Festive Recipe Round Up 2016: May Contain Tinsel

Dear reader, it’s been, what a day? You need to be more self sufficient. I won’t be here forever, it’ll just seem that way. It seems those in charge don’t want me to reblog something I’ve already reblogged Why? No idea, but here I am with a link. This link to be specific. I wish I were artistic so that I could create an appropriate image to lead you to the page. But I’m not. Hmmmm. Here:

Follow Naru to the page.

Lazy? How very dare you. I’ll have you know that was very lab-our intensive. Hah! Terrible puns. Yeah, oh, that link leads to the collection for recipes suitable for the holidays, Christmas, December whatever you want to think of it as. I’ve updated it since last year, no idea if it’s really all that much help, but I tried and that’s something, right? The recipes cover a lot of diets, as do most of my recipes every other time of the year. If you could share it it’d be appreciated. It took a bit of work putting it together, but sadly didn’t see much interest, the blog is bigger now so maybe it’ll spread about. If you have any tips please do share them in the comment. Be it how to cope, recipes, fun activities. or how to escape. I’ll probably plug that page occasionally as the month progresses. It’s early, but as I said it didn’t get many views so I may as well give it its best chance. Okay, see you later.


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