The Freezer, The Free-From Friend

 photo WP_20160829_002_e_zpss926eenm.jpgI know my recipes by heart…whoops.

Look at that colour. Texture and colour, it excels, whereas in taste it’s bland.  Golden Nugget isn’t a great choice I’m my opinion. It also grows to scale, a large golden nugget will have the same seed cavity ratio as a small one so no extra flesh. Yet again it’s the Good Doctor’s Bread, I hope she’ll forgive me thanking her again, but it still needs to be said: This bread is wonderfully soft and delicious. I finally had squash enough to use it to make a loaf, or rather two. I used golden nugget in both. I can think of no better tribute than using my own produce to make this. We’re similar in our methods, though her skill far exceeds mine, I think between us we’ll carve a different route, one for those with greater limits. Celebrating ingredients, not grappling with limits, but instead using them to reach greater heights. If all else it’ll be an interesting journey. Who knows what the future holds, there’s always hope, dear reader, no matter your restriction, you can eat and eat well, trust me on that. The Gnocchi is Harlequin with just a little golden nugget. It was a small squash. There might be two more if they ripen and don’t rot. A few golden nugget and that’ll be it.

 photo WP_20160829_005_e_zpshu0dnszp.jpgAs soon as they popped out of the tin I attacked them with a knife and butter.

I just thought I’d sing the virtues of freezing food. I know to some people, those who live by day to day, this may seem strange, whereas to me the opposite is true. I couldn’t imagine wasting food when I could freeze it. I’ve been making muffins, pancakes, breads, more muffins, cottage pies by the dozen, squash has been frozen, berries too. My freezer is well stocked. There’s still pesto in there, older breads. I’d be lost if I hadn’t a well stocked freezer, it comes in handy when you’ve got a few spare hours. Clever use of your time and freezer will easily correct any erroneous suppositions that you have no time to eat well. Get a few recipes, then while the bread is baking make pasta, when bread has been turned and pasta sorted away make pancakes. When the bread is cooling make muffins. A few hours and you can stock your freezer. Dinners too, but I usually do those fresh. Nothing keeps you as happy and healthy as a well stocked freezer.

 photo WP_20160829_004_e_zpstazpp3yx.jpgMini Gnocchi. 1/2 Tsp this time. I’m of the school of having as much different foods on a spoon as possible.

I’m not ragging on those with little spare time, but the biggest excuse I hear in  regards to eating well is a lack of time. It’s possible, you just have to learn and practice, I’m getting so fast at making cottage pies, carving squash comes as easy as breathing, clever use of pots and pans means less cleaning. Grabbing meat on offer also helps things along. The great thing about freezing is that it keeps gluten free food fresher than just leaving it in a tin. It only takes a while to defrost, or microwave it, and there’s hardly a discernible difference. I think I’m good for a while more, I’ve been really busy this last month, but I’ve been piling in my freezer foods, that way I can get ahead of myself. When the last squash is harvested I’ll decide how to use it and see what I can do. I will look for new recipes soon, there isn’t much I can think of, but give me time. Be good, Spanky.


6 thoughts on “The Freezer, The Free-From Friend

  1. Ooooh, That bread looks really good!
    You could add some squash to oats. I’ve made one with pumpkin puree and curry powder before. It was really nice.

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      1. I think buckwheat flakes should be pretty similar 🙂
        Seriously love pumpkin spice. You just reminded me- once I cut butternut squash into thin slices, and then roast them- they they were like thick crisps. And topped them with pumpkin spice, homemade chocolate sauce and coconut yogurt. Such a good dessert!!!
        I could talk about food all day hehe!

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      2. It’s so good in squash bread. That why I’ve been raving about my Harlequin squash, it’s the crispest squash I’ve ever eaten. I couldn’t live without squash, melodramatic but so true. Your recipes all look so creative and the photographs are all so colourful and vibrant, I’m always getting hungry reading your posts.

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  2. I cannot agree more. I mentioned in one of my posts (I forget which one) that my freezer has become my bestie… I take the time to freeze tomato sauce in the summer, pumpkin purée, apple and pear sauce in the winter, peas in late spring, etc etc. Yes it takes time. But so did spending time waiting at the doctor’s office, in line to get a prescription refill! But it is so worth it. Just last night I made a soup using frozen beef stock. Nothing beats homemade cooking.

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