Some Assembly Required

 photo WP_20160929_002_e_zpsc9jcw7ab.jpg“Draining-board again?” I took away the sponge at least.

Dearest Reader, it’s is, yet again, your pal, your forever friend, Jack. He of all trades, with a masters in none. That’s not the saying? You sure? I’m sure if they’ve immortalized me in a figure of speech I’d know it off by heart, by rote, etc. How could I ever be wrong? I’m glad you agree, that’s all for today them…the post? Oh, of course. This is just a bit of a meandering fill in post. I might be too busy to do much searching for new recipes, it depends on the weather, you know: Whether the weather can be weathered and the garden can become a bit closer to the vision in my head. So, today I learned that running putty is an old skill,  not so useful in these blissfully insulated days of double glazing. So, yeah, I again end up older than I should be. On the flip side: The greenhouse is almost ready! The perspex is in, the putty has been put in place, the silicone needs a bit more. The door and skylight are in too. I was standing on a ladder, hitting the skylight into place by striking a two by four with a hammer. It’s an old frame, but solid. Nothing goes too easy in this household. Still, it’s turning a corner. Soon I’ll clean up the inside, pin the matting a bit more, sweep up the miscellaneous debris and set up the staging. I’ll have a greenhouse. That hasn’t fully sunken in yet.

 photo WP_20160929_004_e_zpseaxcwlbk.jpgOne barrel.

 photo WP_20160929_003_e_zpsexn0jfhm.jpgTwo Barrel (I’ll get to the guttering too).

 photo WP_20160929_012_e_zpsdnvkm3ud.jpgThree barrel. (Needs to be raised)

Yeah, the barrels are tapped. They just need an overflow and I’ll start collecting a lot of rain water. I think I’ve done pretty well with my ideas, a lot of them have been successful. This garden should be transformed come next year.  It’s worthwhile, you know? Nice to share too. Don’t worry I have a bit of a recipe for you today. As with the greenhouse and barrels some assembly is required. I’ve been messing around with the ever ubiquitous Pumpkin Spice (Follow the hyper-link trails, reader), I guess because I’m a Jack without a culinary country. A lot of Irish cooking and baking is cut off from me due to my issues with food. So I’ve wandered the world of various viands, multiple morsels, countless chow and, what feels like, every eatable. When I come across a staple of somewhere or someone I like to see what I can do with it. Pumpkin Spice is ultimately rather simple. It’s mostly cinnamon, but I do like its warming profile of spices. I was looking around the internet and spotted Pumpkin Spice Peanut Butter. So, I thought, why not try it? Butternut squash was going cheap, and what better to replace a squash, all pumpkins are squash after all, than another squash? I made Gingerbread with some of it, now Dairy Free, and the rest was saved for today. I steamed it in the microwave until soft and Sautéd it, it’s lazy, but works as well as boiling. Alongside the squash I sprinkled Pumpkin Spice (1 Tsp), Salt and Brown Sugar (1/2 Tsp of each). I’ve found pumpkin spice in baked goods is delicious but it’s apt to get lost in savoury recipes if not backed up with something else. Sweet and salty is always a good combination when using cinnamon, so here we are. The amaranth, no I’ll never tire of it, is a version of the Cashew Butter Amaranth, but with added garlic and Peanut Butter replacing the cashew butter. It’s, as always, too good, too pure, too delicious for this world. It elevates plain amaranth to a culinary zenith, the apogee of edibility, you know, it’s really tasty. The chicken is just plain with a bit of garlic. Pork makes my stomach hurt and beef is just boring without all the trimmings, fat-me knew, oh, lord how he knew, so chicken is good with me all the time. It all worked really well, squash and peanut butter is actually a really great combination, whether savoury or sweet and the slight kick of warmth from the pumpkin spice was really welcome. So, that’s that. I’ll be back with something new soon, I hope. You hope too and maybe it’ll come true. Later.