Poultry Seasoning

I might often be facetious, dear reader, but in this I am in earnest. I’m not big on holidays, I just let them go past and try to avoid getting aggravated by them. But I do remember that that isn’t the case for everyone so I do my bit collecting and creating recipes that are suitable and pop them on the above page. It’ll probably be found above recipes and posts for the month to gain it some exposure. I gain nothing from it, but perhaps it’ll help someone. Okay back to the usual.

 photo WP_20161201_001_e_zpssju1g7he.jpgI will always be that blog with the wonky photos.

I’m afraid your forever friend is under the weather, a bad bug hit me hard, but being the awkward soul that I am, and always will be, I don’t lie down and rest. I end up doing the opposite out of stubborn spite. Who am I spiting? Why, the virus! I always feel better having eaten, even with nausea, so I went for a fun mix of mild and sweet food today. The Sweet Potatoes can be found here. I’ve heard of poultry seasoning before, perhaps whispered from dark alleys, screamed from rooftops or, most probably, on cooking blogs.The original can be found here. The only alteration is subbing oregano for the marjoram as I don’t have any marjoram, despite my best efforts at growing it. There’s always next year. I kept it simple as I wanted to taste the seasoning and truthfully because I’m only cooking for myself and going to great lengths to make something more impressive would just be vanity and tiresome. It actually tasted really great, I was surprised as there wasn’t much aroma when the herbs were mixed. What I did was flatten the chicken, with a rolling-pin between greaseproof paper, don’t say I don’t teach you anything, then I seasoned it on both sides and flattened it again. After a gentle frying in a pan it was wrapped and rested. Simple, but moist. I do have to remind you of the wonders of Cashew Butter Amaranth. There is no greater joy than tooting one’s own horn and when it’s this good you just have to give in. A savoury amaranth option, created partly by accident, that makes a thick, almost potato like, side to accompany anything you like, but one I love with herbed or spiced chicken. I also tried cranberry sauce today because it was there. As I say I’m in no way fancy or sophisticated. I cook every day and at this point I know what I like and just go with it. Warning: There’s a Jack post after the recipe so run away if you’d rather.


(All herbs are dried)

2 Tsp Sage
1 1/2 Tsp Thyme
3/4 Tsp Oregano or 1 Tsp Marjoram
3/4 Tsp Rosemary
1/2 Tsp Ground Nutmeg
1/2 Tsp Finely Ground Black Pepper.


1. Mix it all together.

 photo WP_20161201_002_e_zpsdlfmrhic.jpgA Winter Wonderland. As in: Wondering when I’ll be able to get back to gardening.

Hmmm? You doubted Jack was that much or an idiot? Of course I am. I’d never let you down. I was wandering around in the frost and have been every day, well I missed one once, shameful I know, but I’ll do better. It’s pretty miserable outside, mild enough that some of the flowers are starting as if it were Spring. But there are deadly cold days too. I’m covering what I can to protect it. I have the compost resting on the soil, under the sheets or Naru might eat it, which will be dug out in New Years, probably a few times to really aerate it. I’ll have a greenhouse next year, I still can’t believe that. I won’t have to run from grow-house to grow-house, zipping, unzipping, stabilizing. I have even more shelf room too. What fun! Let’s pop in and look around, shall we?

 photo WP_20161201_004_e_zpshybtetzd.jpgAs soon as the heads die I’m re-potting these.

 photo WP_20161201_003_e_zpsuhdu1han.jpgIt’s surreal feeling as if you’re being enclosed in ice. It’ll melt as the day progresses.

 photo WP_20161201_005_e_zpsmy3iuupo.jpgRose cutting know nothing but to grow. Keep at it. Whatever colour you are.

 photo WP_20161201_007_e_zpseqbxxx20.jpgThe thyme thrives tremendously. I tremble at it’s tenacity. This sentence was truly terrible.

 photo WP_20161201_006_e_zpshecwga5d.jpgNo roots yet, but I hold out hope.

 photo WP_20161201_008_e_zps1lebdczl.jpgCuttings because I have nothing else to do. There’s also another tier on both of the long staging.

 photo WP_20161201_009_e_zpsd9wt36m2.jpgExcuse gloves. The anemone is still alive. Way too soon to start.

 photo WP_20161201_011_e_zpsgwdzf9lt.jpgBlurry Blueberry Bush still alive. Jack pleased. News at ten.

 photo WP_20161201_010_e_zpsosqsuebl.jpgSeriously, anemone? You and the crocuses need to stop.

 photo WP_20161201_012_e_zpsyndj7k2z.jpgAt least the lupins…Oh! Come on! I put the seed pods in for a joke.

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    • I’m getting there, thank you. Funnily I just finished a cup! I keep camomile, peppermint and ginger teas in stock. I used to need them a lot early on in my journey, less so these days, thankfully.

      I must check it out, thanks again.

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  1. Hope you are feeling better. I keep my poultry seasoning simple with sage and thyme. Each time I use this combination, it reminds me of my mother cooking Thansgiving dinner. Ah, memories….

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