Farewell to Harlequins

 photo WP_20160908_001_e_zpsyqcqodhj.jpgAn unabashed, unashamed mess, just like me.

Yeah, take that Hemingway! I’m not a fan, but I did read A Farewell to Arms, which I thought Orwell wrote for a while. My brain is starting to slowly burn out. But I will never forget you, Dearest Reader, Your name? Hah, like I’d ever forget that. Anyway. So today we bid farewell to the last harvested Harlequin Squash. There are still Golden Nugget ripening, I sit at a total of nineteen squash harvested from eight plants. Not too shabby. I hope to get a few more and try making some “pumpkin” jam. Now I do want to keep off the pork as much as possible, it’s not as dangerous as my other problems, probably no more than a hassle, but I had to give my dear friend Harlequin one last farewell and I did it proud today, if I may say so myself. Oh, I have to do the hyperlink thing, *Groans*, okay here we go: Chicken, No I don’t have a recipe for that, fry it, in a pan, Quinoa, Cashew Butter Gravy and Harlequin Squash Stuffing. I enjoyed it so much.

 photo WP_20160908_004_e_zpsiqqwmuxk.jpg“You gonna tell them what this is?” Ehhhhhhh, eventually.

I’m getting a case of The Gardener’s Blues, there’s less and less to do and more and more time becomes devoted to thumb twiddling and planning. I still have some jobs, but the long hours spent knee deep in the soil are on hiatus. You know what funny? There aren’t any gardeners in our family, I’m the only one. My father was a gardener too, it would have been great to have had him here to see all that I’ve been doing. A Lone Gardener sounds kind of cool, right reader? Yeah, let’s all pretend I’m cool. You owe me that, I’m a half-orphan after all. So, I was lucky in that I had quite a bit of flesh after peeling, no, I mean squash flesh, my peeling skills can be hazardous, but not that bad. So I had one chance to try something new, well newish, out.

 photo WP_20160908_006_e_zpstgxkpsgj.jpgWithout further ado, no, wait, lots more ado. Much Ado about nothing.

I’ve typed ado too much and now it doesn’t sound right. You know? Ado. Okay, You remember my Buckwheat Flour Tortilla recipe. Woah! Woah! You being racist, reader?! You saying that all us Irish are making Tortillas. Paddy’s home-made tacos? Tut tut, wait, no, that might be potatoes. I’m just having some fun, but don’t be racist and all that.The absurdity of me having a specialised tortilla recipe tickles me, I never even knew what they were until I needed something new to eat, now I’m an expert, or I play one on the internet at least. I’m possibly the only one making these. Maybe not, but we can pretend. I might be the only one making them with flax, egg, chia, yoghurt and now squash. Yeah, that’s right, our pal makes its last stand has an egg replacement. So how are they? Tune in next paragraph to find out.

 photo WP_20160908_009_e_zpsegcafmnq.jpgA few cracker, chips, whatever. So crispy, crunchy, delicious.

When we last left our hero, Jack as he often claims to be, he was making a mess. Hey! I used more than the usual amount of this recipe, I added half again. I cut out some rounds for the baked test and I’ve froze a few of the tortillas, wraps, whatever you prefer. I freeze them in between rounds of greaseproof paper. Roll them and bag ’em. I can then defrost and bake or fry them. The dough only needed a very slight dusting of flour while kneading. I have no idea why, but chia and harlequin, not any other squash sadly, I’ve tried, allow you to roll it wafer thin while staying together. I hold it in the centre like above and if it doesn’t pull away or tear then it’s good. Now you probably don’t have harlequin to hand, if you do send it to me!, but chia will allow the same thinness and consequently the same crunch.

 photo WP_20160908_008_e_zpsfbixrr7m.jpgIt was elastic like when using chia.

So, that’s it, a total of thirteen harlequin squashes have been put to great use. I have pies, gnocchi and wraps left for the next few months. I’m happy, sad to see them go naturally, I’ve been grafting since January, but it’s been worthwhile. But I was content chewing my way through crunchy crackers, stuffing melt-in-the-mouth stuffing into my face, tearing the crispy topping off pies and popping gnocchi into my gob. It’s a labour of love. My harlequin squash, always mine, no matter where they grow, will be a staple of my life, not just my diet, from here on out. It’s only be for a short few months. I’ll have to start all over again each year, but I’ll do it gladly. I hope next year will be so bountiful. See you all soon.


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