Pep’s Free From Facebook Page

Dearest reader, fear not for here I am. I’m also on Facebook now. Well, as a page at least. You can find the page here. Now, still your tremulous heart, I’m not going to be turning into one of those bloggers that have their content scattered to the social-winds. It’s just a way to get a few more views for the blog, every post from here will be auto-posted there so if you’d like to like the page feel free. There are also a few albums with select recipes, selected by how well they photographed for the most part, but the recipes will reside here. The blog is where I do all my sharing, educating, shush, let me pretend, and general free-from tomfoolery. That’s where it’ll stay. I’m on Twitter too. I should probably be on instagram, but I’m just not social-media-active enough to garner followers and keep them. My Twitter is most companies and spambots, but it gets the recipes out there and that’s always been my goal.

Recipewise things are stuck on repeat. I’ve been dealing with some issues so things haven’t been in a place to go searching or creating. Nothing to worry about, your forever friend will be back on form soon enough. Truth be told this time of year does tend to bug me out. Less so this year, I’m taking it on my own terms and bailing whenever it becomes too much. You see the holidays revolve too much around food for someone like me that has trouble finding teabags at times. Forget chocolate laden gluteny treats, even the free-from aisle isn’t my friend. So, I decided to forget the food part and just find whatever I find fun in this time of year. Luckily I have two albums out this month, one is an EP, from Band-Maid called Yolo, I know, I groaned too, but when it sounds that good you forgive names like that. The other is from Icon for Hire, dubbed: You Can’t Kill Us, the majority of the songs deal with mental illness from the sufferer’s point of view. They’re really amazing and in buying it I was able to support the artist directly. So if it all gets to be tiresome I crank up the noise and block it out. Beats Christmas music stuck on repeat at least.  Oh! This time last year I entered a lot of online competitions and won a ridiculous amount of prizes. I’ve already started and won three so far, two vouchers and a framed photo. It’s fun popping on Facebook or Twitter entering and then forgetting. Sure you’ll lose, a lot, but it’s free and can’t hurt. Aside from that I’m still working in the garden, fixing up things and generally cleaning up and preparing for next year. So, that’s that. I’ll hopefully see you with a new recipe soon. Until then.


6 thoughts on “Pep’s Free From Facebook Page

  1. I have been debating for years whether I REALLY needed Facebook and still haven’t opened an account. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself as to how many people look at your blog!
    Ah, Christmas. My Significant Other is never in the mood for it at the right time: he sings Xmas songs in the middle of summer and then come December complains (rightly) that the whole thing is overdone. Again, too much pressure: the right meal, the right presents… and now making sure we eat food that even our guests will enjoy! Bah-humbug!
    Nevertheless, I hope you get through it all with some enjoyable moments: you owe them to yourself, as someone who takes time to blog for us “dearest readers”!

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    1. Thank you, it’s something I’ve had trouble with before, but I’m in a good place with now. I mostly opened the page as so many people have requested it. As far as Facebook goes I pop on and off, but don’t do much these days. You’re really not missing out on anything.

      You are extremely kind, I really appreciate it. I think I’ll be good this year, I have my little plans and if all else I can run away to my greenhouse and hide!

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