Bury My Bucket In The Backyard

 photo WP_20161009_002_e_zps9ht2okso.jpgHaiku post again?
This is a recipe blog, right?
“All is illusion”

Wood stain for borders
Just needs some decorate bark
Wild garden tamed

Are these haiku bad?
Yes, but Japan forgives me
This I know Why? Because

 photo WP_20161009_001_e_zpsfdfht0fp.jpgPlanters of dark oak
Filled with soil awaiting
Their purpose next year

Old beds cleaned out
Sheet pinned down to kill weeds
Expansions, new plans

A comma cheating?
Don’t tell on Jack, dear reader
Scold not your old pal

 photo WP_20161009_006_e_zps8mqhcfrb.jpgWeeds thick along the wall
Dug out, line with weed matting
Sink buckets, wood edge

No bottom bucket
Maybe garlic Perhaps salad
Anything but those weeds

Cinnamon Basil
Strawberries frozen when fresh
Made into chia jam

 photo WP_20161009_003_e_zpsimk1ggaj.jpgChillies ripening
Weather unpredictable
Take what I can get

Growing for family
Sharing fresh produce with friends
The garden has many gifts

Where has it gone to?
Deleted photo of jam
Imagine red mush

 photo WP_20161009_005_e_zpsagbccvxb.jpgHow much is left now?
I need six more to finish?
Oh come on! Too hard

I think of pumpkins
Growing vertically again
But in the ground this time

I read, I garden
Occasionally I post posts
Thrilling, aren’t I?

 photo WP_20161009_004_e_zpsyierz1hu.jpgPeach, Rambling, Pink, Odd
Still Growing inexplicably
Live Strive Thrive Grow strong!

Title? Lyric from song
Sung by Ariel, Icon for Hire
The song? Rock and Roll Thugs

Last one? These are done?
Bit of fun, eh, dear reader
Until we meet again


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