tray and freeze, when fully frozen transfer to freezer bags.

3. Heat some Olive Oil in a pan and then add the Burgers, cook until golden brown then turn over to brown the other side, takes about 10-15 minutes. Make sure Burgers are cooked through.


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