Seeds And Weeds

 photo WP_20160921_003_e_zpswxuk6isr.jpgThree years later I have amaranth again

Here I am again, the heart breaking heartthrob…What? I’m not the hazel-eyed idol of millions? That’s disheartening, I can only assume that you’ll continue to thrill at my proximity, I’m not with you, dear reader? Why, of course I am, I’ll always be right there, in you heart….or RIGHT BEHIND YOU! See, your heart is pounding now. Okay, you might have seen me mention amaranth is back in my kitchen. That’s right, that largely ignored, around here at least, seed, pseudo-grain is back to me after three long years. Now I’m not just going to rest on my laurels, I’m going full-force and figuring out new ways to eat it. Thankfully I’ve been here before when I first discovered it, a bit of curiosity netted me a wonderful way to use amaranth with nut and seed butters. As pictured above: Cashew Butter Amaranth. Creamy, lush and decadently delicious. But it’s all good for you. No need for butter or butter or even more butter. A bit of nut butter, shut up, I know, oil and salt and pepper and you’re golden. You can find all the tweaks on the recipe page. I had to figure all this out by myself. Amaranth seems to stay in porridge and never ventures forth. That isn’t my amaranth, the skies the limit when we get together. You know what I find troublesome? The elevation of these simple faring foods to some kind of superior status. Sure celebrating their nutritional worth, amaranth is the only seed with vitamin C or so I’m told, but when we push them as strange and exotic we scare people away. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve seen quinoa described as pretentious and thusly ignored. Sure it’s over-hyped in some regards, but it’s also a staple of my diet, has been for years. It’s a seed, I don’t think of it as anything else. If you want to extol the lofty benefits of amaranth, remember that it’s technically a weed. Not so intimidating now, huh? It’s a shame to see so much food ignored due to silly biases. Carob is a favourite of mine, but as it was once, still is really, positioned as a chocolate alternative now it’s hated by it’s failure to match that expectation and is regulated to dog biscuits, all too often (Not that that stops me). Heck there’s linseed oil, aka Flaxseed, in my greenhouse putty! I eat ground flaxseed daily. We just need to be a bit braver, more broad-minded and try, try, try. You never know when you won’t have quite so many choices.

 photo WP_20160919_023_e_zpsi76x3wzy.jpgSorry, I didn’t mean to be a blow-hard. Look skulls!

The miraculously keen-eyed of you out there may have noticed the roasted tenderstem broccoli. Which is apparently a hybrid of broccoli and Chinese kale. It’s like crunchy broccoli, even after cooking. I wasn’t wild on it. I’ve never been a fan of that raw vegetable crunch. Still, I’ll try any food once, if I can eat it in the first place that is. So, skulls, huh. I was looking up seeds and stumbled across Snapdragon seed pods, when they dry out they look like skulls. Which is really cool, yes, reader, I’m still immature enough to be tickled by something like this, never grow up too much, dearest reader. So I look up snapdragons, find they’re easy to grow and then find I have them in my garden already. Whoops. Jack is ashamed. Jack has started collecting seeds. I’ve never tried seed-saving before. I’m going to try flowers and some vegetables from the shop, less risk of inbreeding in the vegetables. I’ve got some painted sage, nasturtium and now snapdragons. I leave them in a brown=-paper bag and shake them. Then I sift the seeds and store them. I’ll just toss them in  large pots and cover them next year. Nothing fancy, but I hope they’ll do well. I’m also looking into growing water-lilies in buckets. I also have a lot of landscaping to do in the garden yet. Poor Jack keeps getting beset by bad weather and other obligations, but, fear not, dispirited reader, I shall get there yet. Jack’s Garden shall be blooming beautiful!

 photo WP_20160921_004_e_zpsnbv2smp3.jpgThe final planter is positioned. The plastic is permanent (Weeds, so many weeds) and pinned down. Next year there’ll be pots a plenty.

 photo WP_20160921_005_e_zpsbgxzvoyq.jpgSpeaking of crops…

I wasn’t speaking of crops? Oh, er…CROPS! There we are. I had a little steamed Golden Nugget Squash left in my freezer, just enough to try out a tweak of my new Scone Recipe, all is found there, it’s also now possible to make them diary free. So pop to the page and scroll to the bottom to get the new tweak. I tried them with the squash, water for milk and with coconut sugar. All worked well. They were easier to bring together as the squash is drier than the apple, but the downside is that the end product was slightly crumbly. Though I could still cut it when hot as seen below. I did add something else that you’re no doubt sick of already: Pumpkin Spice. I’d make a joke about white women, but as the heart-throb…hhhmmm? You sure I’m not? I’ll settle for Baby-whisperer as I’ve now been titled. Babies love me. Dogs love me. Sadly neither of those groups frequent my blog. You aren’t a baby or a dog, are you, dear reader? No? Oh, that’s okay, I forgive you. So, yeah, pumpkin spice, it goes well with squash too. You could take most of the variations listed on my recipes, there are a lot of tweaks, and cherry pick them to suit yourselves. As I say this only changes the recipe slightly, but not enough to warrant a split. They were lovely fresh from the oven with butter. They baked a tad more dense, but not so much to be unappetizing. I’ll try more vegetables in future, some fruits too. Squash is a fruit, yes, this is confusing. As to the coconut sugar, see above, I just bought it because it tastes nice. You’ll have to do your own research. Until next time!

 photo WP_20160921_006_e_zpsmqvdhweo.jpgOh the crumbs! Oh the humanity! Okay, they’re not that bad for fresh out of the oven.


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