Taming a Wild Garden

It’s another Jack moment. Jack is somewhat tired, I’ve been taking advantage of the unseasonally good weather, supposedly we’ll have another day of it tomorrow, but I’m not sure my sore muscle can hack another four and a half hours in the garden. Nine hours and counting so far. I hope all this grunt work pays off for the me of next year, dear reader, or I may slowly lose more of my marbles. All joking aside, it’s all taking shape. My greenhouse is almost ready! I’m excited to say the least, it’ll be used next year, but the planning, oh, the planning! So for now let’s take a look around with you lavender scented friend, Jack.

 photo WP_20160927_011_e_zpsuz4lebpq.jpg“You’re going to explain that, right” – My anxious Readership

I pulled some lavender, stuffed it into my pocket and went on a walk. Then later, I planted the cutting alongside my saved lavender, which was originally cuttings that rooted, which when transplanted haven’t faired well. Back into a pot they go. I have a big bush of lavender already, but I like the smell of these two, whether different varieties I have no idea, but they smell different so I’ll give them a try. I have my eyes on many plants, in many gardens, perhaps even yours, reader. It’s funny how much this has become part and parcel of who I am.

 photo WP_20160927_010_e_zpsbk72snv9.jpgRest on my Laurel? I’ll cut them back instead.

I’ve been attacking the wild overgrowth with a hedge-trimmer. The laurel was pushing against the greenhouse and depriving it of some of its light, no, not you dear reader, although you are the light of my life, so I cut it back and used up some scrap plastic to create a little walk way. It’s just the area behind the greenhouse, rough and ready, but that’s all that’s needed. I also cleaned up the bush beside it, which as had trouble with weeds growing wild at its base. So after a little creativity we have some protection. I used a bit of black plastic with a barrel hoop to create a little weed prevention circle that can be strimmed around.

 photo WP_20160927_008_e_zpsex9dvk9i.jpgRing around the bushy, hedge, tree thingy. Pine? No idea.

 photo WP_20160927_009_e_zpswzeg9vt1.jpgAnd now….A Coal Scuttle!

 photo WP_20160927_007_e_zpsoljvjvgh.jpgAnd yet another bush!

Yeah, coal scuttle strawberry has found its home at last. I have to cover a stump so I’ll use the scuttle, fill it in and plant flowers at some point. The bush was moved from the front garden to the back. I’m not uprooting any more bushes, well one, but still, so I put it in a pot. The problem was that the root system was huge, so I had to force compost into the gaps to fill the pot. Those Hadopots are amazing. This one was an old squash pot. There’s a lot to do yet, one job begets another. But there’s something big happening or has already. What? Read on.

 photo WP_20160927_006_e_zpsuvmouort.jpgThe Snowball tree was cleaned up too.

Oh! I was shown how to disassemble a pallet today and went to work. I’m going to cut those boards and use them to surround the tree. I’ve pinned down the plastic and matting with my patented bent wire pegs then I’ll cut the boards and nail them down into the ground. It’s rough and I’m no carpenter so the simplest way will be the best. I’ll drill a hole, insert an express nail, they’re like hollow stakes, and stake the board flat onto the ground. I don’t want them raised up as they could be lethal. The ground is uneven and stepping over boards could be hazardous. I can’t saw well, so no fancy angled edges either. When this is done I’ll be able to dig here without worrying about hitting the matting or the pots. The pots are the coal scuttle strawberry, mixed tulips and a golden raspberry plant. At least I think so, the person who gave it to me wasn’t 100% sure, still raspberries!

 photo WP_20160927_002_e_zpsyns8joxw.jpgAh, yeah! Here we are!

Yes, elated reader! It’s a mess…What? No! It’s what was once termed the “wild garden”, which really did go wild, with weeds. So instead it’s been tamed. Dug up, all roses removed, all lupins uprooted, all lilies found, weeds are gone and matting is down. There was a lot of work getting a bush up, it was so well rooted and so deep. The rest wasn’t so bad after that. You can see there are boards marking the place where a path will be. Which should help with maintenance. The potted plants are the aforementioned ones. The rain barrel, the second one that is, is awaiting boring and tapping, then I cut the pipe, attach a curved section and move it all out of sight behind the shed. The old one goes behind the greenhouse. The roses have a secret. Let’s go see!

 photo WP_20160927_001_e_zpsl4q1z3h5.jpgWrong photo, whoops.

 photo WP_20160927_005_e_zpsxs1akphi.jpgYeah, here we are.

 photo WP_20160927_003_e_zpsomazwwjd.jpgHere too.

Have you figured out the secret? You have well, okay then. Carrying on, hmmmm? Oh, okay. They’re all in sunken bottomless pots! We have a major case of bindweed here, it strangled everything in sight and you couldn’t control it before. Now with all the matting and the separated roses we should be able to manage it. All the inside is roses, bar one pot, or rather bucket, which hides a stump and is filled with anemone. There’s a lot of reusing and recycling here. Where it was possible to make use of something it was used up. One rose is in a bird seed bucket. I want to put some planters on the wall and one of the roses should be able to climb a support on the small wall. I hope you’ll all get to see this when everything is in bloom next year.

 photo WP_20160927_004_e_zpsjntg3k9n.jpgOrange lilies and lupins.

It takes so much to fill these pots. This way we can shuffle them around as we want. As it stands now I’ve put matting down from the top of the garden to the bottom. There’s still so much to plant and a whole other side that needs working on. Not that I’m done here yet. I’ll never really be “done”. I think from now I take control of the weeds, they’ve been left too long. I’ve removed huge sections of weed infested grass and giant clumps of unidentified weeds, all of which are rotting in a pile at the end of the garden hopefully one day to be used as compost. Or perhaps I’ll just let wild flowers run riot there. Who knows? It’s been hectic, but I’ve accomplished quite a bit. More to go, but bit by bit it gets better. I hope to see you all again soon, hopefully with photos of the finished greenhouse.


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