Rice and Buckwheat Flour Pancakes

 photo WP_20161021_004_e_zpskuel0t4e.jpgI forgot the photo. I had to take them out of the freezer to take this. You can sorta see the thickness. Not massive, but better than flat.

This is so simple and it’s simple when you eat it too. There’s no magic here. It’s not a “You Won’t Believe How it Tastes” recipe. It’s a pancake, a plain pancake, but it makes nice thick, fluffy pancakes that cook fast and ones you don’t worry about the inside being raw or soggy as can happen with some mixes if they’re too thick. I’ve got a lot of pancake recipes, this is an accidental combination of two. The Rice Flour and Buckwheat And Rice Flour recipes come together to make a pancake that makes a really nice sandwich. I often struggle to get consistent results with the other recipes, at least consistently fluffy and spongy. Resting the rice pancakes is time consuming and the buckwheat and rice can flatten too much at times. So when I ran out of rice flour making a quick unrested version of the former I used buckwheat and these were born. The second time was just as good. I left out the oil as it didn’t seem to need it, only in frying of course, and I always leave out any sugar as it tends to burn and you can add it as needed after cooking. This way you can use them as sweet or savoury pancakes. You’ll need a white and brown blend for best results. You have other options on the site, but if you want a nice fluffy, nor rubbery pancake then give this a whirl. Sometimes simple works well.


3 Large Eggs
145g White and Brown Blend Rice Flour
70g Buckwheat Flour
130ml Low Fat or Full Fat Milk
1 Tsp Baking Soda
1 Tsp Baking Powder

Makes 6 large pancakes. Can be frozen.


1. Add Eggs and Milk to a bowl and whisk together, then whisk in Rice Flour, Buckwheat Flour and Baking Soda until a smooth thick batter is formed.

3. Over a medium heat some Olive Oil and swirl it around the pan, then add some of the Batter, just enough to form a small circle. Cook for a minute or two until bubbles start to appear on the edges and the underside is golden brown, then flip and cook the same on the other side. Repeat until batter is used up.


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