Strange Weather in Ireland

 photo WP_20161002_011_e_zpsxccmnjgs.jpgStart at the end and confuse everything.

Ah, Dank Rebar, no that’s not right. Disabused Ramparts? Er, Dishabille Rancour? Oh, wait, Dear Reader, that’s the one. It’s me again, well, it’s always me isn’t it? If it ever isn’t then you have my permission to worry. So, why am I back again? Well, cheap squash and unpredictable weather patterns. I’ll start with the squash this time around. The bread is Hokkaido Pumpkin Cinnamon Bread minus the pumpkin because there’s nary a pumpkin to behold, don’t hold them too tightly, they frown on that in supermarkets, around here, but butternut was thirty two cents a piece. So I made a butternut squash version of my Peanut Butter Cookies, no egg needed. This is vegan, gotta look after my vegan pals. Now everyone and their dog has this recipe in some form or other, but do they have seven variations!? Probably, still, it’s nice to have a quick cookie recipe with so many different options. It’s an under-loved recipe. Dear to me, Dear Reader, but not to many others sadly. Go there for the new version. And, yes, you guessed it: Pumpkin Spice! They’re chewy and crunchy, a great combo. My version doesn’t use as much sugar as some as I once made myself very ill with a heavy sugar-laden version.

 photo WP_20161002_001_e_zpswchf7jr2.jpgYou’ll need the electric mixer, they go to crumbs rather than a ball.

 photo WP_20161002_004_e_zpsgzdctmtk.jpgJust mush it together.

 photo WP_20161002_005_e_zpsadaqjaze.jpgI’m being a real jerk sending you to the page, but it’s worth it.

I never know how much information is too much in these posts. People are kind and it’d probably take more than a chain of garden posts to send them into a tizzy. The weather has been so weird. The sun was shining again today so I got to work again in the garden. I keep making work for myself, or finding it at least. I installed an over flow pipe in my barrels and sealed it in place, in other words: Shoved a sawed off hose into a hole I drilled and rubbed silicone on it. Walking around in the rain isn’t so bad, but doing that with a power-tool in hand isn’t such a great idea. Hence the numerous drill-based jobs. I lined up my planters using a very special technique: I used a spirit-level and a long bit of metal. So simple, but I never thought to do it. All the work on the greenhouse has taught me a trick or two. Can I be odd, odder rather, for a moment, patient reader? I often-times think of the mes that were, the fat-me etc, usually I think of them as dead and buried. These days I like to think they’re still here inside me, no longer a miserable reminder of hat I was, the struggles they faced are still here, but I feel them cheering me on, spectral spectators standing on the sidelines watching all this unfold, infused with colour, pale but striving towards iridescence. You don’t get away from past troubles that easily, sadly. Still if pain was going to do me in, it’ll take a lot more. I’m a tough nut, so have no fears, Jack will stay here.  I do have be be careful in cold weather as my hands start to ache. I’m being smart, gloves aplenty here. I’m excited for next year, I’ll need a lot of flowers to fill all these planters. At least I’ll have the space to start them now, eh? Okay, I’ll see you soon.

 photo WP_20161002_006_e_zpskyqq53ob.jpgTwo brackets for baskets on both sides and that should finish it.

 photo WP_20161002_007_e_zpsybrkdj8u.jpgI’m letting that cure then I pin it down and put up a bracket to hold the guttering. I found it in the dirt, but it’s still good.

 photo WP_20161002_009_e_zpsreagfpgi.jpgThese pots have a secret.

 photo WP_20161002_008_e_zpsshtueqb8.jpgThey’re screwed down! No more mess when the wind hits. Or Naru.


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