Jacks In Perspex Houses

 photo WP_20161001_004_e_zpsjpnzqjoh.jpgShould do a little dance

It’s finally finished, dearest reader. My greenhouse is finished. We had a beautiful day today so I’ve been busy. Even more has changed since yesterday. I’m so hyped up with the potential and possibilities of this greenhouse. I started with a growhouse that tilted like a smooth criminal, this year I ended up with a few, all but one of them had broken covers by the end of the growing season. No more worries in that regard, no more stooping to open zippers, never again to dash from one to another with a watering-can, no fear of them tumbling down in winds. Don’t worry though, I’m using the staging from within them in the greenhouse. I gave one a few replacement parts and left out a section to raise it, I can’t help but fiddle. I made the one at the back myself, if you remember. Now, though this is always the preface, usually to a humblebrag, I’m not bragging, I seriously have no idea what I’m doing, but I’m taking chances, researching fervently and I’m believing in Jack. If I don’t at least try it won’t get done and it’s getting done, it’s actually working. Not a day doesn’t pass that I marvel at the poor guy here who thought he couldn’t accomplish anything. We’re not talking perfection here, but something is happening. It might anarchy, but it beats atrophy. I’ve taken hold of something worthwhile and I’m going to hold on until it’s successful.

 photo WP_20161001_005_e_zpsxtk5o4va.jpgI’m going to move it…

 photo WP_20161001_010_e_zpskgdw4os7.jpgHeh, told you.

Within a few hours I moved the staging. It worked better as it’s less cramped that way, but also less symmetrical. It’s a large greenhouse, but I’m not leaving any space unused. I have plenty of room to manoeuvre. I’m so used to lifting a flap and sticking my hands inside the growhouses this feels so roomy. I was reading about heat retaining gravel so I might spread that over the weed matting, or landscaping fabric as it’s also known. I’ve moved the remnants of the year’s growth to the greenhouse, but I can’t wait to see it filled with pots and pots, and yet again, further pots. I’ve never had anything on this scale. It’s been hard work, I was mostly the grunt, but I’m extremely grateful. I’ve learned a lot in the process. I hope when all the toil has been finished that I’ll have fun, work too, but fun work, and I’ll be able to grow to my hearts content. It’s so warm in there, as I said it was warm today and you can really feel the difference, stepping in there is a joy.

 photo WP_20161001_009_e_zpsvekcpf44.jpgThere are always scraps and bit left around.

The glass table is up. Those are old chairs that had the backs cut off. The glass weighs a lot so it won’t budge. I’m going to line some black crates and re-pot the yellow strawberries in them. A lot of recycling goes on in this garden. It might look goofy in some ways but I’m really proud of it. Everything here was my idea and it’s really has stayed true to the vision in my head. My castles in the sky turned out to be fairly solid. Daydreams of re-purposed plants and a lot of plastic, what a  marvel my mind is, eh, reader? From the top there I’m planning on lining up ten squash pots, the thirty six litre pots I grow harlequin in. I’ll run matting down until I reach halfway and the rest is for digging and direct growing. I’m apparently planning on feeding a village. I’ve bought eighty meters of that three millimetre wire, it’s been absurdly useful. I cut a section bend it by hand, hence the state my hands are in, should’ve worn gloves, feel sorry for me is what I’m hinting at, and hammer it into the ground. It holds the matting in place and prevents tripping and weeds running over. The wire costs a faction of what you’d pay for ground pegs.

 photo WP_20161001_007_e_zpspn5ailpd.jpgExpress nails are holding about half the boards.

 photo WP_20161001_008_e_zpsaojqim8n.jpgThe other half are waiting as I’ve run out.

 photo WP_20161001_011_e_zpsb60qw15a.jpgThis marks the end of my kingdom. Joking, of course, it never ends.

You can see a bit of bark is there as a test. The path is set, now it just needs staking down. I cut the boards from the pallet myself, I’m honestly terrible at sawing straight, I’m great at crooked, mind. I took it slow. This way the bark stays off the path, the lawnmower and strimmer don’t destroy the matting and I can walk around to tend to the plants inside. I forgot to mention that the rain-barrel had to be moved again. The one behind the shed is fine, but the greenhouse tilts backwards so I needed to move the front one to the back, Handy as I hadn’t drilled the overflow hole yet. Need to find hose for that too. Post, Brain, not a memo-pad. Now I have space in front of the greenhouse for flowers. I still have four very thick and sturdy planks so I may get a bed out of them too. There’s a lot of work yet to do. I’m enjoying these posts, don’t pout, reader, I hope you are too. They’re helping me to enjoy what I’m doing, but they’re also recording all I’ve done. A journal of sorts. The pay off for the blog is that when I start growing the recipes will be arriving in abundance. Oh, just a note: I’m adding a corn free tag, but as I don’t use corn, hence a lot of tagging, it’s going to take a few days. I’ll get there, if you have any suggestions for useful tags do mention them below. If this weather keeps up I’m be running around with my drill, don’t actually do that you’ll never look as cool as I am, to get a few more wall planters up. It’s an unending joy (Struggle). Where Jack is there’s the hope of a joyful future. Stick with me, dearest readers, where we’ll go I have no idea, but company is always welcome.


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