We are the Compost Makers, And We are the Dreamers of Dreams

 photo WP_20160904_001_e_zps7u4rnzmk.jpgHeh, you come here for the poetry, just admit it.

See, I don’t let awards go to my head, well, maybe a bit, but here I am for another ramble in the garden with Jack. Truth be told there isn’t a whole lot to see, but it is brimming with potential, possibilities and future plans. So, a lot of nothing, but there are still some sights to see. I bought some more bulbs today, all Autumn planting, they were Crocus (King of the Striped), Tulips (Darwin Hybrid) and  Hyacinths (Woodstock). So, Iliac, or purple and white, whatever, Pink and beetroot. A nice bit of colour. They’re scattered all over in pots. There are orange lilies in pots too. More bulbs to be planted come Spring. I’ll still plant annuals and seed perennials, but there’s a lot of space to fill in and bulbs are handy.

 photo WP_20160905_010_e_zpscktscv42.jpgLilies and Tulips. Maybe Grape Hyacinth and Daffodil.

 photo WP_20160905_011_e_zpsel6fuiry.jpgI did a ring of crocus in the round planter with hyacinth in the middle.

The rhubarb is alive again. After being roughly handled, transplanted and just left there: it’s back. I’m glad, I was worried I’d killed it. The raspberries are a gamble, they may grow they may not. The garden is still a mess, I’ve been really busy with everything so it’s taken a slight hit, but the weather’s been pretty bad so that hasn’t helped either. Still the weeds are easy to manage so all the work was worthwhile. The light blue container is still empty, I may try another blueberry bush seedling.

 photo WP_20160905_012_e_zpsktwhskqb.jpgA lot of pots still waiting to be filled and others still yet to be placed.

 photo WP_20160905_013_e_zpsgjpskvd1.jpgI’ll fill that other planter when the squashes are done.

I harvested my last harlequin, shown above, now all I have left are a few golden nugget squash. When these die I’m going to start mounting wall planters on this side. I still have to screw down the other small ones too. They’ll be done together. There should be plenty of flowers  for the bees next year. No luck with the butternut squash, too long in the pots, but I didn’t do it, so it’s not my fault! I’ll leave them until they die, you never know. They may do something. At least the teepees worked. They’ve really taken to them, they’re huge now. I may look into a smaller vine squash eventually. There’s always next year, the gardener’s motto.

 photo WP_20160905_014_e_zpsrtdudlsu.jpgAll the yellow strawberries I have left. They’re delicious, but I gifted away the excess.

 photo WP_20160905_015_e_zpshsf59t6p.jpgMassive, right? The support on the fallen one wasn’t a teepee I made, so, again, not my fault!

The greenhouse is making progress, we’re waiting on more perspex. I’m getting a  bit excited. The frame is really old, but looks more and more solid the more perspex that goes into it. It’s six foot by eight foot, So I’ll have a lot of room to work in. I’m tempted to build a little blacked out area under the staging, beside the blocks for mushrooms. I don’t eat them, but I like the idea of growing them regardless.

 photo WP_20160905_016_e_zpsnrntv0zk.jpgThe Lobelia Rosamond has really flourished.

 photo WP_20160905_020_e_zpsihj5vyip.jpgThe Painted Sage is running wild.

If you could see the swarm of bee therein you’d be amazed. A huge pot of this next year is a given. The soil there wasn’t planted in for years so everything in that little patch has run riot. I’d love to be able to pick the colour, but it’s random, I think purple is the predominant colour, it has been for the last two years at least.

 photo WP_20160905_017_e_zpshig6rrvn.jpgThese have as good as died twice, they turned brown and shrivelled. Next time I use water retaining gel.

 photo WP_20160905_019_e_zpsdqaahxmu.jpgFern, thing, is getting near to flowering. It’s got a huge root system, glad I kept it potted.

 photo WP_20160905_022_e_zpszh0o410r.jpgI gave up on these so often, now I’m kind of proud.

 photo WP_20160905_021_e_zpsmzjfacoh.jpgIf they die I’ll do this again next year.

I saw a really great idea wherein you cut into the liner and insert plant plugs, plug plants?, and they bloom all over the planter rather than just the top. I might just go for cascading lobelia, but I enjoy looking at all the clever ideas people have. I was going to line the front and sink pots, but now I think I’ll leave it and just move a few bushes and plant more flowers next year. I want to grow blue hydrangea in a pot, does anyone have any tips on keeping it blue? They always turn pink in our soil, hence the pot idea. Any help would be appreciated.

 photo WP_20160905_023_e_zpsbnlcfmap.jpgThe pansies are still there, I like these, simple, but endearing. Hardy too.

 photo WP_20160905_007_e_zpswso5t7bg.jpgMy chillies haven’t done very well. Maybe the pots were too small.

I’ve been neglecting my herbs a bit. The cinnamon basil has gone to flower, but I’ve never had basil live so long and I’m curious to see it grow. I might cut the flower heads off, feed it and wait a week or two and then make one final round of pesto. Or I may try to collect the seeds, a lot of maybes, but at least I’ll do something with them. The basil and chillies seems to have been growing better since they were placed together. I don’t know if companion planting really works, but it’s worth a shot if these are any indication.

 photo WP_20160905_004_e_zpsxfxrp1yo.jpgSo pretty. It’s a shame it’s too cold here to grow it outdoors.

 photo WP_20160905_009_e_zps5krbl9s1.jpgThese were cuttings I took and they took to the skies.

 photo WP_20160905_002_e_zpsagfpnwfz.jpgMessy, but there might be enough for pesto.

So, as you can see the garden is slowing, but Jack isn’t stopping. Thanks for dropping by.


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